50 Big Sister Gift Ideas that She Won’t Forget

Having a “big sister” means you have an instant friend, protector, and mentor without having to ask for any of those things. From your first day on earth, your big sister is there for you. She shows off her inner knowledge and often annoys the heck out of you with it. Sisters go through a lot together!

But you also know that shopping for her can seem like an impossible task. There are just so many things she might need or want, and it can be difficult to find the perfect gift!

In this post we’re going to take away all the guesswork for you and provide you with 50 different gift ideas for your big sister.

1. Luxury Cotton Blend Big Sister Shirt

This premium t-shirt for girls is perfect for big sisters everywhere. It comes in gray with a black screen print on the front and back. It features a younger sister reading to her older sister the words, “I’m the Big Sister”.

Big sisters are special to their younger siblings because they experience things with them that no one else can understand.

This comfortable t-shirt is made of 52% cotton and 48% polyester. It is the perfect birthday gift for your big sister!

2. BESPMOSP Big Sis Cuff Bangle Bracelet

This pocket-sized piece of luxury will last a lifetime. Your big sister will love this bracelet with its sturdy metal design and glamorous details.

The bracelet stacks high on any wrist and comes in handy when your big sister is looking for the right accessory to make her outfit complete. It’s also durable enough to be worn every day and perfect for special occasions. It also comes in multiple colors; so choose one that accentuates her skin and eyes and that goes well with her favorite outfits.

3. Sterling Silver Pressed Flower Teardrop Earrings

This is a thoughtful gift for a big sister on her birthday — especially if your big sister appreciates beauty and style.

These earrings are beautifully created by inspired artisans with knowledge and expertise. They are the culmination of a design that has taken generations to perfect. These flower teardrop earrings are made to be treasured as jewelry that will last a lifetime.

4. We Never Walk Alone Sister Keychain

Let your big sister know how much you love her with this beautiful vintage-style keychain! It’s a perfect birthday gift to show your sister that she will always have your unconditional love. This keychain is made of solid stainless steel metal and features a pendant that reads “We Never Walk Alone”.

The metal has been polished to a mirror shine. And it comes packaged in a specially designed velvet pouch.

5. 15oz Wine Glass

Get your sister something she’ll cherish. This 15 oz wine glass contains a meaningful message that has been printed using superior ceramic inks.

It’s made from high-quality glass material, which can withstand temperature changes and dings. The durable, dishwasher-safe glass is bubble wrapped.

These glasses are perfect for those post-work drinking parties or for the morning after.

6. MAYICIVO Handcrafted Succulent Pots

Does your sister have a green thumb? No problem! Give her these unique and affordable ceramic pots, handcrafted from the highest quality materials and painted in vibrant colors. They’ll be the perfect addition to any home or office décor.

These pots are made of premium ceramic materials, ensuring their high-quality condition from start to finish. They come with 3 removable bamboo saucers (for easy watering), making them perfect for any succulent enthusiast! Plus, they come in different colors: green, orange, or gray (or mix and match).

This is one birthday gift that’s guaranteed to last forever.

7. Open front Poncho Cape Wrap Shawl

This is a poncho cape wrap shawl in a burgundy red color combination. With so many colors to choose from, this is one of the perfect birthday gifts for your big sister! This wrap offers all the protection and warmth that your big sis needs yet remains light and airy enough to be worn as an outer layer on a balmy spring day. Made from 100% wool material, it is soft, thick, and luxurious. It has original tailoring with a multi-pattern design. This poncho cape shawl will wrap around her torso and keep her warm in cold weather and wind.

8. Ceramic Marble Coffee Mug 14 Oz Pink

This mug is perfect for big sisters! The beautifully designed gift box features a durable box and silk finished interior, making it an ideal accessory for any desk. Whether your sister needs coffee or tea to get through the day, she’ll love this beautiful birthday gift and the thoughtful gesture.

It will be a lasting reminder of your thoughtfulness and a perfect touch to any party or occasion. The mug is microwave and dishwasher safe which makes it easy to enjoy at home or on the go.

9. Nuts (7 Varieties) Roasted & Salted

Nuts are crunchy, salty, filling, healthy snacks. This variety pack contains an assortment of roasted and salted nuts: cashews, almonds, pecans, pistachios, hazelnuts (filberts), and macadamia nuts. Additionally, this birthday gift includes a beautiful and elegant cello bag that gives your gift an added touch of elegance.

10. Spa Luxetique Gift Basket

Your big sister deserves a birthday that is pure indulgence, relaxation, and relaxation. This luxurious spa basket includes all the treatments she needs to enjoy her time away from work.

