38 Christmas Gift Ideas For Brother That Will Leave You Feeling Like Santa

Christmas is almost here, and if you’re looking for ideas to give your brother this Christmas season, look no further than this list. I’ll go over the most popular gifts by category so that you can get a head start before Christmas Eve. From electronics to clothes, there’s something in here for everyone. Happy Holidays!

Some of the best Christmas presents require a little bit of thinking outside the box so that your brother has something he will think is truly special. If you’re stuck on ideas and don’t know where to start, just remember that what matters most is how much thought went into it.

1. Hanes Men’s Pullover Sweatshirt

This Christmas, be different and surprise your brother with a shirt from Hanes. Get him something practical to ensure that he looks and feels good. A sweatshirt from Hanes is a perfect choice. This designer brand offers a selection of silk and cotton shirts in personalized designs with extra sizes, color options, and embroidery. If you are looking for the best Christmas gift for your brother, this could be what you are searching for. The fabric of the shirt is thick and sturdy and also lightly padded so it can provide comfortable warmth in any weather conditions. This would make an amazing Christmas present! The garment is not too thin, and not too heavy. The style is classic, which means the wearer has to worry less about how he or she dresses to match. It’s also made of durable material (which means it will last longer than most sweaters) and it’s machine-washable.

2. Kenneth Cole Black Body Spray

Who doesn’t want to get a cool gift for Christmas? There are so many great things out there that you can’t go wrong with any of them! One of those killer gifts is Kenneth Cole’s black body spray. It is the perfect gift for the brother who you love! You can’t go wrong with this timeless fragrance, show your love and give him something really special that he will enjoy using every day. Get it now and amaze your brother, friends, family, and loved ones on the big day!

I know this may sound like an odd gift idea but trust me when I say that it’s super affordable. It also smells absolutely amazing which is always a plus in my book. Plus, who doesn’t love the holidays?!

3. Neovivid’s Engraved Compass

This year, put a smile on your brother’s face with this simple and heartwarming gift! Whether he’s big into sports or into technology, we’ve got you covered.

You can be a hero to your brother this Christmas with just one small gesture—get him a personalized engraved compass from Neovivid. The price-conscious range of personalized gifts is perfect for anyone from the tech guru to the outdoorsman.

A compass is an ideal gift that comes in handy both at home and out of it, making it useful for navigation in all seasons as well as keeping him safe during his travels.

4. Bottle Chiller Sticks

Of all the Christmas gifts you could give your brother, a bottle chiller stick is an unusual and practical choice. It’s perfect for those who like to have a cold drink handy with no need to put it in the fridge.

With these sticks on hand, he can make water as cold as he likes simply by stirring it with one of these sticks for a few minutes. He’ll never have to worry about warm water numbing his tongue again! I’m sure your brother will be thrilled with this unusual but practical Christmas gift.

5. Coin Collection Box

If you have a little brother and want to find an exciting Christmas gift that he will love and appreciate, give him a coin collection in a display box. It’s an idea for all ages. This is an easy Christmas gift for anyone who likes coins, most especially someone who collects them!

Coin collecting is an excellent hobby to share with your son, kid brother, or grandson. Build a coin collection with him as he grows, then start a tradition of giving him the coins for Christmas and his birthday. It’s more than just collecting coins; it teaches about saving, history, and the value of money.

6. Educative Nutritional Facts Flask

Tired of the same old Christmas gifts that never really seem to impress? This year, give him that gift of knowledge with an educational and nutritional Christmas gift!

Your brother deserves a present that is unique and would be remembered. You could give him the ultimate Christmas present by getting him one of these beautiful thermos flasks for his favorite drink for this festive holiday. This particular flask gift is an ideal Christmas present for your brother as it gives him something different from what he already has. It’s the perfect tool for on-the-go hydration, and it will also come in handy when he takes winter holidays out of town.

