39 Boss Day Gift Ideas for Male and Female Bosses That are Hard to Please

Soon it will be Bosses Day in America — who said only employees can celebrate their bosses? Show them some appreciation with any one of these 39 token “thank-yous. ”

From office supplies and home goods to things they “didn’t know they wanted,” this list has it all. And if you’re still feeling stumped, no worries! Buy a gift card or get your boss one of these surefire Bosses Day gift ideas. It’s the perfect present with instructions on how to use it cleverly engraved on the back!

1. Porcelain Coffee Tea Mug With Infuser

For those who have been working hard to maintain the relationships with their boss, sometimes a small gift can go a long way. In addition to showing your appreciation for your boss and the work that they are doing for you, this porcelain coffee tea mug with infuser is also a lovely-looking gift that can be given to them at any time, especially when it is put into one of their coziest places in the office. This is not only practical but great as an office-warming present or stocking stuffer, too!

This 18oz mug features both an infuser lid and an attached handle so you are able to enjoy hot or iced coffee or tea right on the spot.

2. Whiskey Decanter Set For The Fun-Catching Boss

Whiskey is the kind of drink that’s perfect for social gatherings, and a decanter set is always a welcome gift idea. An elegant decanter set can add a lot of class to any home bar, and what better way to thank your boss for the hard work they’ve done this year than with a festive decanter set? So if you’re looking for something thoughtful that will also help them entertain their guests, then look no further than our beautiful whiskey decanters.

These sets are excellent for storing his favorite Scotch whisky or Irish whiskey! Your boss don’t have to worry about spills since these containers come with stoppers.

3. Mentor Appreciation Keychain

You know your boss’s birthday is coming up, and you want to find a thoughtful gift for him or her. We have an idea that’s perfect for any boss – our appreciation keychain! This stainless steel rectangle features the words ‘thank you in a neat font, wrapped with a gold border.

It’s the perfect size to be thrown into a bag and carried around with ease. It also includes some of the most popular phrases used in business settings: ‘thank you,’ ‘going forward,’ and ‘looking forward.’ You can engrave one or all three onto the back of this keychain, complete with their appropriate punctuation marks so they show up properly on the front.

4. Boss’ Journal

It’s hard to think of the boss as a person with a life beyond work sometimes. But in reality, they’re just like you! They might have hobbies, careers, and more! We all know that it’s hard to find gifts for those people in your life who seem to want everything. They’re the hardest people to shop for, but not anymore!

The Adventures of a Boss Journal is an ideal gift idea for the boss who already has everything. This journal is filled with pages and pages of funny prompts from your competent-yet-flawed boss’ point of view. The journal has prompts and space for thoughts and feelings about everything from your boss’ personal life to professional developments or creative endeavors they’ve been working on. To your surprise, your boss will surely like this excellent idea, so buy now!

5. Creative And Fun Socks

It’s not just the talented boss who needs creative socks. A creative gift that anyone would appreciate is creative socks. They’re a funny, memorable gift for your boss or an exciting present for co-workers or clients. They’re a fun gift for the boss that can go in their office or home office.

You can buy them plain knit in your favorite color and pattern, or there are patterns available for free download that you can print out on your printer and cut into fun shapes! There are designs of all types, including ones with cartoons to go with professions like architect and auto mechanic.

6. Best Boss Gets Scented Soy Candles

Your boss is the hardest person on earth to buy for, but you want to get her something thoughtful and useful. At the same time, you don’t want to waste money on a gift that she won’t use or a gift that’ll just clutter up her desk. In all these, bosses need to feel like bosses, so one great gift idea for your female or male boss is a set of scented soy candles.

These soy candles are a perfect gift idea for office gifts and favors because they are eco-friendly and give their customers an unforgettable experience. Plus you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that you are making their day a little more fragrant as well. Who knows what good mood all this will lead to? Your boss might just give you some extra time off!

7. Women Cosmetic Bag To Celebrate Her Leadership Style

If your leader is constantly on the go and loves traveling, giving them a cosmetic bag that can store their everyday essentials should be excellent for them. A cosmetic bag is an essential part of a female boss’ life. Whether she uses it to bring her cosmetics or beauty necessities for herself, or even as a gift for someone else, she needs it. With our selection of cosmetic bag, you can easily be sure that this selection we made for you will suit your style and budget.

When you need to make sure you have what’s needed in the field without being seen at work, again and again, you need our executive cosmetic bags. This bag is perfect for the busy lady who has to make sure they get their beauty regimen done while they are on the go.

