31 Fantastic 5 Senses Gift Ideas For Him- Sensory Gifts that he’ll Love (& So Will You)

The holiday shopping season has officially kicked off, and you know that means finding the right gifts for those who are most special to you. If you’re looking for gifts for men, we have a list of five great ideas, any one of which is sure to put a smile on his face.

While there’s no one-size-fits-all gift just like there’s no universal sense of taste, these are all universally desired by men around the world. So go ahead and treat him to something indulgent or practical – he deserves it!

In this blog post, we will provide a list of gift ideas for men that are tastes and aromas. Men’s senses include hearing, sight, taste, smell, and touch. So what does a woman have to do with it? They are the one who provides them with food, shelter, and companionship. Believe it or not, a perfectly chosen set of gifts can help you send your man just the right message.

Best 5 Senses Gift Ideas For Him

1. Wine Glasses

During the holidays, some people like to give presents as a way of sharing their gratitude. For example, a friend might make you an edible cake for your birthday. Others might give you another pair of shoes. But what about those individuals who think a gift isn’t necessary because they’re fortunate enough to have everything they want?

For anyone who’s got this mindset and still wants to find that perfect gift, consider buying wine glasses as five senses gifts for him. They are practical gifts that will be appreciated by most men and make the experience of drinking wine more fulfilling than ever before. They offer him another sensory experience when he drinks his next glass of wine after dinner or during a romantic date night with friends.

2. Flirty Game And Cool Dares Cards

Designer, artist, and craftswoman Artagia creates these unique “flirty talk cards” to help you express your desires with a sweet, sultry voice and flair. Artagia has created each card as a 5 senses gift idea to share with the special man in your life — an anticipation of what’s to come. Each unique card depicts a man in various stages of undress accompanied by his name and corresponding sense. The senses are covered by one sentence that would be appropriate for that particular sense: your lips are soft against mine (mouth), make me forget the outside world (eyes), your kisses are like music (nose), I feel tingly when I’m near you or touch you (chest).

If you would also like to have a wonderful time with your beloved one, use these flirty talk cards and make their day! Check out this great list of romantic cards to pick the best one for both – perfect for you and easy to make yourself. Don’t forget about the 5 senses gift idea for him – it’s a whole process described in detail here.

3. Engraved Crystal Keepsake

A gift that is thoughtful and personal tells the recipient that you know them well enough to find something they will cherish. If you’re looking for a meaningful present for a man in your life, consider sending him an engraved crystal keepsake from Fankeshow as a five senses gift idea for him.

There are many different options to choose from when considering one of these beautiful pieces of glass artwork – from frames to coasters and platters. The perfect personalized touch is adding the recipient’s name, initials, or even their favorite quote on the glass with elegant lettering against the backdrop of this unique swirl design that is embedded throughout all of our products.

4. Sexy Candle

5 senses gift idea for him? This means everything from giving the gift of scent to giving the gift of physical touch. This is a great selection for someone who’s not sure what to get their significant other, who has a lot of hobbies/interests, or who wants something relatively unique.

A light me when you want a BJ candle by Supreme Lights gives someone an intimate experience, while also being unique and thoughtful. It burns the candles themselves in all hours but douses the flame at your command so there are no worries about flames getting out of control! The jar itself is made out of ceramic and changes colors with heat. A very thoughtful gift idea for anyone who likes to express their love and appreciation during Valentine’s day, Christmas, or really any day of the year. Get it now on Amazon.com!

5. OakiWay Sundial Compass With Special Engraved Greeting

The sundial compass is a very special present for people who cherish the outdoors. The compass will measure the morning, noon, and evening shadows of your sundial to tell you which way is north.

The sundial compass also has a special engraved greeting from OakiWay as a gift that provides four senses – taste, touch, sight, and sound. This is a perfect gift for men who not only appreciate good craftsmanship but also enjoy outdoor activities like hiking or fishing.

