21 Last Minute Catholic Baptism Gift Ideas That Every Small Christian Needs

Baptism celebrations are an important milestone for any Catholic family. It’s a statement of trust in the faith you hold dear, and as one of the most important aspects of your lifestyle, you want to pass it onto your newborn child. A very common question for those who are invited to a Baptism celebration is –  “what to bring as a present?”

This post offers some ideas for you, from an experience of attending many baptisms and keeping the gift simple and useful, to the more traditional tokens of appreciation. For those of you who are planning on attending a baptism this holiday season, but don’t know what to buy for your friend or family member, here are some last minute gift ideas that will not only be thoughtful, but also fun and practical!

1. Precious Moments, Jesus Loves Me, Resin Snow Globe for Boys

If you’re one of the few people left who doesn’t love a snow globe, it’s time to give them another try. A snow globe is basically a miniature 3D winter wonderland that you can hold in your hands. It’s like your very own Christmas ornaments on steroids! They are so captivating and beautiful that they are actually good for your emotional health and encourage warm feelings as you watch the snow fall and listen to the song play.

Why is this snow globe special as a Catholic baptism gift? “Jesus loves me” is the sentiment that you would  want to share with everyone. This emotion is very special and is brought to life for baby through a snow globe. To do this, Precious Moments found an artist that was able to take one of our most popular childhood faith songs, “Jesus loves me”,  and transform it into a beautiful piece of art – the Resin Snow Globe. This is not just  just any snow globe; it’s an authentic, one-of-a-kind collectable –  artistically crafted and meticulously hand painted. 

2. Elegantly, Embroidered Infant Boy’s Baptism Bib

Baby will certainly have a selection of handy practical bibs in plastic, etc. to see them though their messy feeding time, but a special heirloom bib can simply be a beautiful baby accessory for a particular photo celebration occasion as well. Elegant Baby has been designing and manufacturing baby clothes, bibs, gifts, and accessories for decades. They are committed to offering customers high quality products that will not only be cherished for generations to come but also grow with your child.

Their collections are designed using the finest fabrics from around the world and manufactured according to strict ethical codes of conduct. This latest product is one of their most beloved Catholic baby gifts: an infant baptism bib in elegant white with a embroidered cross faith motif on it. It has a comfortable easy snap closure and can be machine-washed.

3. Sterling Silver Cross Charm Bracelet for Girls

While boys don’t like trinkets much, little girls can always be found  searching through their trinket boxes admiring and trying on trinket after trinket. It’s a past-time which is endlessly fascinating for them. Little girls, when they get together, play trinket games, while boys are outside playing ball.

Which little girl’s baptism would be complete without one or two commemorative trinkets? Why not consider this item handcrafted by Brooklyn Mom; a  sterling silver cross charm bracelet for girls. It has a cross that  made of pure sterling silver accompanied by crystals and simulated pearls – giving her that sense of religious and spiritual faith when she’s wearing it. It can be worn every day, or just on special faith occasions.

4. Baby Aspen Bedtime Blanket

Are you thinking about a new baby gift? Let your little one snuggle up in this super soft, plush toy that’s made to become the perfect bedtime buddy. This Baby Aspen Bedtime Blessings Lamb Lovie Blanket is the cutest way to say goodnight! Aspen has created a talking lamb so all babies can enjoy sweet dreams. Our Baby Aspen Bedtime Blessings Lamb Lovie Blanket is a sweet way to say goodnight.

A security blanket is any type of object or comfort item that can offer safety and assurance when one experiences fear and/or anxiety. They may be as simple as a teddy bear to something as complex as a custom-made weighted comforter. 

The Baby Aspen Bedtime Blessings Lamb Lovie Blanket is an adorable way to comfort your little one while they drift off to sleep. The blanket features a dainty lamb with a gentle face and praying hands, as well as silver thread cross applique. Whatever this fuzzy, cuddly thing is, chances are it’s part of every babies’ life’s story.

5. Amazon.com Gift Card in Various Gift Boxes

This is an a gift idea you can never go wrong with. While baby’s baptism is one of the most joyful occasions in baby’s life it can present a space logistics nightmare for the parents. They know they are going to receive a plethora of crosses, cards and photo-frames that they are going to have to keep in limited home space organizers.

They almost wish they could say- ” just give us a gift voucher- we know what we need, anyway” – but that would seem bad mannered! So, if you pop along to the ceremony with one of these, they will almost be embarrassed at how pleased they are that it’s not one of ten bibs their baby already has in duplicates! The box is perfect for the occasion- saying: “we know this is for baby’s first faith moment” in so many words!