The bath bomb will help her unwind, while the body lotion will comfort and hydrate both body and soul. The luxurious tote bag makes it easy to carry this spa set around. And the wooden, gold-edged handles make it both practical and stylish.

It’s the perfect spa basket birthday gift for an elder sister.

11. Double-Sided Folding Mirror with Engraving

What is a pretty and practical birthday gift for a big sister who can use some self-love? A circular foldable make-up mirror in the shape of a flower!

Cute and clever, precious and elegant, this wonderful pink mirror will enhance any look. With this mirror, she can apply make-up, check her eyebrows, and fix her hair. It’s handcrafted from premium alloy, so she can wash it with water without diluting its original color. It also features a PVC liner with a plastic handle for more comfort.

The Double-Sided Folding Mirror with Engraving is an exquisite birthday present that your big sister will treasure and appreciate.

12. Elegant Coffee Mug

This is a great gift for a big sister who collects coffee mugs. It is made from strong and durable material, so it is long-lasting and safe to use. It comes in a cute gift box, making it easy for you to wrap.

The design of this 13 ounce coffee mug looks very elegant, especially with its black highlights and golden details. Show her how much you love her by giving her this sturdy and beautiful coffee mug.

13. Sloth Wearable Hooded Blanket

This blanket features an adorable sloth design and is made of high-quality materials for maximum warmth. Plus, it’s packaged beautifully and makes a thoughtful present that lasts all year round.

If your sister has always loved cute animals or just needs a scarf to keep warm in wintertime, this is the perfect gift! This soft and cozy hooded blanket will have her snuggling all day long. It is well-made and warm enough for cool fall evenings or cold winter mornings.

This soft and cozy hooded blanket is sure to please your big sister on her birthday!

14. Mud Pie Initial Canvas Tote Bag

Everyone needs a good quality tote bag for the essentials, and this canvas tote bag is the best choice for a birthday gift. Made from 100% cotton and hand-printed in Portland, Oregon, the Mud Pie Initial Canvas Tote Bag has plenty of room to hold all your big sister’s travel necessities.

Why get her a boring old brown canvas bag when she can have something unique and stylish? The design is based on traditional travel bags. With this bag, she will be able to carry everything she needs; and she will look elegant doing it!

15. 3D Printed Moon Light

The 3D Printed Moon Light is evocative and captivating. Illuminating up to 30 square feet, it is suitable for any bedroom or bathroom.

The nightlight is based on a real NASA moon topographic map. It also includes a dimmable feature that will allow your sister to turn the light off before going to bed.

16. Shiny Crystal Charm Bracelet

Send a beautiful message to your sister with this personalized birthday gift: the Shiny Crystal Charm Bracelet. It comes with a card, a heart extension chain, and beautifully packaged in a unicorn-themed box.

The bracelet includes a number of colorful charms and a silver heart that reads ‘Big Sister’. And she can wear it as an anklet or as a necklace!

17. 3 Pieces Big Sister Accessory Set

Get your big sister a classic accessory that she will appreciate for years to come. This beautiful matching set is great for any big sister. It includes a lovely satin sash, a badge pin, and a flower crown. The silk satin fabric is lightweight, comfortable to wear, and perfect for big sisters of all ages. They come in different colors, so find one that suits her taste and style sense.

When she reads the words ‘Big Sister’ on the beautiful badge (adorned with hearts), she will feel your love!

18. Flower Teapot and Cup Set With Clear Tea Kettle

If your big sister has a craving for some tea, she’ll find these tea sets to be a perfect birthday gift. They’re elegant, beautiful, and high-quality.

The set includes 4 cups and saucers, and a teapot. It is also dishwasher-safe, microwave-safe, and freezer-friendly!

19. Magnetic Mushroom Necklace

The Magnetic Mushroom Necklace is made from high-quality glass and premium stainless steel. Durable, magnetic, and available in a range of colors, this will be a great addition to your sister’s jewelry collection! The chain can also be adjusted — in length — to suit your sister’s neck size and style.

20. Gmamasim Ultra-Soft Blanket

Surprise your big sister on her birthday by giving her a high-quality, luxurious blanket! This blanket is the perfect gift because it can be used in any season.

The Gmamasim Ultra-Soft Blanket is made from ultra-soft micro fleece and is good for summer picnics and beach days. But it is also good for keeping your sister warm and comfortable while she watches tv on the couch or when she sleeps.

