Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her (Change to 1 year anniversary gift ideas for girlfriend)

After a year of dating, you would think that the couple would now have some idea of what each other likes and dislikes. You would expect to know which flowers or gifts are appropriate for the occasion, but it turns out that you struggle to find something unique that will show your love and appreciation for one another. This is why it’s important for you to share these anniversary gift ideas with your girlfriend so she can choose something meaningful. Just remember – she’ll appreciate the effort more than anything.

Buying a diamond ring on the day they met might not be your idea of an anniversary gift, but their first date was just as special as any other milestone in a relationship (or maybe even because of it). We believe anniversaries should be a celebration, but who knows what to give — or what you should spend? Here is a list of great ideas that will please her and not break the bank! It doesn’t matter whether she’s your mother, sister, or girlfriend- these anniversary gift ideas for her will be sure to get that smile you love!


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Our 39 Top Picks Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her


1. Native American Styled Handcrafted Necklace, Earrings, And Bracelet Set

Anniversary gifts are a delight to give and receive. They signify the passage of time and remind couples of their commitment to each other. The sentiment can be more powerful with a thoughtful gift that is considered rather than generic. The Native American carved and designed earrings, necklace, and bracelet set is perfect for any anniversary gift idea. It is made out of semi-precious stones such as turquoise and jade. The wearable jewelry set comes with a box of lavender organic tealights that are meant to burn in the bracelet’s central design element, on an endless cycle. It includes one pair of matching earrings in silver or gold plated options as well as one necklace and bracelet in antique bronze to match the rest of the jewelry. This will make for a meaningful day you’ll never forget together with your partner both marking this important milestone in your life together.

2. Henglisam 4-Layer Modern Jewelry Storage Tray

If you are thinking of gifting the love of your life with something special on their next anniversary, there are many options to choose from. You could opt for a lovely bouquet of flowers and freshly baked cookies, or do something a little more sentimental with an object that has been passed down through generations. However, if you want to do something a bit different for this occasion, why not consider giving them Henglisam jewelry? Not only does it come in various precious metal options that can work as an appropriate gift on any budget, but it also has sentimental value because it is created by women instead of machines. Whatever you choose to do this year for your partner will surely be memorable and meaningful.

3. Revealing America’s Dark Skinned Past Vol 1. By Red Silverfox Thunderbird

Revealing America’s Dark Skinned Past is Volume One of a series of five volumes. The series is designed to provide an in-depth look at the history of Native Americans living in North America and spans from the time before European contact to the present day. The future Volumes will focus on specific tribes and regions such as the Cherokee, Lakota, Apache, Nepalese, and Navajo among others.

The goal or purpose of this book is to provide a detailed overview for all people who are interested in learning about Native American history that has been hidden from public view and misrepresented by Hollywood movies created by outsiders who do not understand our cultures.

4. NVGCX Scented Candles

Finding the perfect anniversary gift idea for her can be a challenge. If you want to give her something that’s worth remembering, but not overly expensive, you should try NVGCX scented candles.

NVGCX offers a variety of unique scents available in different fragrances and colors to match your loved one’s personality and mood. A wide range of scents is available in different shapes, sizes, and packaging. There is even the option to create a custom scent. All of these candles are hand-dipped and made from 100% soy wax so they burn cleaner than most other candles on the market. With these wide selection, it’s easy to find the perfect gift idea for her this year! And if that’s not enough for you to fall in love with them, they come with free shipping and free returns!

5. Classic Cubic Zirconia Bracelet

If you love diamonds, but don’t have the budget for them or the woman you’re buying an anniversary gift for, then a cubic zirconia bracelet is an excellent alternative. They have been used as anniversary gifts for years – even centuries in some cases – and they’re as popular today as they ever have been. It doesn’t matter what else you were considering, because this is the perfect romantic gift that will make her way more special than if you had bought another type of jewelry. A classic bracelet is an elegant way to show your spouse, girlfriend, or wife just how much she means to you and will serve as a lasting reminder of the time of your life together.

She’ll love these stunning bracelets with cubic zirconia’s to match any jewelry ensemble she’s wearing. Whether she’s already a fan of Zirconia or she’s not on the same page yet because of what it means, this is one she will be able to wear proudly.