6. Universal Socket Tools With Power Drill Adapter

This is a gift idea for him from the Trscind universal socket tools with a power drill adapter. It is a practical and helpful tool for all your electrical needs at home, especially if you have old sockets in just the right corners. The tool can be used with a power drill to increase effectiveness. It’s an interesting gift idea that is made in the USA and includes both of these products, making it a great present for any guy out there who works on cars or likes to work on their own projects around the house.

The Trscind universal socket set solves that problem by including an adapter to turn your power drill into a new set of sockets at the push of a button. Now you can instantly make almost any size socket you need in seconds! And if you want to use it as just power drill tools, then simply remove the adapter and change the chuck on your drill bit to whatever size is required.

7. Wooden Pocket Knife

Pocket knives are a perfect small gift for men. Not only are they naturally inexpensive and simple, but they also come in a wide range of styles and designs. They’re perfect to just keep in your pocket or to give as a gift because they can be functional and fit the personality of the man you’re buying them for.

If you are looking for the perfect Christmas present to give somebody, then it might be time to consider giving them a pocket knife. Pocket knives have a number of practical uses, like opening boxes and cutting rope for camping. And because they retain their edge as well as any other sharpened metal tool, pocket knives can also be used for hunting or fishing. So why not buy one now?

8. Engraved Bracelet

Closest to the wrist and always in sight, a bracelet is a perfect gift for a man of distinction. There are so many designs to choose from, it’s hard to know where to begin. Whether you want something that symbolizes the love you share or his favorite activities, this engravable bracelet is just for him. And while this may not seem like anything out of the ordinary at first glance, what makes engraved bracelets such an excellent gift idea is that they can be personalized with any message or date.

One of the most unique types of gifts that you could give to a special someone is an engraved bracelet. The engraving can be made up with any words, such as “I love you”, “You’re my world”, or even “I only want you”. The recipient will always have a reminder of your love as they wear it. They also make great anniversary and birthday presents for those people who are hard to buy!

9.  Eterluck Docking Station Organizer

If you are looking for the perfect gift for your valentine or Christmas this year, why not consider an engraved docking station organizer from Eterluck? This charming piece of home decor can make a great romantic gift idea and we have so many reasons to support that claim.

The first thing that comes to mind when you think about Valentine’s Day or Christmas is love and romance. This year, forget the boxes of chocolates and get your partner something they will treasure forever! A personalized docking station organizer is the perfect gift for him. Not only can it make their life easier, but it will remind them of you every time they plug in their phone or charge their tablet. Plus it enables him to be able to find things in his nightstand drawer, he can never go wrong with a docking station organizer.

This one from Eterluck is made of mahogany wood and has tons of compartments to hold everything he needs throughout the day. It also includes a clock that plugs in and two shelves for magazines and books. So what are you waiting for? Tell him how much you love him by getting him this engraved docking station organizer today!

10. Leather Journal


Ever feel lost for a suitable gift idea? We’ve got the perfect solution: a leather journal. This is a great option for the man in your life, who is always on the go and needs somewhere to keep all his notes, sketches, and thoughts. A leather journal could be their notebook-carrying companion that’s as stylish as it is functional!

The beautiful thing about this gift is that it is personalized. Make sure you know his favorite color, special words, or even initials to turn this into an extra special gift he can treasure forever. The journal looks great on your desk as well! Give him something he won’t forget – and something he’ll look forward to using every day.

11. Whiskey And Wine Decanter Set

When you want to give a man something thoughtful and useful this holiday season, consider gifting him with a whiskey and wine decanter set such as this from The Wine Savant. The decanter is eye-catching and the spirit bottles also come in several different sizes which can accommodate personal preference. All of the bottles are made out of high-quality materials that will last for years on end without breaking or spilling any liquor.

The set includes a genuine crystal decanter for whiskey (which can also be used to store your favorite liqueur) and separate glass decanters that hold five glasses of red or white wine each. Simply pour your chosen liquor into the top of the crystal decanter, place it on its beautiful stand, and voilà! You have the perfect way to display his drink.