8. Unique and Customized Wine Glass

Most bosses have a good sense of humor and are able to appreciate the unordinary gift that unfolds for them on their day. In addition, many bosses love to drink wine, so this present is sure to please. This unique and customized wine glass from Gelid is an excellent option for someone who wants something original as a gift.

The best part about this product is its convenience at just $12.95 you can purchase either one or two glasses in an assortment of designs like “grin” or “white flowers.” You can choose embellishments like 18K gold leafing, or opt for a plain glass with your logo on it.

9. Office Desk Caddy Organizer

The office desk caddy organizer will be a gift idea for your boss. It is one of the best quality desk organizers that help to keep their desktop neat and tidy. When they have an easily accessible caddy, it’s easy to find what they need without having their hands dipped down into a pile of clutter!

This caddy organizer will create an efficient workspace and make it much easier to find all of their papers, keys, phones, etc. What’s more, this practical accessory is sturdy enough for heavy items. The organizer will never lose its shape or sag from being overloaded with weighty books and stationery supplies. Plus it’s a sleek piece of office décor to top off the gift! It’s also stylish so you can take pride in giving this thoughtful and functional gift!

10. Luxury Pen That Shows Intelligence

There are employers who would be happy to receive a pen as a gift, but who has the style to wear and carry luxury things. For this kind of person the Novium Hoverpen is the perfect gift for them.

NOVIUM is a pen company that has been around for nearly 20 years and it is run by only two people. Today, it has become a well-known name in the writing industry and has raised over $1 million in funding from investors. The company believes that their luxury pen should be a gift idea for the female boss who does not want to spend too much money on her work expenses.


The pen comes with three parts: the body, which is made of rose gold plated titanium; the barrel, which is made of stainless steel; and thirdly, the interchangeable ink cartridges that are retractable at both ends. The pen has an automatic refill system, a 0.38mm nib, and it releases ink from the middle of its cap during continuous use.

11. Nutritional Facts Coffee Mug

Someone you work for may be in need of a caffeine pick-me-up or coffee mug to sip on during their morning commute. They might appreciate a jar of fresh coffee beans or their own favorite blend that they can enjoy on the job! Give the boss an extra boost with the sweet and refreshing gift of knowledge in this fun, functional and informative mug. Let’s have coffee together and learn some new things about life in general: its nutritional facts, health benefits, and history!

12. Marble Ceramic Coffee Mug For The Pinky

The perfect gift for a female boss would be a marble ceramic coffee mug. First, she is likely very busy, so the mug will come in handy. Second, this type of mug is trendy and matches many types of décor. Third, it can be personalized with her name or initials to make it even more special!

It’s been scientifically proven that drinking beverages from a mug increase our satisfaction! As well as the temperature and taste of the beverage. So what are you waiting for? Get shopping today with these gifts that guarantee to put a smile on her face. If you want to give the perfect gift for your female boss then a marble ceramic coffee mug like this one here might just do the trick!

13. Voice-Controlled Smart Speaker

A voice-controlled smart speaker is a great idea for the boss as a gift. It makes for an excellent housewarming or Christmas present. You can also buy it here on Amazon and have it delivered to their home! This is a time-saving feature because when the boss doesn’t have to search for their phone, they will be able to control Google Home and other voice-controlled smart speakers much faster.

That being said, they might want to start slow with this new device; basic controls might be all that’s desired at first. But on occasion, there may be occasions when more complex commands are needed.

14. Assorted Potted Plants Décor

Need a creative way to say “thank you”? Send them some plants! Whether they live in an apartment in the city or on a ranch in the suburbs, they’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness.

These assorted plants from Winlyn would make a terrific gift idea for your boss in recognition of her hard work and dedication to the company. Your boss will be thrilled with this! A great gift for the office, housewarming party… or maybe a colleague who’s had a tough week.

15. Decorative Tabletop Homedics’ Fountain For De-Stressing

Forgot to get a holiday gift for your boss? Consider giving them the new Asian inspired Homedics’ “Glow and Relax Water Fountain”, which promises to not only relax but also create a mood-altering environment.

The fountain is designed with soothing features like light, sounds, and water motion which sync to create meditative rhythms that can be personalized by choosing from three different modes: “Harmony”, “Balance”, or “Energize”. In addition, you can choose from two different moods: Nature or Modern. The boss can never be too happy. The fountain is a beautiful decorative centerpiece that also helps alleviate tension and relax the mind, body, and spirit.

This $29.99 gift idea is a definite must-have for home or office décor. Use at work or during their day-to-day activities to bring tranquility into their life! The perfect gift idea for the boss on their desk, this $29.99.

16. Aesthetic Makeup Mirror With Stand

It is not too much to say that the modern woman is appreciates her appearance, and this means that she needs a lot of professional care.