6. Madison Park Signature Cotton Bath Towels

Madison Park Signature cotton Bath towels can be the perfect anniversary gift idea for her. Whether it is to celebrate a one-year, two-year, five-year, or ten-year anniversary; Madison Park Signature cotton bath towels are an ideal gift for every occasion. They are luxurious and soft – a delight for any woman who wants to feel pampered and spoiled. This is also a great option if you want to add some luxury into your daily life as well! Every day can become special with these high-quality towels in your home!

The 100% Turkish Cotton supersoft fibers will feel softer even before the first wash due to the extra-long staple length which gives greater resilience than regular cotton fiber.

7. Mrs. Fields’ Signature Cookies

We all know the iconic Mrs. Fields Signature cookies for their amazing taste and perfect cookie consistency, but did you know you can send these delectable iced treats as a gift? If you’re looking for an anniversary gift idea, these cookies will be appreciated by anyone on their special day.

Whether it’s your lover, boss, your child’s teacher, or your coworker – even grandma! – they’re going to love receiving a box of our famous cookies. You can order them in advance and have them shipped directly to that person’s door with specially personalized notes inside the packaging to make it that much more special.

8. PrimaStella Scented Potty Confetti

This year, surprise your partner with a romantic anniversary gift that will have them feeling absolutely indulged. We recommend PrimaStella scented potty confetti!

PrimaStella scented potty confetti is a reusable, eco-friendly, and 100% plant-based toilet scrubber that provides an aromatic experience while you’re on the throne. This fun container looks like a typical planter but includes the added bonus of being sprinkled with the smell of sweet pea and roses. Whether it’s for your anniversary next year or one that’s years away, having this on hand will have your significant other loving every moment spent together in the bathroom. Each package includes six 4”x6” scrubbers made of natural wool and organic coconut husk fibers saturated with our odorless and luxurious PrimaStella fragrance oil blends.

9. Michaelboy Long Tulle Robe


The Michaelboy long tulle robe is a stunning design that is perfect for an anniversary gift idea. Made from the finest materials, this lingerie garment will be worn again and again.

It’s hard to find the perfect anniversary gift for a wife, wife, or girlfriend. No matter how much you love someone, it can be difficult to find something they want (you know how picky women can be!). One of the most popular options in lingerie. It’s a very special gift because it’s intimate and says “I care about you”. We’ve found that many women enjoy being gifted with classy satin and lace sets that are sensual yet comfortable at the same time.

10. Dream Pairs Women’s Divine-01 High Heels

A high heel can be the perfect anniversary gift for her! They are sexy and make her feel powerful. Heels can also be a great way to spice up their life together. Plus, they’re sexy as hell and make me feel powerful!

In fact, a recent study done by the University of Kansas found that women who wore high heels felt more powerful than those wearing flats. I wonder if this is because wearing heels makes you walk differently? Or maybe it’s because of our preconceived notion that women in high heels are more attractive than those in flats? Another theory is that women know they look hot with their new shoes on and strut their stuff accordingly. These heels are gorgeous and they will make any woman feel like she’s walking on air. Every detail from the patent leather to the dramatic pointed toe is designed to be stylish and still give you that needed height boost.

11. Boxalls Large Capacity Cosmetics Organizer

Boxalls makeup organizer is the best gift for a makeup lover, and it’s also popular as an anniversary gift idea for her.

What better way to celebrate your love than with a useful present to hold your jewelry, clothes, and more? Boxall’s large capacity makeup organizer is a clever solution that also happens to be super fashionable. The high-profile box has smooth edges and an unassuming exterior – perfect if you’re buying this as an anniversary gift idea for the minimalist woman in your life. The interior boasts six removable dividers so she can store everything from blush to hair care products more efficiently. If you’re looking for an anniversary gift idea that is thoughtful and practical then look no further.

12. Vintage Golden Egg-Shaped Jewelry Box

We are impressed with what you’ve accomplished. I know you’ll find this vintage golden egg-shaped jewelry box an excellent choice as an anniversary gift idea for her. This unique vintage golden egg-shaped jewelry box is perfect for an anniversary gift idea for her. The antique jewelry box comes in its original packaging and includes an alarm clock to wake up each morning with thoughts of your love. It also includes a drawer to store all her favorite pieces of accessories. She’ll love the feminine, elegant design and all of the space for her collection of necklaces and earrings. And better yet — no cramming on top of each other!

