70th Birthday Gift Ideas- The Ultimate List of Gift Ideas to Sparkle Their 70th Birthday Celebration!

The 70th birthday of your beloved is a big milestone. It deserves to be celebrated with a nice gift from the heart, not just another card from the store. This article suggests popular gift ideas for this birthday which are uniquely matched to their personalities and interests. Whether you are picking out a present for a dear one, these gifts will surely be loved and cherished by them.

1. EFYTAL Necklace

EFYTAL Jewelry is one of the most popular and high-quality jewelry brands on the market. It has a wide range of styles from classic to unique in order to make every customer happy with the jewelry they receive. The EFYTAL Sterling Silver Seven Circle Necklace is the perfect gift to help your loved one celebrate their milestone birthday. This beautiful necklace with 7 circles is a timeless piece of jewelry. A sterling silver chain will last long with proper care and has a clasp closure that is strong enough to withstand lots of wear and tear.

2. Vintage Socks

A birthday gift at any age is a welcome reward. This cheeky design features a graphic white print on black socks. These will make a perfect gift for your father, grandfather or great-uncle. They come in size 6-11 and are made of 80% Cotton, 8% Nylon and 2% Lycra. This means they can be machine washed to keep them looking good and lasting a long time.

3. Whiskey Glass

For someone who loves whiskey, this is a fantastic gift. Perhaps your dad deserves something special for his 70th birthday coming up and you’re feeling at a loss for ideas? Or maybe you have no idea what to get your friend or husband for such an occasion? This 11 oz whiskey glass is the perfect solution! Engraved with 70th Birthday design, it’s sure to please any whiskey lover whether they prefer bourbon, Scotch whiskey, cognac or other types of spirits.

4. Scented Candles

Your mother deserves an amazing 70th birthday gift that she’ll never forget! Try one of these scented candles today and see that it can lighten her day in more ways than one. With their unique aromas, these candles are ideal for the bathroom or kitchen counters because they don’t lose their scent over time. Their unique aromas like fruit, vanilla, or floral are perfect reminders of home and family. Plus, their 100% soy wax structure makes them safe to use around children.

5. Vintage Poster

An original and fun decorative piece for a loved one’s 70th birthday party! This is a high-quality print on heavy, durable and laminated paper that can fit in any 8 x 10 inch frame. It features old-fashioned graphics including scenes from life in the 1950s and historical facts. The possibilities are endless with this poster – you can use it as a table centerpiece, door or wall art, or any other decoration around the house.

6. Angel Figurine

Sometimes it takes a little more time and effort to find the perfect gift for someone who has outgrown their old presents. If you are looking for something special this year, look no further than the wonderful selection of gifts from Pavilion Gift Company! They have many items like this angel figurine, measuring 6 inch, which is crafted out of polyresin material. The intricate heart design is very beautiful and it will definitely bring good luck to its owner. This is a great way to celebrate their special day.

7. Trinket Dish

Trinket dishes are the perfect addition to any home or office décor! They are suitable for dainty items like bracelets, watches, necklaces, earrings and other jewelry on your dresser or even snacks on the coffee table. The pattern is solid and does not fade, peel or crack after washing. This delicate ceramic trinket dish is packed and shipped in a styrofoam container, making it the ideal gift for special occasions.

8. Oversized Wearable Blanket

It’s safe to say that most of us are always on the lookout for the perfect comfort blanket. Whether it’s a fluffy throw or a soft fleece blanket, there is something comforting about snuggling up with our favorite winter accessory as we preserve body heat and watch TV. But have you heard of THE COMFY Original? This oversized blanket is made from microfiber and sherpa, two of the softest materials in the world. The best part? There’s a plush marsupial pocket on the front where you can store your phone, snacks, and other necessities. The COMFY blanket is perfect for tailgating during football season, camping at music festivals, or binge watching your favorite shows while on the couch.


9. Makeup Bag

When you are planning to buy a gift for your friend’s 70th birthday, choose something personal and meaningful. The makeup bag is an ideal modish gift with numerous uses such as organizing cosmetics, jewelry or cell phones. It is made from soft waterproof fabric so it will not scratch the surface of other items or break easily. This makeup bag comes with everything needed for glamorous days – all wrapped in an easy-to-carry compact container. The bag also features a sleek black zipper with silver puller, and digital printing.