12. Bath And Body Men’s Spa Set

You are not alone when you need a break from the hustle and bustle of your daily routine, so do your man. He will love relaxing in his favorite chair with a hot beverage while pampering himself with quality handmade soap, moisturizers, and lotion.

This is the ultimate gift your man needs to treat himself to after a long day at work or even just as an anniversary present. It’s perfect if he loves outdoorsy activities such as hiking or camping because the items are all-natural and come in a simple packaging which makes them easy to pack for him without worrying about spilling anything during transit.

13. Stress Reliever Pillow

For a gift that is not only useful but romantic as well to gift to your loved one, now is the time to consider getting him a shiatsu stress reliever massager pillow. Shiatsu is an ancient Japanese therapy that puts pressure on specific points in your body before it releases endorphins, making you feel calm and relaxed. This sort of healing process doesn’t require any appointments and can be done in less than five minutes! When you lay on this pillow and put it on your shoulders, neck, or back, you immediately feel a soothing relief coming from pressure points in your body. It gently eases away pain caused by stress or tight muscles. This is perfect for people who have given up hope of finding relief and are designed to just suffer through their pain every day. You can get it as a 5 sense romantic gift idea for him if he likes this type of pillow! It’s also great for anyone living with chronic illness or injury since its massager can help encourage healing. What’s more, shiatsu massage folds seamlessly into traditional forms of healing massage like Swedish or full body massage.

14. Happy Nuts Ball Deodorant

If you have a difficult time choosing the perfect gift for your boyfriend, husband, or friend, we’re sure that you want something special and thoughtful. What about giving them a ball of deodorant?

Typically, when someone receives that item as a gift they think it’s so weird and end up not using it. But this deodorant doesn’t just mask odors with scents but actually uses bacteria-killing ingredients to eliminate odors at their source. It’s also hypoallergenic, dermatologist-tested, and clinically safe for sensitive skin. The ball is made of silicone so can be used in the shower without getting mushy or ripped apart. This is a fun and unique gift idea for the romantic in your life. This happy nutball deodorant-to use as a 5 senses romantic gift for him gives all five scents: salty, fruity, spiced, floral, and woodsy. You’ll enjoy smelling him every day after work because this product is as much about health as it is romance. This high-quality cosmetic will help your better scent your favorite memories of you over and over again. A healthy dose of sensuality helps the relationship!

15. Men’s Grooming Beard Kit

Giving a romantic gift to your guy may seem like a daunting task. But don’t worry- with just one click, you can give him the perfect gift for any occasion! Choose from an assortment of fun and thoughtful items for your man to explore his wild side or cuddle up on the couch. And don’t just settle for that ordinary tie from the mall! He’ll love this men’s grooming beard kit from Fulllight in celebration of those sexy five senses we all have.

This gift idea from Fulllight offers the five-sense kit, complete with beard oil, balm, beard bristle brush, razor, wooden comb, scissors, storage bag, soap, shampoo, and electronic beard care PDT document, exquisite gift box, and conditioner. These one-of-a-kind products will pamper his skin and leave him smelling great in style. It comes with five sensual scents that will lead him into passions. This ultimate men’s groom kit is filled with everything he needs to maintain and style his facial hair at home. In addition, this kit focuses on healthy skincare and natural-looking hair growth. With a variety of sizes and styles, there is something for all men in your life!

The Fulllight Men’s Grooming Kit is the ideal way to pamper your man while showing just how much you love him.

16. Portable Massage Gun

The benefits of massage are many, and there is evidence that it can even help control pain. For example, studies have shown that ten sessions of massage therapy can significantly reduce low back pain. According to experts, deep-tissue massage therapy has been found to be more effective than traditional therapies for musculoskeletal pain relief and mental health through such as improving mood and lowering anxiety levels. So buying a new massage tool can be a great gift idea, but it’s also good to remember that there are some old favorites that are perfect for lovers of all ages, and should always be in the cupboard. One of these is the Zyllion deep tissue full body massager. It’s a handheld tool with 7 different modes adding intensity to massage treatments.

