Best Christmas Gifts For Knitters and Crocheters

Buying a holiday gift for someone with a hobby can be daunting– especially if the gift giver is unfamiliar with the hobby. Fortunately, there are some gifts that all knitters and crocheters will appreciate. From knitting and crochet accessories and pattern books, to raw materials like yarn, these gifts are sure to be appreciated by any knitters and crocheters on a gift giver’s list.

Gifts for Crafters to Enjoy All Year Long

There are many excellent magazines dedicated to the subject of knitting and crocheting. These magazines review the latest yarns and accessories, and feature monthly patterns for crafters of all levels. A subscription to a knitting or crochet magazine will be a valuable resource for crafters, and has the benefit of giving all year long!

Another gift to consider is a knitting and crocheting calendar. There are several “pattern-a-day” calendars available at bookstores, and wherever calendars are sold. These daily calendars feature simple knit or crochet patterns for every day of the year.

Yarn, Supplies and Accessories

This might seem like an obvious choice, but knitters and crocheters get excited about trying new types of yarn. There are many choices on the market, and crafters will appreciate adding something luxurious to their stash–something they might not consider splurging on for themselves. Shoppers should be sure they are giving enough yarn to complete a project, and that multiple skeins of the same color are from the same dye lot.

Another option to consider is a gift certificate, either to a local yarn s tore, or an online retailer. A gift certificate allows crafters to choose from knitting and crochet pattern books, yarn, crochet and knitting supplies and accessories, and other goodies. Gift certificates to online yarn stores like KnitPicks are an excellent choice if there are no yarn or crafting stores in the recipient’s area.

Accessories also make a great addition to any crafter’s collection. Some knitting and crocheting accessories include:

  • stitch markers and round counters
  • cable needles
  • crochet hook set
  • knitting needle or crochet hook travel case
  • interchangeable knitting needle kits
  • bags to organize and carry ongoing craft projects
  • knitting needles with lights on the tips

An easy holiday gift for a beginning knitter or crocheter is a kit for a specific project: often for a simple scarf or pair of socks, the kit contains all the accessories and yarn needed to complete the project, as well as easy-to-follow instructions.


Pattern books are available for all levels of crafting, from books of toys to crochet, to last-minute gifts to knit. With the growing popularity of knitting and crocheting as hobbies, pattern books are available at any bookstore, and of course, at local yarn stores.

Vintage knitting and crochet patterns can be trickier to find, but make excellent gifts for crafters who love the style of days gone by. Shoppers can check antique stores, online auction sites, thrift stores, and even garage sales to find a selection of knitting and crochet patterns from different eras.