7. Whiskey Stones

What type of guy has it all? Why you know him well: your older brother. He already has a six-pack and a large paycheck, which means he’s ready for something even better—a whiskey stones Christmas gift! These small chunks of solid soapstone soak up a drink’s temperature, keeping things cold without diluting them as ice does. His whiskey will stay just as smooth and rich as it would be at room temperature, but with all the flavor that chilled drinks lose. Whiskey stones are also perfect for anyone who drinks iced tea or coffee! They won’t give you an upset stomach because they don’t have the same bacteria that creates an acid in your stomach that causes indigestion.

These sets include four stones that fit inside the glass and help maintain the proper temperature for drinking. The design of these stones is particularly appealing because they are both functional and decorative, so your brother will love that you got him a gift that shows he’s in good company!

8. Moccasin Slip-on

A Christmas present for the brother who has everything- but didn’t know it! IZOD men’s two-tone Moccasin slipper is an excellent gift idea with a warm and cozy appeal that will be sure to make him feel loved. They’re leather plimsoll slippers are soft, comfortable and perfect for chilling around the house or walking to get more shopping done during your Black Friday sale.  They make a great holiday present that looks like your brother has already received it – because he totally did!

This special season of his, surprise your brother with this gift idea by making it easy on yourself. You can give the slipper without having to figure out what to pack in the box or how to wrap it. Just fill out the order form today and pair it with your best Christmas sweater for an unforgettable evening of fun!

9. Philips Smart Table Lamp

What better way to surprise your brother than giving him this great portable LED table lamp, which is a high-quality product that is great for his work. It can be used in the living room and on the desk as he works — it has an adjustable light intensity and angle. He will love it!

A Philips portable LED smart table lamp can brighten up his day by eliminating eye strain and keeping him focused on reading or work projects. It is compact and lightweight which makes it easier for travel when he goes on vacation or leaves the country with work! This table lamp is definitely worth your hard-earned money — don’t let anyone talk you out of getting this perfect gift idea.

10. Bath And Body Care For Men

This Christmas, give your brother something he’ll be able to use for years to come — a bath and body spa set! This is a gift that will not only relax him but also make his life easier. These sets aren’t just for girls; they’re perfect for men too. They are made with high-quality ingredients so they’ll last and we have great options that are suited to his skin type too! With this gift, you won’t have to worry about what he wants or needs. The set includes a number of different soaps, moisturizers, and shampoos with a wide variety of scents and textures, meaning you’ll be spoiling him in no time!

This set also comes with everything he needs to have a relaxing day at home – shower gel, Christmas stocking stuffer, 200ml bubble bath, body lotion, face wash, body shower gel, loofah back scrubber, shaving cream and aftershave balm. If your brother is more into lotion bars than soap bars this great smelling set also includes 3 rose lotion bars with shea butter for moisturizing his skin!

11. Massager From MagicMakers

If you want to give your brother a Christmas gift that he will really treasure, look no further than the massager from MagicMakers. This massager is designed specifically to be applied in the back and neck area and it is one of the best ones on the market. A lot of people like this because it can offer many different uses, including helping you to manage pain in these areas. It has been made out of 100% medical grade silicone and high-grade ABS plastic which means it is safe for use with any skin type. It also comes with 6 different interchangeable heads so that you can choose your favorite one depending on what kind of massage or therapy you want them to get.

12. Bluetooth Beanie Hat Headphones For The Techy

If the holidays are stressing you out, fret not — we’ve got just the thing for your brother this Christmas. Allow us to introduce you to the Bluetooth beanie hat headphones!

No longer does your tech-loving sibling need to find a place to stash their phone while they’re at work or out on a jog. They can now wear their phone right on their head, courtesy of this nifty invention. Heck, they don’t even have to take it around with them — it’s accessible from any Bluetooth device in a radius of ten yards. They’re not only perfect for commuting and wearing in the office; they even come with an attached microphone to allow him to speak hands-free, should he need it. They are also compatible with most smartphones, so he’ll never have a reason to go back to wired headphones again.