10. Coffee Tumbler

If you’re shopping for someone who is turning 70 and enjoys a hot cup of coffee, then this 16 ounce tumbler made just for them could make the perfect gift. The design is classic and the size is very fitting for someone nearing retirement. It protects their hands from getting burnt in the cold months too. The lid minimizes spilling so they’ll be able to enjoy their drink with less mess than ever before. The premium stainless steel material means it won’t break as easily as glass so they’ll be able to use it year-round regardless of what season we’re in.

11. Photo Album

A person’s 70th birthday is truly something to celebrate! They have reached such an extraordinary milestone in their life, so it’s important to pick up a gift that matches that sentimentality. This very luxurious and robust birthday album has a linen cover, featuring 200 pockets for storing 4 x 6 photos. The book has been traditionally bound, with hard cover which gives this item an even more posh look. It is available in four colors: Black, Olive, Powder Blue and Oat.

12. Hanging Chair

Get ready for a comfortable, warm, and versatile birthday gift with this modern hanging chair! This eye-catching chair features durable and water resistant fabric that will keep you snug without the hassle of worrying about spills or accidents. It’s versatile too; it can be used indoors or outdoors, in the bedroom or the living room – all you need is a ceiling hook and some space to hang it from! Whether you’re craving some peace and quiet or just looking to have a nice time with friends, this hanging chair will suit all your needs-so you’ll never feel bored again.

13. Tablet

It’s never too early to start planning the perfect gift for the special 70-year-old in your life. This Samsung Galaxy Tab A8, with its 10.5 inch high-resolution screen allows you to see texts or pictures in stunning detail. It has a long-lasting battery, a fast charge feature that gets you back on your feet after just a few hours, expandable memory (up to 128 GB), and 32 GB of storage. This tablet is practically perfect in every sense.

14. Tiffany Lamp

This Tiffany Lamp makes a wonderful 70th birthday present for someone who is artistic or loves to decorate their home. The lamp is a handmade, high quality and elegant light source – the perfect choice for any room. It will give off a warm white light that will make any room warmer and cozier. The metal leaf details the lantern and gives it an individual touch.

15. Hourglass

What makes this product a great gift for your 70th birthday celebration? Probably the fact that it’s one of the most reliable tools in someone’s lifetime. In addition to its long history dating back to Ancient Egypt and Greece, the hourglass has been utilized by almost every culture around the world- from China to India- as a way to measure time and uphold tradition. The hourglass is a simple, yet elegant tool that divides time into equal parts. It is an icon for order, duration, and change. Packed with 1.4 pounds of sand which takes about an hour to flow from top to bottom, this is perfect for timing tasks or just relaxing.

16. Face Moisturizer

A birthday is a time to look back and move forward. For many people, turning 70 means taking stock of how they want to spend their life’s last chapters. First, this involves a gentle skin care routine that won’t aggravate dryness or sensitivity. The L’Oreal Paris Moisturizing Day and Night creams have been formulated with key ingredients like Collagen which provides intense hydration, so skin can feel soft and supple all day long without feeling greasy or heavy. Their moisturizers are lightweight but provide deep nourishment for firmer looking skin so they can say goodbye to wrinkles.

17. Slippers

There’s no greater feeling than sinking your feet into cozy slippers at the end of a long day, and we’re sure you know someone who deserves this kind of deep comfort and luxury. If that sounds like the perfect gift for a mature loved one, we’ve found the perfect option for the 70th birthday to make it happen. These Caramella Bubble slippers are filled with 3 layers of memory foam and sponge and covered in a unique breathable cotton fabric that also has waterproofing properties to keep feet warm and dry. They come in 6 colors: pink, white, brown, yellow, gray, light gray.