A male can never go wrong with this gift idea; it’s the perfect balance between something sentimental and a practical way to store jewelry. I hope your anniversary is wonderful! This little token from me shows how much I care, too!

13.  3D Photo Lamp Glass Night Light

Your wife is never satisfied with your gift choice and you are tired of it. She always asks the same question: “It’s so pretty, where did you find it?” What will you answer this time? 3D photo lamp glass nightlight. It is elegant table light for her room that supports online design customization. This is a fun and practical anniversary gift idea for her! Regardless of her tastes, this handmade 3D photo lamp glass nightlight will be sure to catch any woman’s attention. It can be personalized with the couple’s photos on the first time they met, their engagement photos, or their wedding day. This would make an elegant addition to any bedroom or living room decor and can be engraved with a loving message “Happy Anniversary” or “Love Always”. This unique gift idea will make her as happy as she deserves to be on your anniversary day.

14. Eleshow Heart Pendant Necklace Jewelry

For an anniversary gift idea for her, look no further than a beautiful Eleshow heart pendant necklace. This jewelry is not only elegant and sophisticated but thoughtful and meaningful as well. This isn’t just a pretty accessory that she’ll wear once or twice; it’s a token of your love that will be right at home next to all the romantic dinners, beautifully-wrapped presents, and long-stemmed roses on her dresser.

This is the perfect gift for a special anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or birthday. This necklace is not only a beautiful reminder of your love for your partner but also tells all about their personality. It has all the words you need to say to show that you understand and care about who they are as well as want them to know how much they mean to you. It’s the ideal gift that not only shows how much thought was put into it but also how much thought was put into the person receiving it.

15. Romantic Mug

For your anniversary celebration, give her a gift that will melt her heart and show her how deeply you care for her. And what’s better than a mug in the shape of a love heart to make your feelings explicit? Find the perfect mug for your special someone among our anniversary gift ideas and find out why this is the perfect present.

The classic shape of this romantic mug has been designed specifically to enhance its aesthetics. But it doesn’t just look good — it also works well too! The double-walled design ensures that your hot drink stays warm while the exterior stays cool to the touch.

16. Bisque Porcelain Figurine

If your wife loves taking care of the house, maybe a bisque porcelain figurine would be a great gift for her. This type of figurine is loved by most people for its color and textures. It is also stylish and elegant enough to put on display in any room or collection.

Fulfilling her desire for decorating with interesting objects, this timeless item will delight her senses and give lasting appreciation. It’s especially good if you know she has an empty shelf space that needs filling up.

17. Extra Large Multicolored Natural Stones For Painting

She has been the rock in your life, a steady and supportive force for you on this long road of life. You have seen her at her best and her worst, spurred her to greatness when she was down, and protected her from harm when she needed it. You have cherished every moment with her while also looking forward to what will come in the future. What better way to show how much you love this champion that has stood by your side than with a painting of one of those moments?

It can be difficult to find that perfect gift for an anniversary or a wedding, but one option is something personal — like a painting. Some natural rocks showcase more than just an image but rather all the emotion that goes into each milestone.

18. UONBOX Women’s One-Shoulder Knee-Length Slit Bodycon Dress

How does her schedule often look? When do you spend time together? What’s your relationship like? Does she have any hobbies or obsessions she spends a lot of time on? What are her favorite colors and styles, if you know?

As a helpful guideline, we recommend buying around two to three times the amount of clothes she would normally wear in a year. This is important as it will ensure that you don’t run out of clothing options with UONBOX women’s one-shoulder knee-length slit bodycon dress. It will also ensure that you don’t keep repeating the same style so that your anniversary gift idea for her doesn’t turn into an annoyance.

19. Caiyao Sea Turtle Bracelet Beads

There are so many reasons to give a gift. Perhaps it is an engagement ring or a watch, but what if you want to give your significant other something more personal? How about a sea turtle bracelet beads as an anniversary gift idea for her?

Sea turtle beads can have meaning and reference past memories. Each bead represents the time in years that has gone by since the beginning of your relationship. The string of the necklace becomes one giant date reminder which will hold onto these happy moments just like time itself does. The bracelet comes in black and white with turtles made of sterling silver, copper, and steel combined together with copper wire into this delicate yet strong piece of jewelry that gives off a classy vibe.