21. Tea Cup and Spoon Set

The Tea Cup and Spoon Set is both elegant and practical. Handcrafted and featuring a beautiful rose, the teacup is good for drinking hot or cold beverages. It also comes with a matching spoon (with an intricately crafted butterfly). Your sister will be able to revel in the beautiful images depicted on the spoon and tea cup as she drinks her tea or coffee.

22. Scented Candles Gift Set(4 Scents)

Scented candles are great for setting the right mood. The scent of lavender will help your sister relax and get ready for sleep, while peppermint will rejuvenate her in the morning. So if you’re looking for something to give your sister on her birthday, it is time to get creative!

Lavender has been shown to have antidepressant properties; and peppermint can stimulate blood flow around the brain. Find her favorite scents and give her a set of candles she’ll love.

23. Acrylic Night Light LED Lamp

This acrylic night light is the perfect birthday gift for a big sister who does not want to feel alone in her room at night. It comes in several different colors and sizes. The light board is 5mm thick. The lamp is made of natural wood and has an antique look.

It’s so beautiful, your sister can also use it as a decoration!

24. Leg and Foot Massager with Heat

If you’re on the hunt for a gift for your big sister, you may want to give her this foot and leg massager. Its all-around airbag design makes it perfect for relieving fatigue, pain, and promoting blood circulation. The three-level heating function provides a soothing effect that is especially good for the feet, calves, and thighs. The rubber-coated edges help prevent skin irritation and damage. The airbag compression massager has two extension straps for easy mobility; and she can easily adjust the depth of pressure with a simple one-touch interface.

25. Engraved Quote Inspirational Bracelet

This beautiful and delicate cuff bracelet is engraved with a stunning quote. It is lightweight, comfortable to wear, and made of premium 316L stainless steel that does not tarnish. It will make the perfect gift for your big sister!

It’s composed of polished, oxidation-resistant steel, which ensures it will keep its luster forever. And if she’s fashionista, she will appreciate the elegant design. And it comes in a gift box!

26. Jessica Simpson Women’s Comfy Faux Fur House Slipper

These fur house slippers are just the thing that you need for your sister’s birthday. It has faux fur on the top and it is lined with memory foam for comfort. The sole also has anti-skid to prevent slippage on a wide range of floor materials.

The slippers have been designed for women who have wide feet or bunions, and they are comfortable to wear around the house in wintertime or outdoors in the summer. They also come in several different colors. So if you have a color option that your sister might like better, you can go with it.

27. Scented Candle With A Quote

This is the perfect birthday gift for the woman who has it all! This adorable soy wax scented candle is not only good for the environment, but it will last up to 20 hours with a slower and cleaner burn. This is beneficial when trying to go to sleep.

The sweet fragrance emitted by the candle creates a relaxed atmosphere and can improve sleep quality. It also comes with a quote that says, “Sisters are like stars/You don’t always see them but you know they’re always there”.

28. Women’s Floral Dial Strap Watch

A floral dial watch is a great birthday gift for pretty much anyone! Your big sister will appreciate the girly eye-catching pattern of colorful flowers on this light rose gold-tone textured dial with 3d printed flowers. The Japanese-quartz Movement keeps time accurately, and you’ll be able to see in dim lighting because the mineral crystal lens is incredibly clear.

The Women’s Floral Dial Strap Watch will make a perfect gift for any big sister who wants some fashionable accessories for her personal use or for wearing to work during the day.

29. Rose Gold Bracelet With Engraving

This bracelet is exquisitely made and features the delicate beauty of rose gold with the engraved words: “Always my sister/Forever my friend.” It’s hypoallergenic and has passed Swiss SGS inspection standards. This piece of jewelry is not just a birthday gift but an investment in her future success. The bracelet’s diamond stones have been polished to shine brilliantly. Plus, it comes with a beautifully designed blue jewelry box.


This butter gloss provides a sheer to medium coverage that lasts 8 to 12 hours. It is also completely vegan and non-sticky. It glides on smoothly and won’t interfere with eating or drinking.

The NYX Professional Makeup Butter Gloss provides 100% opacity and makes lips look full, plump, and voluminous. The product is certified by PETA as a cruelty-free brand.

Your sister will love the fact that she can put the gloss on quickly and easily — as it doesn’t require any prep before application.

31. Relaxing Spa Gift Box Basket

What’s a better birthday gift for big sisters than one they can share with their little siblings? This relaxing spa gift box is a perfect choice. It includes everything you need to fill your sister’s special day with soothing relaxation and tranquility. Inside you’ll find an elegant arrangement of top-rated, organic bath salts that release a refreshing scent in the tub. It also comes with a gold insulated tumbler to keep her drinks hot or cold for hours. She’ll love opening this thoughtful and practical birthday present from you.