18. Robot Vacuum

The iRobot Roomba i7 is the perfect 70th birthday gift! It will sweep, scrub, and mop any surface with its premium 3-stage cleaning system. The robot vacuum has a large power-efficient brush that quickly picks up dirt and dust particles from multiple floor surfaces without leaving streaks or clumps. Use your voice to control the Roomba using Amazon Alexa enabled devices for more convenience in everyday life. The Roomba is compatible with most areas of the home including hard floors, carpets, low area rugs, stairways and much more.

19. Electric Toothbrush

So, you want to give your elderly grandparent a birthday present? What better way then an electric toothbrush! Electric toothbrushes are the perfect gift for grandparents who have difficulty cleaning their teeth. As anyone with sensitive gums can tell you, regular toothbrushes can cause a lot of pain. They also require constant manual dexterity to use them properly, which is difficult for individuals who suffer from arthritis or other mobility issues. Electric toothbrushes are operated by battery and rotate around the teeth automatically without any manual effort required on the part of the user; just place it in your mouth and turn it on. The Oral-B Pro 1000 CrossAction Electric Toothbrush is designed to clean teeth and as far back as the gumline. It features bristles angled at 16 degrees, which remove up to 300% more plaque.

20. Smart TV

If you’re looking for the perfect gift to commemorate a milestone year, then our VIZIO 58-Inch V-Series 4K Smart TV may be exactly what you’re seeking. This one of a kind piece has been crafted with the best in cutting edge technology, ensuring that your loved one will never have to run out and buy another TV again. Not only will they be able to enjoy 4K content on this smart TV, but they can also opt for a vibrant soundscape with Dolby Vision HDR, which makes the picture quality even more vivid, improving the contrast and color accuracy.

21. Oven Mitts

Looking for a 70th birthday gift for the baker in your life? This four-piece set of oven mitts and pot holders is made of soft silicone on the outside for a comfortable fit against your hands and cooking pots. They also feature a cotton interior that feels soft to the touch. The mitts have a non-slip grip, making them easy to use. They are also heat-resistant (up to 392 °F). These are the perfect alternative to the usual oven mitts which can get burnt or dirty with use.

22. Shower Curtain

A shower curtain is a practical yet decorative accessory that your friend or loved one will use every day. This thick and durable curtain measures 72″ x 72″ and features 12 strong rust-resistant grommet rings to make hanging it up as easy as possible. It will liven up your loved one’s bathroom, giving it a stylish and personal touch with its eye-catching hummingbird design and floral pattern.

23. Flower Pot

The best gifts for somebody who is turning 70  and loves gardening comes in the form of these lovely 6 inch easy-to-carry pots. Bring a splash of color and light to any room with this modern, simple, minimalist design. Made out of durable plastic that is lightweight and water resistant, you can trust not to rust or chip your precious plants. The drainage hole design helps plant roots thrive while the removable plant saucer keeps them from getting too waterlogged.

24. Tea Set

This exclusive 21-piece Tea Set is perfect as a 70th birthday gift, or any special occasion. It includes everything you need for an elegant tea party or to serve friends and family. The set is made of high quality durable Bone China Porcelain with a delicate pattern in white and gold colors. This set includes one teapot, one creamer and sugar bowl (for those uncaffeinated moments), six saucers, six teacups, and six teaspoons. The tea set is easy to clean which makes it perfect for those who want the best quality but don’t have much time to spare.

25. Coffee Maker

What coffee lover doesn’t need a coffee maker? Compatible with both K-Cup pods and ground coffee, this Keurig K-Duo coffee maker produces a strong and consistent brew. The two different brewing technologies can be used separately or together, giving you the freedom to make just one cup with your favorite beans, or up to twelve cups of perfect flavor. The stoneware exterior is sleek in design for your modern kitchen.

26. Garden Decor

The perfect decoration for a garden, yard, balcony, or anywhere else! It is an owl made of resin with a hand-painted and UV coated body that lights up automatically. Its LED lights work for 8 to 10 hours during daytime before needing new batteries placed inside the body of the owl. This decoration is also waterproof and durable because of the resin used meticulously, making it suitable for outdoor use in any weather condition. The included solar panel charges up the battery inside and it takes around 8 hours to be fully charged.