Because of this mirrors are an important item to have around at all times when you’re getting ready for work or for a night out with friends. Simple to use in that it is easy enough to switch between different angles by moving it around so that you can view yourself more clearly in front of it. For women who are looking for something trendy or unique with their gift-giving options; an aesthetic makeup mirror might be just what they want.

17. Under Desk Office Footrest Stool

Under desk office footrest stool is a gift idea for the boss. This is an excellent gift as it has a multitude of uses and will help to make any workspace more comfortable. A desk pad also helps with reducing carpal tunnel syndrome and discomfort associated with sitting at a computer all day.

This nifty product when given to your boss can used as needed throughout the day. It will make their feet feel great while they are sitting at their desk working so they won’t get sore and will also help with circulation during long hours of work. They can keep it in one place on the floor when not being used which is always convenient to give them.

All these features make it a perfect gift idea for your boss no matter what kind of person you’re dealing with.

18. 5 Tier Wall Storage Shelves

If the boss seems like they could use a few more organizational tools in their office, consider putting together this 5-tier wall storage shelves. These shelves are meant to be shared among offices and maybe even used during an employee’s lunch break.

Most companies will love how these shelves can house supplies and save time on filing by allowing access to all materials in one spot. They are also easy to stockpile and there is minimal space taken up by its wooden construction that requires no assembly when it arrives at your office.

Give them this gift idea today!

19. Bold and Brash Painting Wall Poster Décor

A bold and brash painting décor would be an exciting and unusual gift for your boss, the corporate honcho. It’s the sort of item that will really please a person who appreciates a little je ne sais quoi.

Consider this excellent wall poster print with a theme that reflects your boss’s personality or profession. Perhaps they love food, so you could choose Chef Scene with its two-dozen culinary delights depicted as if in an art gallery display.

Or maybe they’re into classic guitar music because they’re old rockers at heart – what I mean is they still like the classics – in which case a naked caricature of Squidward in the center of the piece might make them smile.

20. 3D Galaxy Moon Lamp

This 3D galaxy moon lamp is an amazing gift idea for anyone who has above-average intelligence while also having a friendly personality.

The best thing about this product is that it’s super affordable so everyone will be able to get it without breaking the bank. This product is perfect for any occasion because even if your boss won’t know what they want, this would be an excellent gift!

The 3D galaxy moon lamp is a fun and safe gift idea with some educational knowledge in addition to being something that looks super cool when turned on at parties or get-togethers.

21.  The Boss Lady Keychain


Thank your boss for all they do by giving them this high quality keychain. A keychain is a thoughtful gift idea for the boss lady in your life — or yourself! Even though the words are hand stamped, it’s still a beautiful and economical purchase. Who knows, maybe one day you’ll be the boss and this could be a thank-you gift for you. It’s something to think about.

It’s also a great gift for any occasion. When you’re not feeling up to spending too much on someone, this keychain will do just fine as a thank-you gift. Whether you go to school, work, or visit a friend, this keychain can be used for many different occasions.

22. Premium and Relaxing Spa Gift Box

Imagine handing a beautiful box with a gift tag to your boss who just got promoted. Imagine the surprise on their face when they open it and find all of the goodies they deserve. So if your boss is the type who deserves a relaxing and rejuvenating spa experience then why not consider gifting them a premium spa gift box?

This luxury spa gift box can be purchased online right now and delivered to the recipient’s home, office, or hotel in time. Packaged neatly with upscale products they’ll enjoy using after their facial treatment, on their back and legs, at the end of a stressful day. They come complete with luxurious bath products perfect for pampering themselves after.

 23. Super Chic Sticky Note Cube

Making the office more comfortable is always a win-win, but giving a gift that simultaneously uplifts and makes her feel good? Genius. A great present for your boss would be a sticky note cube with her name on it. This stylish artwork cube made specially to empower ambitious women is full of color-coordinated matte-finished sheets and each sheet can stick to most surfaces which allows for inspirational messages to be written in them to get everyone through their busy day. It’s also fun, practical, and perfect for any kind of desk space–especially one in need of a pop of color!

24. Medical Spa Drafting Stool For Wellness

Show them how much they mean to you with a cool new office chair. When you’re trying to impress your boss in your professional life, sometimes there’s no need for gifts that cost much – consider giving them the gift of relaxation with one of this medical spa drafting stool. This comfortable drafting stool will do the trick! It will instantly make your boss happy with Its adjustable height and just the right amount of recline. You’ll be surprised at how many great reactions this useful gifts get from your office colleagues.