The Zyllion electric massage tool comes with five preset settings: pulse therapy; heat therapy; oil massage; vibration therapy; and computerized electrodragoncle. The product is good to use at home, while traveling, as well as in professional settings such as spa or health clubs. For example, it can be used by a masseuse to help guests with muscle soreness and tension relief for pre-massage sessions. It also helps increase blood flow and reduces cramps when measuring the heart rate of pregnant ladies before giving birth.

17. Moonlight Shadow Lamp


Not of the perfect romantic gift idea for your partner? Why not invest in a moonlight shadow lamp? As the name suggests, this unique light casts beautiful shadows on the walls that mimic a moonlit night. With Mamre’s moonlight shadow lamp, you and your man can avoid spending hours researching DIY projects and assembling cheap items from Target or Walmart.

Moonlight shadow lamps are also perfect for people who struggle to get proper sleep. With the lamp’s beautiful shadows dancing around your bedroom, it’s easier than ever to find peace of mind and drift off into dreamland.

18. Men’s Sexy Mesh Briefs

This holiday season, show your man how much you care with sexy briefs that appeal to all of his senses.

So if your goal is to get him a sexy gift, you can always think of giving men’s sexy briefs from Evankin as the perfect present. The company is known for its premium, luxury men’s underwear and these briefs represent some of their best work. Made with stretchy fabric and skin-friendly materials that maximize comfort, these men’s briefs are made to impress any man. And it will not be just one or two people who receive this gift; your loved ones will enjoy these luxurious undergarments too!

19. Bussba Wand Massager

Know someone who loves a good massage? Bussba is a wand massager that pleases all five senses. The luxurious wood handle heats quickly and delivers a heated sensation to your palm, while the lightweight silicone head feels good on any area of your body – even in water. You’ll be surprised how pleasant this form of relaxation can be!

This magical item has the power to help you enjoy an intimate evening. It’s a great way to make your love life more exciting and discreet, while minimizing the effort, time, and money that are usually involved in such endeavors. And because it operates with simple vibrations, there is no skill required.

20. Whiskey Stones Gift Set

A man’s world is full of stressful moments. Whether you’re hunting for a Christmas or birthday gift for your partner, father, brother, uncle, or friend — think about the good times he probably doesn’t get to enjoy enough! If he’s like most guys, you can trust that whiskey would be an excellent choice.

Nesivo brings you the ultimate 5-sense experience with our whiskey stones gift set. This includes a beautifully crafted wooden box with a glass stopper, packs of 25 whiskey stones (1 oz), and 3 premium glasses for enjoying your drink. They come in a set of 5, made from real whiskey to tantalize the senses with its scent and flavor. The set also comes with an assortment of 4 coveted rocks glasses to keep it classy and recharge your drink game. Whiskey stones are an easy and affordable way to chill his drink just the way he likes it. Not only will this gift keep him warm on chilly days but it’ll also show him you care about the little things!

21. Boost His Masculinity With A Sensual Fragrance

Men who are looking to increase their dateability and masculinity can grab a cologne that is masculine, romantic, and worldly by picking up one of the three recently released new scents from Perry Ellis. There’s a Blue Scent that would make any man feel daring, adventurous, and wild at heart. A Black Scent for the man who wants to feel mysterious, seductive, and sensual.

The sensual and romantic fragrance from the very blue men’s collection is a 5 senses romantic gift idea for him to boost his masculinity. This new fragrance has pure notes of grapefruit leaves, green apple leaves, sage, ginger, lavender and bergamot to provide an aromatic sensation that sizzles and curls around you with every breath. So go ahead and spoil him with this scent.

22. Wantdo Men’s Hooded Winter Jacket

Are you in a relationship? Are you wondering what to get your significant other for Valentine’s Day or any other season this year? Consider giving them a gift that will make their heart race, that will keep them warm and safe on cold winter nights, and above all else- something he’ll wear with pleasure.