6.Tickle & Main Everybunny Prays Musical Gift Set for Children

 This gentle little toy by Tickle and Main will delight even the robust boy baby as he grows up, reminding him as he plays, that life has a finer quality, known as faith. The brand of toys by Tickle and Main will provide you with toys that are safe for your kids  and which never disappoint. Tickle and Main have brought an exciting new way to keep your child entertained without the mess, tears and frustration of traditional play-time toys, by building a collection of innovative designer plush animals, educational puzzles and creative toys that will provide endless hours of joyful imaginative play.

This baptism gift for baby connects them to your faith through this delightful little musical set toy called- “Everybunny prays”. There is a plush toy bunny which when you press his tummy prays the prayer ” Now I lay me down to sleep” in an adorable voice your baby will grow to love. It’s a great way for a baby to think of faith as being interactive. The gift book has 16 ideas on how to pray accompanied by beautiful watercolor illustrations.

7. Ganz Serenity Lamb With Crib Cross

Babies love plush toys. Often, they will spend hours cuddling them or trying to dismantle them! When you buy your baby a new plush toy, they have a new flush of happiness again. The reason that babies like these toys so much is because they resemble their mothers’ breasts and the mother’s heartbeat.

These factors satisfy the baby’s needs for closeness and comfort while also fostering self-soothing behaviors which prepare them for when Mommy or Daddy aren’t around to offer that comfort on demand.

This adorable plush lamb with a cross  inscribed with “Jesus loves me “is made of a soft hued pink plush fabric : the cross can be detached to hang on an infant’s crib. The lamb is a perfect weight for a baby, making it ideal for picking up and kissing or hugging. Your little one won’t be disappointed by this soft and sweet gift from a friend in faith.

8. Baby Quilt for Boys

Get the newborn boy started off in faith with the perfect first piece of bedding – a quilt that is so soft and cuddly, they’ll never want to get out of bed. Made from premium cotton and machine washable, this type of item never disappoint the giftee!  The Baby Quilt for Boys is perfect for baby’s nursery or crib set up. The old-fashioned baby quilt has been a treasured gift for new parents for centuries.

They are versatile enough to be used year round and make the perfect Christening, Baptism or new baby gift. The material is sturdy, yet soft and cuddly, perfect for little fingers to grasp and hands to feel secure in. This modern take on the traditional baby quilt is made from beautiful blue cotton that is super soft on delicate skin as well as being hard-wearing and durable. This beautiful quilt can continue to be useful as the baby grows from being newborn to an infant to a toddlers.

The size is 45″ x 40″, so you can choose to use this as a swaddle or as an over-the-carrier blanket.  This quilt will keep your new born baby comfy in the winter months and cool during the summer heat. 

9. Fisher-Price Little People Noah’s Ark

Kids are just born with a natural curiosity and love of learning. There’s nothing quite like that look in their eyes when they discover something new, which is precisely why this is the best time to invest in a faith educational toy. We believe that a young person shouldn’t only be introduced to the world, but should also be shown the way in which they should interact with it – this Noah’s Ark educational toy in the well-known Fisher-Price range is just such a toy.

Why Fisher-Price? As one of  the world’s leading creators of educational toys, they are dedicated to nurturing the potentials of kids from age 3 months – 12 years by providing robust play experiences that can spark conversations, build confidence and inspire creativity. That’s why parents trust us their children with these toys — because the Fisher-Price brand is built around believing in kids.

You will find that very young children learn as much as they play – the ratio is proportionate! This toy teaches interactive manuality, since your child can lift the deck up and play inside the Ark. The set comes with 9 figures – father Noah with a peace dove perched on his shoulder, and a set of two of 4 animal types , including lions, giraffes, zebras and elephants. As baby learns about new animals more pairs of animals can be bought separately to fill up and complete their Noah’s Ark favorite childhood faith game.

10. Nautical Vintage Directional Magnetic Compass

Some babies are born into families with a lifestyle ahead already tailored for them. This is often the case with children who grow up in survivalist and outdoor family groups. The whole family love being in the great outdoors so much, that they can’t wait to introduce their newborn to the same pleasures they derive. Babies get so many gifts at baptism which are great heirlooms , but have a limited practicality in a child’s life.

Why not buy a gift for a baby which thinks ahead to their future , yet commemorates the Catholic baptism faith moment in their lives. This Antique Nautical Vintage Directional Magnetic Compass with Famous Scripture Quote Engraved is a great gift for the baby who is born into a believing family who love the outdoor life; as they grow up and learn to use the compass they can take comfort in quoting this passage when you’re “going through hell”, and know that God will be with you, even if you’re surrounded by problems. This is adult item, not a toy – a state of the art compass design which you will have to pack away until  baby is old enough to understand the value of the gift.