13. Luxury Scented Candles Set

If you know your brother needs a little help relaxing, take a look at our luxury scented set for men. This includes aromatherapy oils, 12 masculine fragrances, all-natural soy wax one rollerball candle, and one body lotion in the signature Majestic Zen scent, which is an intoxicating blend of cognac, tobacco, and vanilla. The English Lavender scent will make your brother feel fresh and clean all day long even when he’s working hard to earn the money for your family at work. It is a popular scent for sportswear because it neutralizes odors and leaves you feeling refreshed after training or competition. This is a perfect Christmas gift idea for brothers who will be out running around with family all holiday season.

14. Callaway’s Tumbler And Golf Accessories Set

We all want gifts for our family members this holiday season and it can be really hard to find something that you know they will love. You might have thought about buying them a new Apple Watch but think again! This Christmas, get them the Callaway’s golf tumbler and accessories set. They’ll be able to drink and play golf with one simple buy. Plus, they’re a fantastic option if you’re on a tight budget. The tumbler alone costs less than $29 on Amazon which is amazing considering it usually costs way more in retail stores or out of the box at pro shops when people are trying to sell these items separately.

The set includes an insulated stainless steel tumbler with a double-walled construction to keep cold drinks ice cold for hours and hot drinks piping hot. It also includes two premium unbreakable plastic golf tees, a chip ball marker, inbuilt stencil, rubberized cupped tops, and two warbird golf balls – everything your golfer needs on the course.

15. Engraved Pocket Watch

A unique gift idea for that favorite brother is this engraved pocket watch which comes with a keychain from Udaney. This practical and beautiful item will be great for the office, at events, or on other occasions. With the special style of the watch and keychain, it will be perfect to give to someone you care about as a Christmas gift idea. The watch with an engraving can also be customized according to your needs!

Why not buy it for someone you know? There is no doubt that this nifty timepiece with a personalized message from your loved one will make their day! Thanks to its elegant design and lightweight material, in addition to its reliability function, this product is very popular among people.

16. Slim Leather Bifold Wallet


What could be more thoughtful, exciting, and perfect than sending your brother this perfect gift? He will love how it looks and how organized it is. There is no way he would not keep cash, cards, and receipts in his new slim bifold wallet. The leather outside is hard wearing while the inside features extra space for notes or receipts. This can also be sent with a Christmas card that you wrote out for him before this occasion.

17. Hamilton Sandwich Maker

A Hamilton Beach sandwich maker is a great gift idea for the person in your life who has everything. It’s perfect for the person who loves to make delicious sandwiches but also loves to eat them. The Hamilton Beach sandwich maker has a set of three interchangeable stainless steel blades and comes with a basting brush, tartar sauce container, bread hook, and a burger cutter. So many possibilities!

The special thing about this product? It’s from Amazon! This quality device can be found at the Amazon website and it will make you think that Christmas didn’t exist at all. The perfect present for the man (or woman) who needs nothing.

18. RockDove Two-Tone Foam Slippers

Finding a gift for Christmas can be difficult, but sometimes it’s nice to give a little something to someone special. One way to do so is with RockDove men’s original memory foam slip-On slippers. Boasting an orthopedic design and arch support, they are perfect for wear around the house from morning until night. They’re also much easier on the feet than traditional slippers because of their memory foam padding. They come in six different colors and sizes. If your brother needs warmth as well as comfort, these slippers are lightweight and easy to take along in winter weather without bulkiness or weight.

19. Amazon Gift Card

If you’re looking for a gift to commemorate the Christmas season with your brother, a gift card like from Amazon might be the perfect option. Gift cards offer a sense of anticipation and excitement when they’re opened — they provide an opportunity to buy something you choose and not just something someone else chooses for you. Giving an Amazon gift card is also a more affordable option than other gifts that require buying one item at full retail price and another item at discounted retail price to make up the difference in cost. And it’s safer than cash, which can become lost or stolen.