A great idea might be this “men’s hooded winter jacket from Wantdo” as an extra-special gift for their 5 senses. This jacket is not only practical for those cold winter days and nights, but it also features a sense-stimulating aroma diffuser with four scents instead of just one (lavender and mint). It is styled with an asymmetrical drape design which goes even further to accentuate the wearer’s slim waistline. The braid detailing on the cuffs and collar can be adjusted so it matches your love story with those dark chocolate eyes just right.

23. Bifold Wallet

This tiny wallet is an ingenious gift idea for him that features a slim money clip bifold design and has five senses (smell, touch, sight, taste, sound) on the outside. The Access Denied makes it easy to surprise your loved one with this special treasure. And the cool thing about this gift is that it’s not just an accessory — but also practical, since the sleek and minimal design of this wallet forces him to only have the essentials on hand. He can use it at work, on dates, or at dinner parties with friends.

The slim money clip bifold wallet as 5 senses romantic gift idea for him will surprise your loved one with its unique design and useful functionality. This little wallet is also a perfect “get well soon” or “happy birthday” present as well.

24. Love Bowl

Love bowls are a perfect present for sentimental couples. Made of earth-friendly materials, these bowls come in various colors and shapes to suit any wedding style. Plus, they offer a variety of styles from which to choose! From date nights to anniversaries, love bowls are guaranteed to make your loved ones feel special and remind them how much you care about their pleasure.

Whether you’re looking for ideas on how to surprise him or gift him with something thoughtful, a love bowl is the perfect romantic gift idea!  Nambe’s love bowl is a beautiful and romantic gift for your loved one. This handmade bowl, made from natural materials, is great for any occasion – but it especially works well as an anniversary gift or Valentine’s Day surprise. No matter what you put in the bowl, from champagne to chocolates to fresh fruit, this timeless piece will always make the meal special. Imagine how happy your partner will be when they see this dish at the end of a wonderful evening together! That feeling is worth more than words can say. What’s better than feeling special? Getting another person’s attention on Valentine’s day, Christmas or any other special period.

25. Survival Kit From Titorld

What if you are out of ideas for your partner’s gift? How about a romantic gift idea for him? Here’s the solution for you! Have a look at these new range of survival kits! Each kit is packed with carefully selected items and contains an emergency blanket, compass, fishing hooks and line, whistle, flashlight, safety pins, and adhesive bandages, multi-purpose spoon, fork, flashlight, fire starter, pocket bellow, wire saw, pocket card, bait, paracord bracelet, water bottle clip, waterproof, survival case, and pen. So if you have a special someone who’s always been fascinated with the outdoors, maybe they’ve even talked about getting into it themselves but they just don’t know where to start then gift them this survival kit that embraces all five senses (sight, sound, smell, touch, taste), is extremely romantic,  and helps to create a world where your partner will feel taken care of from head to toe. and you will be happy you did.

26. Gearlight LED Head Lamp

A classic gift for the man in your life is something to make him feel more masculine, like a leather belt or yummy aftershave. And while these gifts are great, it’s always good to give a gift that fulfills some of your partner’s other senses too.

Let’s face it, the lights are not in your head when it comes to romance. Whether you’re dating, married, or living with a significant other who is not interested in the same things as you, finding a romantic gift can be difficult. Finding something that will provide light and heat might seem like a good idea but then there’s the issue of safety–not to mention all those extra cords! Introducing gearlight: an LED headlight that provides both light and heat for heating your hands and feet at night without any cords or worries about safety. The light also has 10 levels of brightness so you can still see just enough at night when walking outdoors. With GearLight LED headlight you get to see, explore, and be seen, it will make nighttime much more comfortable and safe.

27. Universal Socket Stuffer

For a romantic Valentine’s Day, new couple anniversary, or just because of the moment, the universal socket stuffer from Eversee is the perfect gift for your man. This simple but thoughtful gift will show your special guy that you care about his five senses. It plugs into any outlet to charge his favorite phone and devices so he can keep them insight. It also has specially designed spaces for his keys and wallet so he can avoid misplacing necessities when he’s out with you.