25. Tabletop Globe Décor

Need a gift for your boss? A nifty tabletop globe is a great present that not only looks pretty and interesting enough to put on their desk but will remind them what’s going on around the world. Whether you’re bored at work or simply looking for something to do while avoiding your in-box, give your boss a glass globe that’ll keep them uplifted all day. The globe costs just under $30 and comes in a range of bright colors. It’s the perfect practical gift for any man or woman who likes learning about new places!

26. Picture Frame

A simple, yet elegant option. If you want to give your boss a Boss Day gift idea that reflects your appreciation for their hard work, then you should look into getting them a stained glass picture frame with display easel. This personalized gift is sleek and modern, with a clear back that showcases any picture or gradient. It is a very thoughtful gift, and the beauty of it will be appreciated forever.

You can order the piece with any photo of your choice. This will mean a lot to the boss receiving this gift. The frame itself is made from metal material that has been covered with glass, making it sturdy and resistant to breaking or damage.

This personalized picture frame makes a great addition to any desk or home office space. A boss may love this gift because they can place their photos in an important spot where they will be able to see them throughout the day as they work.

27. A Customized True Boss Mirror

On Bosses Day, send a gift to your women manager’s desk that will make her feel appreciated and adored. Engraved with her favorite phrase, this beautiful makeup mirror will be one of the best gifts she has ever received.

Give her this personal makeup mirror which will gleam with the sentiment “A Truly Great Manager Is Hard to Find, Harder to have & Impossible to forget!” Perfect for any woman who is a manager, supervisor, or team leader.

Personalize it for free with her name- up to 12 letters! Enjoy free shipping to anywhere in the continental US. This mirror will be appreciated for years to come and is a great reminder of you each time she checks herself out! The perfect gift as a thank you gift or appreciation gift without being too over the top or inappropriate!

28. Universal Magnetic Levitation Floating Globe With LED Light

The boss is always a hard sale when it comes to a present. What do they like? What do they need? You simply need to read their personality, something that requires just seconds of research on your part, and then you’ll be set!

With this in mind, give them the gift of a calm, peaceful work environment through a magnetic levitation floating globe. With the universal magnetic levitation floating globe with LED light, they will not only keep their desk clean and organized but also be able to enjoy this calming moment whenever they want. This is an excellent addition to any office space and it’s available in many different styles made out of metal or glass.

29. Positive Energy Chakra Tree Décor

You consider your boss a friend, you know he has been good to you over the years? Besides paying off college tuition and giving you a good raise once in a while, he’s even entrusted you with important assignments. It’s time to show him that he is valued and respected.

A premium crystal tree will let him know that his vision and guidance are appreciated. He’ll feel renewed energy when seeing this beautiful 7 chakra tree. Your boss will be touched by your gesture of goodwill, as well as enjoy its beauty every day of the year. This crystal tree is excellent for personal success with its powerful vibrational frequency of love and light.

30. Elegant Magnetic Marble Clip Holder

If you know a boss who always complains about misplacing their paperclips and binder clips, this could be the perfect gift idea for them. Magnetic marble clip holders are usually made of ceramic, glass, or metal and can be shaped into animals or geometric shapes. This particular one is a fantastic example of the perfect solution that does not take up much space but still has enough strength to hold paper clips!

It keeps them safely stored away from prying eyes where they will not be mingled with paperclips, staples or anything else work-related.

It is very easy to use and eliminates the need for keeping a small container on their desk. It also does not take up much space because it is circular in shape which is perfect for saving room on a cluttered desk top.

31. Alen 75i Air Purifier

When it comes to office gifts, few people know what the boss would actually appreciate. Many people might consider giving him a new desk chair or a clock as a present, but what’s really great about this Alen 75i air purifier is that it can make his home life healthy and less dry.

It’s a thoughtful but practical present. First, it can be a welcome break from the constant cleaning of the workplace; second, it makes people feel good by improving the air quality in their environment; and finally, it will improve their breathing as well! These are all good reasons to invest in an Alen 75i air purifier as a gift idea for your boss. It also includes features like adjustable speed settings and timer functions for when he’s away from his desk. This is the perfect gift for any workaholic!

32. Flash Furniture’s Soft Executive Leather Chair

For hardworking employees and self-made entrepreneurs, the reward can sometimes be tough to come by. But when you want to show appreciation for a job well done, there’s no better way than giving the gift of comfort.

If you’re looking for a present that’ll make any office space feel like home, consider Flash Furniture’s soft executive leather chair as a gift idea for the boss. With padded arms and backrests, accent stitching, and arm pillows to lean on while they take care of business, this chair is both comfortable and professional—the perfect corporate companion. And with upholstery available in two different colors (ranging from black to white), it’ll fit just about any décor scheme with ease.