20. Men’s Former Leather Shoes

For the man who has everything, perhaps the most difficult thing to find is a pair of shoes that are comfortable and stylish. If you’re looking for an ideal gift for your loved ones, consider buying this leather shoe from Nunn Bush at Nordstrom. It comes in three different colors and a variety of sizes so they are sure to fit their foot perfectly while still looking crisp and professional. Plus, the number one selling point of these shoes is that they are good quality products you can trust.

In addition, if your man happens to be someone who likes classic style with a twist but needs something that is also casual enough to wear every day, there’s no better option than these former Nunn Bush shoes from Nordstrom.

21. Built-in GPS Fitness Tracker

We all that, sometimes it can be hard to know what to get your sibling for their birthday.
Why not try an innovative and thoughtful present this year? A Fitbit has been the go-to for fitness trackers and activity monitors for the past five years, so why not get that built-in GPS system from Fitbit as an ideal gift for him this Christmas? I’m sure he’ll appreciate the thoughtfulness behind giving him something that could help him keep a better eye on his health!

And as we all know, if you take care of your health then everything else will fall into place (including getting his card games).

22. Stylish Watch

A stylish watch is the perfect gift idea for your brother on Christmas if you are looking for something different yet economical.

Many people are constantly on the hunt for the perfect Christmas gift for their loved ones, and this can be quite difficult at times. However, no matter what type of person you’re shopping for within your social network, there’s one essential item that will never go out of style: a watch! A great watch is a simple yet effective way to express yourself while also giving a present that’ll last long after the holidays have come and gone.

Benyar has come up with a watch that’s perfect for a stylish brother in your life. With its unique design, it’s absolutely sure to get you a thumbs up from him. And if not, you will at least have a beautiful gift to give him on Christmas. The watch is compatible with iOS and Android platforms so he can wear it while out working in the cold as well as when going on vacation!

23. Men’s Tie Set

A tie set is an ideal gift idea for your brother on Christmas, as we know that most men love to wear ties these days. However, the old-fashioned ties that are usually worn nowadays will be out of fashion soon. You should consider buying these stylish ties for your brother and giving him some cues on how to dress up in style with a younger generation of men. A tie set is an ideal present because it can cover all his occasions like graduation, birthday parties, and wedding proposals. A gift such as this will show your appreciation towards the brother that you love on this special day! These ties will come in handy when it’s time for the next family dinner or holiday party.

24. Apple iPad Air 2

Do you know someone who is constantly glued to their computers? I bet you’re thinking of your brother or father. Perhaps they work on word processing all day and love the Apple iPad Air 2, but they don’t have a dedicated computer at home? The iPad Air 2 would make a great Christmas gift for any man on your list who loves efficiency and simplicity. Here are just some of the features designed specifically for this device: The screen is large enough to easily watch a video and read, with high pixel density so your eyes won’t strain when viewing traditional black text on white backgrounds. The battery lasts up to 10 hours, making it perfect for long trips, with fast wireless charging which is enabled out of the box.

25. Bluetooth Sleep Headphones

Since Bluetooth headphones are much more comfortable than wired ones, they’re one of the best gifts that you could give a brother or sister on Christmas day! They’ll give him the freedom to play his favorite tunes without disturbing anyone else in his bedroom. They’re also a great option if he travels often because they pack down easily and take up almost no room in his bag or purse. Plus, they come with an 18-month warranty so you know you’re giving him a quality product that will last. He won’t have to worry about tangling cords and being in pain when your head starts to hurt. Plus, this is a great option for the person on your list who’s always complaining about how much noise their roommate or significant other makes during the night.

26. Bluetooth Tracker

If you have a brother in the family who likes to lose his keys or find it hard to keep track of what he has with him, this product from Tile is a great option.

Many of us live busy lives with hardly any time to spare. This leaves the possibility for some really funny situations, like when we lose our keys, or our kids find them and play with them in public. This can be inconvenient and costly, but fortunately, there are a lot of things that can help us out in case such situations occur again. One product that is both practical and stylish is the Tile Mate Bluetooth tracker.

