A Great Gift for a Christmas on a Budget

Around the holidays, it’s still the thought that counts, even on a tight Christmas budget. If you don’t have a lot of money to spend this Christmas, then being creative and thoughtful in your gift selection might just make this year’s gifts the best gift you’ve ever given.

If you have a lot of happy memories or plans to share with a special person, create a memory box to commemorate a long life together, a happy childhood, or great aspirations for the future.

Make a List for Your Christmas Memory Box

Creating a memory box can be fast, fun, and inexpensive. Sit down for a few moments and think about the wonderful memories or plans for the future that you share with a special person in your life, and then make a list of images that represent those ideas. If you are planning to have a child in the next five years, you might include a parenting magazine. If you are commemorating a great train ride your spouse went on when he was a child, you might include a toy train. If there is a new house in your future, a photo of your dream house will make a great addition.

Select Your Images

Once you have your list, start collecting your items. Use photos, cards, figurines, magazines, books, or ornaments to represent plans, goals, and memories. Include a tag for each item with a sentence that explains its significance. You can download photographs from the Internet and print them, or get unusual images and figurines at novelty or craft stores. Charm bracelets are great to include, as are themed snow globes.

Create Your Christmas Memory Box

Either buy or make a decorative box large enough to contain your memory items, and then place your items inside, layering them with tissue paper. It would also be great to include an IOU to do something related to one or more of your memory items, like offering diaper changing services for a future child, or offering to clean out your parent’s garage where you once unsuccessfully hid your stash of firecrackers.

Make Your Memory Box Personal

Your memory box can be as elaborate or simple as you’d like. This gift is about celebrating a connection and showing your appreciation for the relationship you have with a loved one. Funny items are great, but so are sentimental reminders of happy times and unique milestones. You can even make it a family project designed for a parent or grandparent.

Try to remember what you were given for Christmas two years ago or even last year. Before you spend money you can’t afford on gifts that will soon be forgotten, consider giving a gift that will be remembered long after the Christmas ornaments have been put away. Give a memory box that will tell the people you love that you listen to them, and remember and value what they mean to you. Memory boxes are glimpses into the human heart, and sharing your heart with a loved one is a great gift.