33. Coffee Mug Warmer

Check out this unique gift idea- the mug warmer. It’s a safe, easy way to make sure your morning brew is piping hot and always ready when you need it. This inexpensive, eco-friendly tool is perfect for any desk space as they come in various sizes and colors that match any décor! It’s quick and simple to use; all you have to do is plug the device into your electrical outlet and thats it. A built-in thermostatically controlled heater keeps your coffee at the perfect temperature.

It’s also a great gift idea for those coffee drinkers (like us!) who struggle to keep their drinks at their desired enough temperature without having to resort to using an oven or stovetop. The little device will help keep their beverages at the perfect temperature all day…

34. Hanging Shelves Set

You want to make a good impression on your boss. Giving them something that is useful and considered an upgrade to their current organization is always a good idea. Hanging shelves are perfect for all different types of work environments, from the office environment or home office where workers need more space to warehouses where multiple employees share one set of shelving and it needs to be collapsible to make room for large objects, or even outside workspace types like recreational area and lawn areas.

Hanging shelves are a great solution for those short on space, or who have large voids that need covering. They can be used to display anything from family pictures to books, and they offer an elegant look that complements any style of décor. With a variety of styles and finishes to choose from, these shelves are perfect for any area, including the casual office decor!

35. Motivational Quotes Ball Pen Set

Every boss appreciates when people want to gift them things. Whether you want to give a Christmas present, or just want to show your appreciation, this motivational quotes ball pen set is the perfect gift idea for the boss. It has different quotes that are very relevant for managers and employees alike. These motivational quotes ball pen sets are perfect for the boss as a gift idea. These pens are made from metal and they come in a unique clear box that can be used to store them also. This set of pens is also great for students looking for an inexpensive gift idea and it would also make a great stocking stuffer or office party favor. This will be an appreciated gift because it is in a decorative box that can be used for other purposes as well.

36. Everlasting Chair Support Pillow

Everybody needs a little help to stand strong. A boss, who’s usually in an office all day long and is on their feet longer than average, can benefit from a comfortable pillow that supports their back and keeps them still active. This EVERLASTING’s chair support pillow is a simple but thoughtful present for the boss in your life that will show how you care about them.

It’s the perfect gift for any occasion! The EVERLASTING’s chair support pillow lets your recipient stay comfortable while they work at their desk or enjoy lunch with their coworkers.

37.  Executive Electric Decision-Maker and Desk Accessory

Think it’s difficult to come up with a work-appropriate gift for your boss today? Believe us, we’ve been there, too. Fortunately, there’s a much easier solution: the gift of knowledge! Put an end to your indecision and purchase the present that will be sure to make your boss happy today.

The Decision Maker is a whimsical paperweight that allows you to make all of life’s important decisions, from what coffee you want in the morning to where you’ll go on your next vacation. The Decision Maker comes with unique sets of cards that will allow you to make key decisions in your personal and work life:Should I have a piece of cake or not? Should I clean my desk or procrastinate?Work on the big fish or small fish?

The Decision Maker works like magic! The decision-making magic is powered by an actual pendulum, so there are no batteries required and no intense skill needed.

38. Novelty Boss Desk Sign

Bosses are bosses for a reason, and that’s because they’re more capable than everybody else. Naturally, this means your boss is deserving of a gift. But not just any old gift – your boss deserves the best! And that’s why we’ve selected this awesome office desk sign that can be given to show any boss at work that you care, and want to keep them happy.

This novelty tabletop sign for bosses will help liven up their day and keep them entertained at work, which would be great as a Christmas or birthday present. This sign could also be used to welcome new employees into an office environment. A present that will brighten up the office and allow them to unwind after spending too much time in front of the computer.

39. Portable Desktop Phone Stand Holder

Cell phone stands make your life so much more convenient by providing a sturdy place for your cell phone to sit.

This tough aluminum stand is a great gift idea for any boss who plans on using their phone during the day because it allows them to easily navigate their work day with one hand without trying to balance it on the side of their desk. It’s also compatible with many smart phones and tablets so it’s a really easy way for them to take advantage of all that modern technology! This portable stand also comes in four fashionable colors: gold, silver, rose, and black!

The best parts of this stand are that it is compact and lightweight which makes it easy to carry around in a laptop bag or purse. It’s also ideal for traveling to work or a conference room where you need to use your cell phone or tablet, desktops at home, or even the kitchen for anyone using their iPad for recipes!

Wrapping it Up

To wrap up, these are some of the best boss day gift ideas for male and female bosses that are hard to please. This is by no means a complete list, but it should help you find something nice for the person in your life who deserves the most thanks.