The Bluetooth tracker is a small box that can be hung on your keychain or easily attached to the items you want to track. Tile Mate helps avoid the hassle and stress of worrying about what happened when you can’t locate your buddy’s items. Tile Mate makes it easier to locate anything, even if you lose it or you’re taking your car somewhere unfamiliar.

27. Old Spice Dynasty Body Wash For Men

Help your brother conquer a new experience this Christmas with a fragrant gift set from Old Spice. This four-piece kit delivers everything he needs to start making the most of his masculine scents. It includes an ocean-fresh shower gel, an invigorating body wash, and two refreshing cologne sprays. The perfect gift for any guy who’d prefer not to sweat too hard!

It’s a masculine, musky scent that your brother is sure to love. You can be assured there will be no misunderstanding or bickering between you two over who gets which bottle of Old Spice body wash this year. In addition to smelling like the manliest man alive, Old Spice deodorant also comes in different varieties such as Hawaiian tropic, wild lavender, and fresh high times eucalyptus citrus. You’ll never have an excuse not to smell good ever again. Plus, it’s affordable and available everywhere! You can’t ask for a better gift idea than that!

28. iBambooMart Cheese Board And Knife

The iBambooMart Cheese Board And Knife is a great gift idea for your brother. This particular product is sure to make a splash at his house this year. The bamboo cheese board and knife are designed with three 4-inch bamboo stick handles that are finished in malleable brown lacquer, giving it a sleek and modern look while the stainless steel blade is clearly visible. This item comes complete with a bamboo cheese board, silicon non-slippery pads feet, slide-out drawer, four stainless steel forks, four stainless steel blades, and an analog recipe book that will teach your brother how to make his own designs, so you won’t leave him in the dark as far as cooking style goes.

29. Whiskey Glasses

A brother is someone who you will fight and argue with, stand up to protect, and share your most intimate feelings. They are a part of you and should be cherished just as much as any other family member. Giving them a genuine gift that’s perfect for their personality is guaranteed to melt their heart even further than it already is. That’s why a gift such as a set of whiskey glasses might just be the thing.

Anyone who drinks whiskey has to have a glass or two in their hand at all times so these glasses would make a great gift. They are also the perfect drinkware item for serving bourbon, scotch, and other liquors! You can find many different sets of these fun glasses in stores if you don’t want to make them yourself, but there’s something special about receiving them as a gift from someone else. Not only are they practical but they’re also thoughtful gifts that create memories that will last forever and always remind him how much you care.

30. Wooden Docking Station

Best friends from childhood, brothers are family in general and at the same time, the unique individuals that make up a family. And since these special people are so close to us, it only makes sense to get them an item that says something about you in a small but meaningful way. One of your best options for a gift is to give him or her a wooden docking station for their music player or laptop computer.

This gift was designed specifically with the male mind in mind. Its sleek, compact size allows it to fit nicely into any man cave or garage; and its simplicity ensures that your brother won’t need a manual on how to use it. It’s small enough to go anywhere and they’ll be able to charge all of their devices. They’ll love having the freedom of not being tied down to one specific time or place to charge. Usually, one family member will use the docking station at a time so it won’t be too crowded in the living room or bedroom. Whether they have already experienced wooden docking stations as gifts or not, they’re sure to be impressed by your thoughtfulness and craftsmanship regardless of whether they use it often or not.

31. Personalized And Inspirational Bracelet

This Christmas, inspire with a personalized and inspirational wristband bracelet for your big brother. The hand-crafted piece of jewelry will be a reminder to him every day that he is loved, by you. A personalized gift like this says “to my brother,” and this one carries the sentiment in its name: “always remember you’re braver than you believe.” It’s an emotional gift that says “you matter.” Wear it as a physical reminder of emotional closeness. Feel better about the holidays knowing that your wrist will always carry what matters most to you.