11. Baby Boy Catholic Baptism Gift, Blessing Card in Frame 

On this commemorative Catholic moment, the parents of the little one have probably even employed a professional photographer to take shots of the best moments of the celebration. Then there is the choice of the one special photo which stands out from the rest which is kept in a frame on display with the rest of the important photos in the family groupings.

The frame you choose for this occasion is usually carefully chosen. It’s a joyous time for your family when a new baby boy is born into it. If you are selecting the perfect gift for this special occasion, then you’ll love this beautiful blessing card in frame, which serves as both a lovely keepsake gift and personalized reminder of the blessing their new son brings to his family and community.

Have a look at this thoughtful frame for the one special moment in the baptism you want to remember daily. It is a double frame with a card with a faith message from the parents to the baby boy and on the other side there is a space for the commemorative photo of the families choice.  The material is a sleek , elegant brushed metal which will not tarnish or grow shabby-looking.

12. Baby Boy First Bible and 4″ Pewter Baptism Guardian Angel Crib Cross

It’s the babies baptism ceremony: what better time to introduce him to the faith road map cherished by believers all over the world – his first bible – 96 pages long. This first bible set comes with a protective crib cross emblem –  you can’t imagine a better option to say stay safe  than this lovely Guardian Angel Crib Cross. Made of high-quality pewter, it is strong and durable and has a beautiful blessing for safety engraved on it, your baby can learn it as his first prayer.

13. Handmade Glass Cross with Loving Sentiments Perfect Catholic Gift for Goddaughter

The role of a godmother is to care for the child and help them develop their own sense of identity and independence. It’s a promise that they will be loved and wanted if something happens to their bio parents as well as there being someone special to help them with their likes and dislikes, values and morals. If you are the godmother of the little one being baptized, this is a thoughtful gift -a cross as a reminder of faith and accompanied by a little poem which tells them about your role in their lives.

This cross should be thought of as an investment because it will look beautiful year after year. This pretty pink glass cross is a perfect gift for baby so they know who gave them this amazing piece of art is someone they can turn to in trouble. The key to making this cross perfect is the addition of personal sentiment, which will really make it stand out as a treasured keepsake that your goddaughter will admire for years to come.

This handmade glass cross is perfect for your goddaughter as she grows and matures. It’s a great keepsake to be passed down from one generation to the next. Words are attached are a sentiment  from a godmother which are perfect for any Christian girl who loves Jesus and appreciates faith in her life.

14. Hello 2 Kids Jesus Loves Me Sound Book

This interactive push button sound faith book introduces babies to the life of Jesus Christ from His birth to His resurrection. The story of Jesus life is told in song and illustrations. Baby will have loads and loads of fun building their faith by pressing their favorite song button again and again! This award winning book is, in fact , baby’s first book of praise. This is a safe, simple, practical Biblical toy and book.

In this innovative sound book, with illustrations and Bible verses to match. Kids 2 to 8 will learn the Gospel story of Jesus and the cross through what He taught in song. With 6 buttons, they’ll have hours of interactive fun as they push the buttons for scripture songs about God’s love for them. This Jesus Loves Me-Sound Book toy is the perfect way though teaching the life of Jesus to teach little ones about  love from God.

15. Precious Moments 5 Noah’s Ark Gift Mealtime Feeding Set

The story about Noah’s Ark is an example of such a story – it provides significant lessons about being kind, humane and patient. This lesson holds true for adults as well as children because we all have needs to connect with our Godly side while staying connected with the material world around us in which we care deeply about.

This  Precious moments Noah’s Story set  includes a knife and fork, a plate, a bowl, and a mug. They’re made of break and chip-resistant bamboo dinnerware material for durability. This dishware set is easy to clean by hand or in the dishwasher! Mealtime should be an enjoyable experience for both you and your child – so, dress it up  with these precious moments 5-piece Noah’s ark gift mealtime feeding set!

The bright colors make mealtime fun for kids, while the conveniently sized dishes will make it easy for Mom to feed them. These dishes are made from break-and-chip resistant bamboo dinnerware that can withstand any rough fumbling hands of a baby or toddler at dinner time. 

16. 925 Sterling Silver “I Am a Child of God” Daisy Necklace

Here is another jewel for baby’s faith trinket box. Crafted in sterling silver with a gorgeous pale pink Austrian crystal, a cross and a daisy shaped engraved  faith message, this is a stylish, modest, simple, yet elegant memorial trinket for baby girl’s first faith moment together with friends and family. The 925 Sterling Silver “I Am a Child of God” Daisy Necklace Jewelry is the perfect way to show her that you believe in her.

It’s also the perfect gift for someone of any age to remind them that even when you face rough times in your life, God always loves you and encourages you. “I Am a Child of God” In honor of your love for your angelic child, close your eyes, take a deep breath, and realise the  gift of peace that you are giving the little one as she wears the  powerful message  of these words close to her  heart.