27. Frying Pan

Today is your loved one’s 70th birthday, and you want to help them celebrate by gifting them something that will make cooking easier and healthier. This CAROTE frying pan is made of die cast, which makes it more sturdy and durable. Its extended bottom design ensures that it heats up quickly and evenly. It’s also eco-friendly thanks to the granite coating and PFOA free. With a Swiss non-stick coating on top, this pan’s easy to clean and will last for years!

28. Embroidery Kit

If you are looking for a happy 70th birthday gift for your Mother, Aunt, Grandma or any other lady in your life who wants to learn how to embroider, this is it! With everything she needs in this kit, learning how to embroider doesn’t get much easier than this. This kit contains: 3 embroidery cloths with a bee picking nectar pattern, 3 plastic hoops (7.8 inch), 6 needles, a needle-threading tool, 3 packs of color threads and English instructions.

29. Multi-Slot Shelf

A 70th birthday is a milestone and deserves the perfect present. This shelf is just the thing to give someone special.  We all treasure our memories from the past, but sometimes it seems impossible to gather them all into one place. This multi-slot shelf takes the hard work out of remembering your loved one’s precious moments by giving them 9 compartments for their memories and is perfect for adding a rustic touch to any room. It’s handmade from high-quality hardwood so it will last for years.

30. Pen Holder

It’s time to surprise your dad, mom, husband or wife with a thoughtful and original 70th birthday gift. We have just the thing: a beautiful pen holder, which doubles as decoration when not in use. It features a durable, eco-friendly and wear resistant material that always looks good, no matter how many pens are crammed in it. It comes with 3 golf pens in different colors for your writing pleasure.

31. Heated Body Pillow

Do you know somebody who’s turning 70 this year? Surprise them with a great gift that they’ll use every night: The Sunbeam heated body pillow. It is composed of polyester and cotton and supports the lower back and hips with its soft filling. It also has three heat settings (low, medium, high) for ultimate comfort. The built-in timer function will turn off your pillow after 10 hours of inactivity, giving you peaceful night’s rest with relief from muscle aches and tension. It is also machine washable so it can stay fresh and clean.

32. Chess Set

If you’re hoping for that unique present for your loved one’s 70th birthday, consider a chess set. What sets it apart from other items? It can be appreciated by anyone of any age, experience level, or background. This handcrafted magnetic chess set is made from high-quality wood. The finely crafted pieces fit in a durable, foldable case that can be stored out of sight when not in use. This chess board also comes with additional queens and kings at no extra cost. The magnetic pieces have a smooth finish that will not scratch the board or its case as they move along. The set is also lightweight so you can carry it anywhere with a lot of ease.

33. Sewing Machine

If you know someone who is getting a little older in age, it might be time to think about the right gift this time. It can be hard to buy a birthday present for someone, but one idea is a sewing machine! This can give them something they never had before and allow them to express themselves in new ways. This SINGER high-speed sewing machine offers high quality stitches in 23 different applications, so there’s nothing stopping them from making any sort of garment or accent piece their heart desires. This machine will be able to handle heavy duty tasks while being easy to use and durable.

34. Book

A book is a timeless gift with the power to enrich all facets of someone’s life — from being sure-fire conversation starters at dinner parties to lifelong companions for reading in bed with tea. Maya Angelou’s 1969 memoir, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, is considered a classic work that changed the landscape of American literature and inspired generations of readers with its raw power. The book tells the tale of her difficult childhood and adolescence. It also deals with her struggles to overcome them, as well as issues such as segregation and racism. It is the first in a seven-part series.

35. Foot Massager

Giving your loved one this present will be a great way to know they’re going to be pampered! The Medcursor Foot Massager is an electric device that has been proven to provide relief from chronic pain due to its gentle rolling, kneading and tapping that provides relief from pain in the feet, legs or back of hips. It has three massage modes and a simple design that will make the experience pleasurable for any age group. It features 3 alternating massage modes and a soothing heat function. The low or high air intensity setting makes it easy for anyone to find a intensity that best suits their needs. The foot massager also has a removable and washable foot cover to clean after each use.