20. Furbo Dog Camera

There’s never a bad time to give a gift to your partner, but an anniversary is a perfect time to show them just how much you care. And while there’s always something sentimental you can do, one of the best gifts for any occasion is giving them something practical, like household equipment or quality tech gear. That’s where Furbo comes in.

Furbo is a device that features HD video and audio streaming, allowing you to remotely watch live streams of what your pet sees in their own home. It also has laser games with different difficulty levels, meaning even the least playful of pets will be entertained while away from you! The Furbo website has a frequently asked questions section that is straightforward and helpful.

21. Baimei Jade Facial Massager

It’s been a year since you two first met, and what better way to celebrate than getting her something she’ll love just as much as you love her. That’s where Baimei Jade’s facial massager comes in. In case you need a little more convincing, its ergonomic design will help relieve stress throughout the day and its versatile functionality with 5-speed modes is perfect for any occasion.

Obviously, the Baimei Jade facial massager is a fantastic gift idea for your girlfriend. I would say it’s an excellent way to celebrate the first year of your relationship. This is because a woman (or man) will think they are receiving this thoughtful and personal anniversary present, while also getting something that physically improves their face and makes them look younger. There are lots of colors and designs to choose from, so you can be sure that there is something special for her near every corner of her house or office space.

22. Pure Vie All-in-One Essential Makeup Set

You’re in the market for a perfect anniversary gift to give your wife or girlfriend, but you want to do something that’s meaningful and lasting. You don’t want something cliché like flowers. And if you were going to get her a diamond necklace, you’d rather she didn’t find it lost in some dark corner of the closet that she never spends any time in.

Look no further than our new all-in-one makeup set! It includes more than 24 gorgeous shades of makeup with everything you need and beautifully packaged in a travel carry bag: complete professional makeup set includes blusher, bronzer, eye shadow (12 shades), eyebrow pencils (2 shades), mascara and eyeliner and many more.

23. Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds Perfume

The idea of using perfume as an anniversary gift may seem a bit out of place but if you are looking for a present that’s different and will create memories, Elizabeth Taylor white diamonds perfume is an excellent option. Bought in 1991, the original fragrance was only available to premium stores. However, due to popular demand, the scent became more accessible to everyone.

This time-honored fragrance has been enhanced with notes of wild rose, blackcurrant and violet; this is combined with notes that represent Lady Taylor: magnolia leaves, jasmine petals and peony blossoms.

24. Idymar Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet

The gift of a handmade bracelet is the perfect way to say “I love you,” without saying a word. This is especially true when the bracelet has sentimental value or is representative of how you feel about your partner. If this is your first anniversary and it was agreed that gifts would be exchanged after one year, then think about giving your partner an anniversary gift with meaning that’s also practical for everyday use. A aromatherapy essential oil diffuser bracelet would be a great choice for an anniversary present because there are plenty of uses and combinations, it looks elegant, and most importantly it can mean something special to both partners. The oils are of excellent quality, so they are sure to smell beautiful all the time. This is ultimately an affordable gift that means the world to the wearer on an anniversary or any other special occasion. It definitely won’t hurt if you bought this for your diva out there! So go ahead and check out these outstanding bracelets to get some inspiration.

25. Wine Country Freshly Baked Cookies

As the sun sets on another day and the golds, oranges, and pinks blend together in a sky that’s clear for miles to come, it can be easy to forget about what is going on in your own home. Oftentimes it’s easy to forget about those little things we need to do for each other. We get so caught up in work and errands that we forget about our loved ones coming home from weeks of travel from all around the world.

It’s important though – because this is what makes them feel at home when they are back. And there are many times when a simple gesture goes miles and miles toward making someone feel loved again.

26. Peony Multi-Use Enriched Oil

Know a lovebird who deserves the world? This oil is a beautiful way to tell them you care.
You know the person for whom this gift would be perfect. They’re your girlfriend, your sister, your mother, or your best friend. You’ve put so much work into making them happy and they deserve so much more than flowers on their one-year anniversary — something to inspire memories of you and make their day special.