Universal socket stuffer from Eversee as a romantic gift idea for his 5 senses for any woman who has ever been disappointed by their man’s lack of imagination when it comes to gifts, the product is an easy solution – choose the universal socket stuffer from Eversee! This handy little item will not just entertain him but also show her that you actually care about what she thinks and feels. The universality of this gadget makes it the perfect present for all his senses – touch, smell, sight, hearing, and taste. It will save space in your cupboards and will make it easier to pull out an appliance or device when needed. You can also use it as a holder and organizer when you want to cook with multiple dishes at the same time on your stovetop.

28. Plush Bathrobe

Here’s a new idea for your next romantic gift. U2skiin robes are the perfect romantic pairing of two things that love, or at least pretend to like, each other: long-sleeve shirts and bathrobes. The robes are for that person who loves to feel and experience life. The sense of touch is the most profound on them, but we are all blessed with eyes that see the beauty and the dreams around us and with ears that hear music in a way nobody else could imagine. The person you want to gift this robe to is someone who loves everything about how you’re feeling at any point in time this golden bathrobe from U2skiin will help them along their day.

The company has designed comfortable, unisex clothing that is durable enough to handle the rough and tumble of a marriage — and still look good doing it. It’s cozy, warm, and will remind you of your loved one every time you put it on. Plus, you’ll look like the coolest person in the world wearing it around town! So whether you’re desperate for some new material for anniversary jokes or want to put in some pre-emptive Christmas shopping, now you know you  can get it now.

29. Daddy’s Naughty Underwear

We all know that the men in our lives have five senses – and now we’ve found the perfect gift idea to show how you care and appreciate your man. Send him a special gift of flirty underwear from Knaughty Knickers, by sending him an email today and saying, “I want to give you something 5-sensual”

A romantic gift doesn’t have to be a grand gesture. It can also be as simple as something that you know will make your man happy. This Valentine’s Day, we’re showing you how to wow his five senses with men’s flirty underwear from Knaughty Knickers! The sense of sight: When you know he loves it when you wear lace, then why not give him a little more lace? Masterfully crafted with high-quality materials and features, these fine underwear are sure to make your partner swoon.

30. Sensual Massage Oil For Intimate Moments

If you’re searching for a gift idea for someone special, look no further than a sensual massage oil. So many people have been enjoying this amazing product as a way to unwind, but it can also be an unforgettable gift. This kit is full of all the best essential oils and blends that are sure to delight. For those who want their personal space taken care of with aromas, aromatherapy is the perfect companion! You’ll have your personal spa experience anytime in the privacy of your own home.

This oil is made from all natural ingredients and it works without any side effects. It offers a great way to give pleasure back to someone who is important to you. So whether you’re looking for something natural or something more exotic, we have the perfect solution. This our bath and body oil blends infused with essential oils that are not only calming and relaxing but also help create romantic moments in which pampering is an important part of self-care.

31. Personalized Keychain

Does it feel like your message’s not getting across? Can your spouse ever tell that you really love them?

If yes, this personalized keychain with “I love you more…The End. I win.” is going to be the perfect 5 senses gift idea for him! Get this customized keychain with a quote from the famous TV show, Friends, from PLwelth as a perfect token of love without saying a word!

The personalized keychain is a romantic gift idea for him that is great for anyone who wants to send the message to their special someone. This sentimental keychain is a great keepsake from your date night or from a date you’ve been on recently. It’s full of meaningful and important moments, great for encouraging your loved one to remember the good times that are shared between the two of you, as well as motivating them to continue working together in future relationships.

Final Thought

Most people will agree: your partner is the most important person in your life. They share their problems with you, give you advice, supporting you through rough times. You are theirs, and they are yours too. Because of this relationship that is unique to each person, they deserve a gift that can be uniquely theirs.

As you can see from these practical examples, there are countless creative things you can create for your loved one’s other senses that won’t break the bank. Try them out and make your loved one feel special! Please comment below on what you thought of the blog post and suggestions for future posts.