36. Refrigerator

For someone who enjoys a well-chilled beverage now and then, or likes to keep their leftovers fresh, this might be the perfect 70th birthday gift. With plenty of room for all their favorites, they’ll be happy to put this appliance on permanent display in the kitchen. This 4 door refrigerator has plenty of features that will keep them cool throughout the day! It has a dual evaporator system which keeps your food preserved by keeping it cold with its internal cooling system. The refrigerator also has an LED interior lighting that provides bright illumination in dark spots and crisper drawers to help maintain fruit like citrus and berries from ripening before use. It is a must-have for any modern kitchen.

37. Wall Clock

Ever wish you could find that perfect 70th birthday gift? The one that would be a dashing success and excite all of your friends? Well, look no further! At FirsTime & Co.® they have just the thing for you. Their Compass Wall Clock is the ideal present to give the person who has everything during their golden years. The clock has a unique compass motif design on a 24” diameter clock face that is 2” deep. It was carefully crafted using plastic, glass and given an oil rubbed bronze finish. It requires an AA battery to operate.

38. Smartphone

What is the best birthday gift for someone turning 70 years old? We all know that their kids are working and they may be living in an assisted living facility or senior community. They will likely not enjoy receiving another sweater or magazine subscription as a present. Sure, they could use some new clothes and some reading material but these items are not really going to make them feel young anymore. This birthday present idea will make them smile, feel young again and go back in time. We’ve all taken pictures with our phones for years to store memories of our adventures and events. What about taking a group photo that looks as though it was taken in the 1970’s? This could be made possible using the Samsung Galaxy S21+ Plus smartphone. Boasting an 8k video resolution and a 64MP this phone is always armed and ready for anything. It also has 128GB memory storage — enough for a lifetime of memories.

39. Exercise Bike

When it comes to a gift for your loved one’s 70th birthday, the JEEKEE Recumbent Exercise Bike is the perfect choice. It’s an exercise bike designed specifically for seniors and it comes with eight levels of magnetic tension control. With its full range of adjustable positions and easy-to-read LCD display, they can set the perfect feeling to match their needs. Its ergonomic design reduces the strain on their back and neck that can come with a traditional upright bike. The padded seat and backrest offers added comfort while they exercise. This exercise bike can help them stay in shape and reduce the risk of chronic diseases, improve blood circulation and cardiovascular health, maintain muscle tone and strength, burn calories effectively for weight loss. It can provide a comfortable workout experience when using it at home or at work.

40. Microwave

If you have someone turning 70 soon, it’s a perfect time to give them this wonderful retro microwave. It’s stylish and has 9 preset programs (vegetable, pizza, meat, pasta, potato, soup, popcorn, beverage, reheat) that allow for easy operation and efficient cooking. The Eco Mode will save on energy use without affecting the quality of the food. It has a stainless steel housing with interior light and removable glass turntable that facilitates food preparation in every way possible.

41. Bathrobe

If you’re looking for a 70th birthday gift for a man who has everything, take a look at this Alexander Del Rossa bathrobe. This luxurious, 330 GSM flannel fleece robe is soft and durable and is offered in over 20 colors. There are two large pockets in the front for all of his necessities, and the hood will keep him warm and cozy on those cold winter mornings. With its inner tie closures, he will never have to deal with those ties coming undone; the way his robe is tied up can be done securely at the front without fumbling about in the back.

42. Shoes

Is your mom or grandma about to turn 70? Finally let the woman in your life enjoy a day out on the town! Whether she’s traveling, shopping, or just wants to have a little pampering time, these high-quality shoes are sure to please. The Slip-on Design offers more flexibility and cushioning in the sole. The sneakers are lightweight and designed with stretchy material for added comfort. Another benefit of a slip-on shoe is that she can put it on quickly when she doesn’t want to deal with laces. The design of these shoes is rather feminine and practical. They are available in 16 colors.

43. Dishwasher

Are you looking for a gift for someone turning 70 years old? A portable dishwasher may be an excellent choice. This Farberware Countertop Dishwasher comes with a 5-liter water tank and five washing programs: Normal, Rapid, Baby Care, Fruit Wash and Glass. The key features that make this model a stand out choice are its compact design and easy-to-use LED digital controls, as well as its compatibility with pods, liquid or powder detergents.