Peony multi-use enriched oil is one of the best gifts you can give a woman in her 30th, 40th, or 50th year. Peony oil’s subtle floral fragrance is an elegant scent that neutralizes the intensity of her perfume. It also deepens her skin tone and helps fight acne and aging. So for a unique gift to give your loved one this year, consider giving peony enriched oil. This is an item that she is sure to use and appreciate, with over two uses! It can be used as a skincare product and on the lips, on the air and nails, as well as in many other ways. And it will come in handy if she’s ever feeling low or lacking self-confidence! What are you waiting for? This gift is just perfect!

27. AKAMC Women’s 3-Pack Removable Padded Sports Bras

If you are going to ask your significant other for a gift for your anniversary, then these sports bras would be a great idea. This underwear is made from polyester with spandex and it has a soft and comfortable material that makes it perfect for many different types of workouts. It also has adjustable straps that will make sure the bra works properly and stays in place while you’re moving around during your workout routine.

The wide back band can stretch to fit most sizes, while the cups are designed with moderate amounts of padding so they look natural even if the woman is not wearing anything underneath.

28. Jewelexcess Sterling Silver Diamond Ring

Some of the best gifts are ones that you have all thought of but don’t think he’ll ask for, or that you didn’t know about and it’s just perfect. One such gift is a sterling silver diamond ring. A sterling silver diamond ring is a top pick for the most loved gift idea, year after year.

It can be made to fit any budget and fits into her jewelry box easily while also being able to match with anything she already has in it – because it doesn’t need a lot of makeup! It’s the perfect mix of sentiment, affordability, and convenience.

29. Cerave Daily Moisturizing Lotion

Cerave is a dermatologist-recommended moisturizer that deeply moisturizes for 24 hours. It’s the perfect gift for your wife, girlfriend, mom, or anyone else in your life who suffers from dry skin patches.

This lotion is a must-have for people with dry skin due to its light and creamy texture and ability to last through the day. Cerave helps keep skin feeling soft by locking moisture in and blocking out environmental elements. Every day they use Cerave daily moisturizing lotion not only to protect their skin from dryness but help maintain the integrity of their barrier to protect the skin from infection. There’s also vitamin B3 which helps reduce surface redness and inflammation.

30. Sol De Janeiro Brazilian Bum-Bum Cream

For the woman who has everything, what could be a more fitting gift than a bottle of Sol De Janeiro Brazilian bum-bum cream? Not only will she thank you for not forgetting her special day, but she’ll also appreciate the thoughtful gesture. After all, this is a gift that will last for days – or even months.

These Brazilian-made products are made from natural ingredients and are designed for all skin types. Available in different scents, you’ll find something to suit any woman’s tastes! The natural extracts include Aloe Vera; Soybean Oil, which soothes and moisturizes skin; Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter, which work together to keep your skin healthy-looking; Sweet Almond Oil to prevents wrinkles, dark spots, and reduce age spots. The many uses of this product range from shaving lotion to facial moisturizer to foot balm after a long day on your feet.

31. Shiatsu Neck And Shoulder Massager

If your significant other is a fitness enthusiast or someone who likes to travel for work, let them enjoy some quality time at the gym with these unique gifts! These new pillows offer users the comfort of being close to their partner along with soothing and relaxing vibration that relaxes the muscles. They are made from 100% natural ingredients like organic cotton, and 100% recycled materials with no harmful chemicals or synthetic fibers. It can help to reduce tension in the shoulders, neck, and back, which is great for those who work at a desk or spend ample time in front of a computer. With the help of this amazing product, she will be able to relax after a long day.

Shiatsu refers to a Japanese clinical massage technique focused on pressure and kneading on muscular structures with your hands.

32. Nekteck Shiatsu Foot Massager

If she’s always complaining about her aching feet, then it might be time to show some love with this Nekteck Shiatsu Foot Massager. This nifty gadget is designed to give her feet an intense and soothing massage whenever they need it. It’s the ultimate gift for a woman who spends most of her day on her feet!

What makes this foot massager so great? It features a deep-kneading shiatsu massage that gives relief from pain and discomfort in the soles of the feet. Plus, this rechargeable device is equipped with 30, one-minute auto-massage modes that rotate automatically or can be controlled manually.