17. Noah’s Ark Top Slot Porcelain Nursery Décor Baby Bank

This sculpture bank of the biblical story of Noah’s Ark is a great way to teach your kids about God’s love for them, and that their time and money are in His hands. It is the perfect way to teach your child about saving money and will surely become an heirloom in your family. It is ideal for your little one’s nursery. With a high-quality, hand-painted porcelain finish, it is a beautiful display of your love and dedication to create a peaceful environment for your baby.

The durable frame construction ensures that the artwork stays in place and will last for years to come. The detailed figurines make an enchanting addition to any bedroom or playroom. Like all Precious Moments creations, it is made with the most cherished and carefully hand-painted porcelain. The Noah’s Ark Top Slot Porcelain Nursery Décor Baby Bank comes with a certificate of authenticity and is packaged in a beautiful gift box.

 18. The Christian Alphabet

Often parents are on the look out for that special print to put on the wall above the bedhead of their baby’s bedroom. A personalized gift of this nature is one of the most beautiful thoughts you can gift the baby at this memorable faith time.

The Christian Alphabet Company offers just such a gift in the form of a personalized name print with an important scripture written on the bottom  – “I have called you by name, you are mine” – from the book of the prophet Isaiah.

This is a very  special artwork project created by author and illustrator Tracy Sands, in which she has incorporated almost 100 beloved Christian symbols to design an alphabet – bringing you this customized product to remember  the baptism of baby. This is really a gift with a message to remember and treasure as a lovingly gifted heirloom.

19. Aurora World Precious Moments Prayer Boy

Plush toys often become part of baby’s important  world of security items as they cuddle and bite them as if they were Mum herself. When the toy also has a song or prayer, the imitation of Mum and her voice become even more vivid a reminder of security feelings for baby. This plush toy featuring the cartoon character Aurora, with embroidered teardrop eyes and little bear slippers with the same whimsical eyes, plays the prayer “now I lay me down to sleep…”

As baby begins to understand speech these words of  faith comfort will become especially meaningful to them- offering them spiritual peace and comfort throughout the dark night hours. This is a first bedtime faith toy the little one will grow very attached to over time; reminding him that God loves him and protects him- perfect for any boy’s baptism.

20. DaySpring Baptism Card for Baby Girls 

It’s a lovely thought to include a thoughtful faith-filled card as an accessory to your baptism gift. This gives you the chance to express just what you want to on this memorable faith occasion.

Families usually have a box or cupboard where they store all the memories and kind thoughts shared in gift cards, so you can be sure that together with the gift the card idea will be appreciated and reread over the years. In fact, often long after a gift has been forgotten, the personal message in a card will be treasured and remembered.

This baptism card for a baby girl by DaySpring has beautiful, fresh Christian symbol images (a cross, a dove, flowers) as well as a warm faith message – to which you can add your own. The dove/cross is the most popular symbol of Christianity, representing the dove as symbol of peace and of God Himself in many epic Christian biblical events. It is often featured in wedding rings and baptismal fonts to represent new life, purity and transformation. DaySpring has  created a  card just for you on this special day when the little one comes to understand the peace of God in her life when she is baptized into Christian faith

21. EFYTAL Sterling Silver Baptism Necklace for Girls

The most beautiful gifts are often the easiest to forget. Jewelry is always a great gift choice on these occasions.  Whether it’s an engraved dainty cross necklace, delicate earrings, or tiny sterling silver bracelet with two charms,  when each piece is thoughtfully crafted and can be given as a keepsake gift to your child, it will make the celebration memorable.

Make the memories last by making them something that you’ll both treasure for years to come. No matter how much you are looking for a baptism gift for your little girl, you may not have found the perfect one yet. If that is the case, then why not have a look at the EFYTAL range of jewelry Catholic baptism gifts. They provide an impressive collection of sterling silver jewelry and accessories with high-quality designs that girls love.

Their  jewelry is made with attention to detail and quality while maintaining affordability. Vintage designs with romantic themes and vintage-style finishes are their specialty. Gifting a cross necklace  to a girl is a commonly expected gift choice on the occasion of a baptism. This EFYTAL cross is not only sterling silver, it also features an elegant cross designed with six Cubic Zirconias encrusted in it; they look just like little diamonds – some people don’t even know the difference!

In summary

Children are baptized in recognition that they are children of God, redeemed by Christ, and an important part of the Church. A Baptism is a promise to raise them in their Christian faith with the nurture and instruction appropriate for their age and understanding. The gift of baptism also provides a meaningful way to celebrate the joy of a baby’s first blessing. The person giving the gift can choose from an array of beautiful and symbolic baptism gifts for any budget, so there’s no excuse for not offering this token of love.