44. Lawn Mower

If you’re shopping for a 70th birthday gift, you’ll want to check out this Greenworks lawn mower. Made with alloy steel and featuring 7 positions, 19″ durable steel cutting deck, 7″ rear wheels and 10″ front wheels; it’s durable enough to tackle jobs of any size. Included are 2 batteries and charger-ready in the box so they can get started right away. It’s lightweight, easy to maneuver, and produces no harmful emissions, making it safe and healthy to use when cutting grass or cutting brush in the garden. With collapsible handles, it’s easy to put away when not in use. The battery lasts for an hour so, saving time and money with each charge. It also has a rear bagging feature to make clean up less time-consuming.

45. Mattress

What do you get someone who’s known for having everything? For people like your grandparents, and other elderly relatives, we recommend a fabulous new mattress. With its outstanding design, this 60×80 inch queen size mattress will surely surpass their expectations. It is made of 100% Cotton, making it completely breathable and able to absorb the sweat accumulating on the skin. The mattress machine washable which makes it easy to maintain the bedding clean. It comfortably stretches up to 8-21″ deep to accommodate different bed depths. It is available in two colors: white and dark gray.

46. Toaster

If you’re buying your grandparent a gift for their 70th birthday, this multifunctional toaster might be just what they need. This product weighs 5 pounds so it can be easily stored away while not in use or on display. It is made of stainless steel and has a silver color which will make it look good in any kitchen, modern or classic. This product has 6 browning settings and an LCD countdown timer. It also features cancel, defrost and reheat functions! The size of the slots are extra wide so they can easily toast long thick slices of bread or bagels. And the best thing is that it’s easy to clean – no more crumbs in the countertops!

47. Garden Hose

Do you know the perfect 70th birthday gift for an avid gardener who spends most of their time outside? A garden hose! Whether it’s for your own, or someone you love, this versatile piece of equipment is a must-have for any home. Gardens are a great way to grow plants for either personal or commercial use, but a major obstacle is the lack of water necessary to keep them healthy and thriving. A hose is essential for this job, but not just any will do. Having a Flexzilla garden hose is an excellent way to make gardening less of a chore and more of an enjoyable pursuit. The Flexzilla is lightweight and extremely flexible, making it easy to move around in tough-to-reach spots, such as behind bushes or under low hanging tree branches. The design ensures that the hose won’t kink, curl up, or tangle when left out in the sun all day. It’s also leak-free and drinking water safe.

48. Bookrest

Just like a bedtime story helps us wind down after a long day, our new bookrest pillow does just the same for us as night falls. The plush and soft 13-x-13-x-6″ pillow design is made of polyester and fabric resists staining, so you’ll never have to worry about ruining your favorite read. With six colors to choose from, it’s sure to complement any bedroom décor. The built in pockets are perfect for storing books, eBooks or other reading accessories that you need close by but out of the way. It makes a great 70th birthday gift.

49. Jewelry Box

Jewelry boxes are great because they can be put out on display and be admired in all their glory. A customized jewelry box keeps all your priceless memories safe and secure at home so there’s no need to worry about them getting lost or being damaged from any outside forces. This beautiful jewelry box organizer is perfect for any woman’s 70th birthday. It includes double-layer stacking storage and three different compartments so she has extra options on how to store her jewelry. The box is designed with a soft velvet interior that gently protects the jewelry from being tangled or scratched. A metal clasp prevents the lid from being opened too far suddenly, which is good for small children or those with limited mobility.

50. Bread Slicer

This bamboo bread slicer is made of durable wood and it is a creative gift for the 70th birthday. With this slicer, you can slice your bread into perfect pieces easily. A high-quality, sturdy construction with a compact design, this slicer features non-slip pads for stability and rounded edges to eliminate the risk of slicing your hands. With its two slicing settings, you can cut both thick or thin slices of bread. Plus, the adjustable width allows for cutting thin or thick slices of bread. With its dual bread slicing guides made of durable birch plywood that fit any loaf size, and 2 stop boards to keep your hands well away from the cutting blades, you’ll never worry about uneven slices again.