32. Engraved Stainless Steel Spoon(7inch)

For a sister who has always been there for you, this spoon is the perfect way to say “Thank You.” It has a custom message engraved on one side, and the words “Good Morning Sister” stamped on the other. The stainless steel spoon is 7 inches long and comes in a nice gift box. So celebrate your bond and thank her with this custom engraved spoon!

33. Oversized Microfiber & Sherpa Wearable Blanket

This wearable blanket will deliver warmth, comfort, and love to your big sister when she wakes up in the morning. The patented design of this wearable blanket allows your sister to enjoy her favorite blanket on even the coldest days. This blanket is made out of the softest faux fur on the inside, with a super comfy sherpa-like material on the outside. Ideal for traveling, camping, or just lounging at home on a chilly night, this blanket is a perfect birthday gift for big sisters who want to take their warmth with them wherever they go!

34. Chef’s Vision Wildlife Series Knife Set

This birthday gift will delight your sister’s eyes and also make her life easier. Designed for people who have a passion for cooking, it’s blades are made of high-quality and durable stainless steel. The blades are honed to razor sharpness, enabling your sister to cut through any food item with ease. And it features an ergonomic design,

35. Click N’ Play Purse Toy set

This is a perfect birthday gift for your big sister who loves to play with you. This purse set comes with an assortment of pretend items, including a smartphone, car keys, credit cards, hairbrushes, lipstick, and blush with an applicator. The purse is made from soft fabric and has a zipper closure to keep the items safely inside. What really makes this purse special are all of the accessories that come with it. And as a younger sibling, you know how much fun and exciting role-playing is! This toy set will set her imagination soaring and make her life more fun.

36. High-Quality Make-Up Bag

This makeup bag would be a perfect birthday present to give your big sister. It comes with beautiful and bright colors that will surely catch her attention. The colors are just so bright and vibrant!

The bag is large, providing your sister ample space to store makeup, toiletries, travels kits, and so much more. The High-Quality Make-Up Bag will enable her to pack up her belongings in an organized manner, so she will have no problem finding the item later.

37. Guess Girl Belle 3 Pc Perfume Gift Set

Giving a sweet perfumed gift to your elder sister on her birthday is a great way to say thank you. This scent is definitely one she’ll love because its fresh and 100% natural, The organic lavender essential oil gives it an exciting and refreshing burst of citrus energy that will keep her moving forward all day long; and the wispy hints of fruity floral and vanilla add a softness that’s simply irresistible. The spray vial of this perfume makes it easy for her to apply the scent whenever she wants to feel special and beautiful.

38. Trendy Apparel Shop Vintage 1972 Embroidered Cap

This stylish cotton cap is a perfect birthday gift for any big sister. The gift is especially good for those who have a little brother! It’s fully customizable with embroidery. The buckle closure ensures it stays on securely, while the six panels and ventilation eyelets ensure she stays cool even during the hottest weather.

This cotton cap is 100% embroidered in the USA. With this cute hat, she’ll be out of the sun in no time. Whether she’s playing at the park or just hanging out on a hot day, your gift will make her happy for sure.

39. GUND I’m The Big Sister Teddy

Because your sister loves you so much, she’s going to love this adorable teddy bear as well! This beige plush teddy bear is wearing a removable pink t-shirt that says “I’m The Big Sister”. This represents GUND’s famous quality and construction at its finest. It’s also surface-washable and made from polyester blend material, making it soft enough to snuggle with any time of the day or night! The teddy bear is so cute — your sister will love it!

40. World’s Okayest Sister Sweatshirt

This imported sweatshirt is made from half cotton and half polyester, so it will be warm in the winter and is machine washable. But it’s still lightweight and can be worn on summer mornings or evenings. There is also a pouch pocket on the front of the shirt to hold her phone or wallet while running errands.

She will love how soft the fabric is against her skin. And the front of the sweatshirt says, “World’s Okayest Sister” — which will make her laugh for sure!

41. Fill In the Blank Journal

This journal is guaranteed to be full of memories and love. It comes with stickers in the shapes of hearts, stars, and flowers, so your sister can decorate every page as she fills it out. With this journal, you can show her that you acknowledge and applaud all her accomplishments. It’s an opportunity for you to show your sister how much she matters to you. She won’t be able to stop looking back on all of the words you wrote in the journal throughout the year!

The Fill In the Blank Journal will be an amazing keepsake, filled with memories of your favorite moments with each other and your own messages.