33. Royal Bamboo Bathtub Tray With Book And Wine Holder

If you’re wondering what to give your husband or wife for an anniversary present, these Royal bamboo bathtub trays are a great option. They come in three different colors: white, black, sky blue, pink, and two other colors. They’d be a perfect gift idea that is sure to be loved by any partner!

The combination of royal bamboo and handcrafted design makes these trays the perfect addition to any bathroom. The uniquely designed tray has modern cuts and beautiful, thick bamboo wood on both the top and bottom surfaces of the tray that is going to last long enough for many years of use.

34. Finchberry Natural Handmade Lavender Scented Soap Set

Chances are, whoever you’re shopping for is a woman. If that’s the case, then choosing this Finchberry natural handmade scented soap set as an anniversary gift idea for her is the perfect way to let her know how much you care. The gluten-free set includes more ten soaps in different lavender scented colors that will make their owner feel clean and fresh with their light citrus notes. It also includes a pint of hand-crafted soap start your own business next to some gold beads, so she’ll have all the supplies she needs to put her own creations into production and sell them online!

This Valentine’s Day surprise will make an ideal gift that lasts through many years of happiness and showers, whether at work or at home.

35. Anlunob Preserved Flower

Anlunob preserved glass rose flower is a great gift idea for her. It is made of high-quality glass which has been cut and polished, with hand-painted petals and leaves, while coordinating ribbon to make the perfect custom piece. Just because it’s not very common doesn’t mean it’s not special. Anyone who gets this as a present from you will know that you took the time to make something especially for them, which shows them just how much they are loved. And what better way to do this than with an exemplary present like an Anlunob preserved glass rose flower? The brilliance of a glass rose is in its elegance. Everyone loves flowers but sometimes we don’t know what kind of flowers their favorite type happens to be.

36. Seamless Invisible Bikini Lace

She wants to look great and feel amazing in her little black bikini. The day is just around the corner and she’s at your house to celebrate your anniversary. It’s an unexpected surprise that could give you both a lot of joy, but how do you make sure she knows it’s from the both of you? You know what is perfect for this milestone birthday – a woman’s seamless invisible bikini lace as an anniversary gift idea for her!

This particular swimming suit has been voted as one of Glamour magazine’s best undergarments, featuring only a stretch-mesh back panel with no visible straps or hooks.

37. AvidLove Women’s Sexy Deep V-Neck Lace Lingerie

Who doesn’t love a good lingerie purchase? This is a great gift for the woman in your life and something you’ll both enjoy. It has been designed to make her feel confident and sexy, whether she’s wearing it at home or going out with you. AvidLove provides the best quality items with their unbeatable price tag. They offer a large selection of sizes, styles, and colors ensuring that there’s something to suit every woman’s taste! With so many options available at an affordable price, this is an easy gift idea for any anniversary occasion! Now there’s also no excuse for not being able to surprise her by getting her lingerie as an anniversary gift: in-store pickup makes this option easily customizable.

38. La Bellefee Handmade Bath Bombs With Scented Candles Set

You are spoilt when it comes to choosing presents for your partner, especially on your anniversary. A thoughtful and personalized present that will show how much you care can be a game-changer. Thoughtful and personal gifts need not be expensive either, as they say, that it’s the thought and effort behind the purchase that matter most.

This luxury gift for her includes a matching set of three bath bombs and three scented candles. They come in different beautiful colors and shapes that are irresistible to any woman. All products are handmade from natural ingredients, so they will not only help you relax your body but also smell lovely with one of the unforgettable fragrances La Bellevue has to offer. The La Bellefee handmade bath bombs with scented candles set is just one example of an affordable yet thoughtful gift idea for those looking for an anniversary present for her on an imaginative budget.

39. Kufung Soap Tray

If you are after an anniversary gift for your partner, instead of gifting her something materialistic, think about purchasing a Kufung soap tray from the website as a token of love. This traditional gift is given to mark the first year anniversary of marriage. The tray is usually made out of wood or metal and shaped like a heart. The scented bars inside the tray signify its dedication to love and bring happiness to many couples in Uganda each year.

In addition, you will be giving back to the community through this romantic gesture towards your beloved one because this gift helps fund education programs in Uganda that provide both scholarships and secondary school fees for children who can’t afford them themselves.



We hope that this blog post helped you find the perfect gift for your anniversary. What are you waiting for? Get out there and shop!