42. Orimami Wood Sunshine Music Box

This music box offers such a soothing sound you will find it hard to put down. It will also evoke many fond memories. The music box is lightweight and easy to carry anywhere; it is perfect for keeping indoors and outdoors. The delicate design will be admired by all her friends and loved ones. And since there are no batteries required, you’ll be able to pass on the gift of song without your sister forgetting her favorite tunes.

Your big sister will simply adore this heartfelt and unforgettable present!

43. Quote Engraved Gold Wood Plaque

This hand-painted, wood plaque comes with an exquisite gift box packaging, which makes it every girl’s favorite. It is also a perfect gift for your beloved big sister on her birthday.

This beautiful and inspirational wood plaque has an easel design and will look perfect on the table or hung on the wall in any room of the house. It can be hung either vertically or horizontally, and it measures 7.4″ L x 7.4″ H x 3/4″.

The engraving on the plaque is flawless. This birthday gift will make your big sister beam with pride for years to come!

44. LIBIHUA Throw Pillow Case Cover

Do you have a big sister who’s ready to embark on the next phase of life? If so, she’ll love this themed pillow cover!

Made with a durable and environment-friendly encrypted linen material, these comfy pillowcases ensure a good night’s sleep for your loved one. The vibrant detail can add a fun touch to any bedroom. And because this case is designed for decorative use and for sleeping, it does not contain any kind of filling or padding. So, she can simply throw it in the washing machine when it gets dirty.

Your sister can also use this colorful accessory to adorn her room!

45. Nordic Runes Ring Dish

Is your sister a gift-giving type person? Then she’s going to love this ring dish.

This dish is a beautiful and elegant birthday gift that will make any big sister feel loved and appreciated. It is made of high-quality glazed ceramic, which is completely slip-resistant. It is also easy to clean. It comes in an exquisite gift box that will enhance the look of any room. More than just beautiful, this dishwasher safe dish will help keep her food warm while adding style to her table setting.

46. 925 Sterling Silver Tree of Life Sister Necklace

This pretty necklace features a tree of life design with a sterling silver chain and a 16-inch (40cm) drop. The pendant and chain are 18K pure white gold-plating, making them extremely durable.

The tree of life pendant is decorated by an elegant, textured bail that looks lovely against any outfit. It’s not too big either, so your big sister won’t get awkward stares from strangers when wearing it to work. This delightful piece of jewelry represents the individual love and appreciation that your big sister deserves.

47. 140 Page Fillable Leather Journal

If your big sister is into self-improvement or mindfulness, then this is a birthday gift she’ll hold close to her heart. Engraved with a set of beautiful words, this notebook is made of the best quality PU leather and has 140 pages that are refillable. It is also durable and long-lasting.

It is equipped with an additional card slot and cellphone slot for her to store the most important cards and her smartphone. This is an elegant and functional gift that she will love!

48. AZORA Magnetic Buckle Casual Bohemian Bracelet

This bracelet is not just a beautiful piece of jewelry, it’s also a celebration of over 30 years in the art of leather jewelry making. This stylish leather wrap bracelet features multiple strands of leather cords. Every piece is made using artisan techniques, and it comes with an adjustable clasp. You don’t have to worry about it being too loose or too tight because this unique bracelet is comfortable and fashionable at the same time. Made from stainless steel, this ultra-light 28g signature bracelet is ready to be treasured by your special big sister on her birthday.

49. REVLON One-Step Volumizer Original 1.0 Hair Dryer and Hot Air Brush

This amazing full-sized professional hairdryer with an airbrush and 3 heat settings meet the US safety standards. It has an oval head design that is detachable, and the nylon pins in the bristles are designed to detangle while drying.

This innovative product makes styling easy without damaging hair in the process. The user-friendly design allows this device to easily fit into any purse or travel bag. The versatile brush head is suitable for any hair type and will not snag or pull your hair.

Your sister will enjoy using this hair dryer and brush — and her hair will look amazing afterwards!

50. Cross Band Soft Plush Cozy House Shoes

Your big sister will absolutely love these comfortable and fashionable slippers. This is a birthday gift that fits her preferences and needs.

These fuzzy slippers are made with durable, quality materials, so she can wear them in the winter months. They have a comfy man-made plush lining that provides cushioning comfort without sacrificing stylish appeal. The open-toe design allows the toes to move around freely while keeping her feet warm and covered at all times.

Your sister is going to feel so comfortable in these slippers!

A Few Final Words

A sister is a huge part of your life, so it’s no wonder that her birthday is one of the most important days of the year. We hope that this list has given you some creative ideas for a big sister’s birthday present and that you find the perfect one (or five!) to celebrate her special day.