A stylish and personalized bracelet can be the perfect gift for your brother on Christmas. From trendy, colorful bracelets to elegant metal bracelets to hand-stamped customized bracelets, you’re sure to find the perfect piece that is personalized just for him. And with a custom engraving, he will remember his special bond with you every time he wears his bracelet and sees the touching message engraved there. He will love it!

32. Apple Air Tag

Some people are not too keen on buying gifts for a person they love. They know their loved ones better than anyone, so why bother with a gift when you can just tell them what they really need? For those people, here’s the perfect present: an Apple AirTag! You’ll have someone shinning up in no time on Christmas morning.

This is a wonderful Christmas gift idea that will be enjoyed by everyone, especially someone who has trouble getting out from under the covers on Christmas mornings. It’s been said that it’s never too late to learn something new.

33. Gaming Headsets For Xbox

For Christmas, what do you get for your brother? He’s a gamer and at least one video game headset is an excellent gift idea. There are many benefits to purchasing a headset for him. This type of device is compatible with most consoles, computers, and mobile devices. The headsets look stylish and modern so the recipient will be thrilled. They are definitely popular with gamers, but also with people who like playing music and watching TV. A microphone and volume control could be useful for musicians too! These gifts are perfect for Xbox 360 friends as well! For brothers who enjoy playing sports games, he’ll love these headsets that enable the wearer to hear calls from their coach when they’re getting knocked down during the game. You can also choose between Bluetooth options, which provide excellent sound quality, or corded headphones which will not break or disconnect when in use during extreme gaming sessions.

34. Wall-Mounted Magnetic Bottle Opener

It is time to order a wall-mounted magnetic bottle opener as a gift idea for my brother on Christmas.

These fixtures work by sticking to any metal surface and come in various shapes, sizes, colors, and designs. This is your chance to find the perfect gift for your brother this upcoming Christmas. In addition, many of these products are also available with LED lights that can be set for different brightness levels.

It might seem like an insignificant purchase but if you show up with this it will mean everything!

35. Vintage Motorcycle Bottle Opener

This is a great gift for the biker in your life and the perfect solution! It’s ideal for a quick beer or soda after riding and can be bought as a set of three or individually as stocking stuffers. This vintage motorcycle bottle opener is not only functional but makes an awesome display piece. Chances are, your brother will love it and want to put it on his Christmas list. Plus, if he’s anything like us, he’ll use it every day.

This product is made of quality stainless steel and is a thoughtful gift or addition to any biker’s collection of accessories. It measures 2 inches by 3 inches and features a sturdy design that can open bottles with ease.

36. Onebttl Insulated Travel Mug

This Christmas, the last thing on your list is what to get your brother or sister for Christmas who you know loves coffee. With an insulated travel mug as a gift, there’s no need to worry about his or her favorite hot drink being ruined. Gifting this is great, because brothers like their drinks hot, so this gift would be a lifesaver for them. They will love your thoughtfulness, and they’re still usable after having gone through the dishwasher. You might want to consider getting them an insulated travel mug with their favorite drink on it as well! The person that you’re buying this gift for would not only appreciate your gesture but also show how much you care about him or her. A personalized gift makes things feel more personal, even when it isn’t too expensive or hard to come by.

37. Gold Bond Men’s Essential Powder Spray

Gold Bond men’s essential talc-free body powder is the perfect Christmas gift for brothers, dads, uncles, and other loved ones. The formula is talc-free and contains no drying alcohol. This leaves skin feeling refreshed and never dry. It also contains aloe vera gel to soothe skin that is irritated by shaving or just needs a little extra TLC.

This product would make a great stocking stuffer this holiday season because it can be applied at any time of day or night to absorb perspiration and leave skin feeling soft.

38. Coffee Mug

A coffee mug is a great Christmas gift idea for anyone, but especially for a brother! This simple and personal gift comes with an impressive amount of sentimental value, and it’s easy to keep the tradition going by buying your loved ones a new mug every year. With this cup of joe, he’ll have the perfect mug to drink out of all year round. And as he drinks every morning in your gift-wrapped present – now there’s an idea worth giving as a Christmas gift. Your family will love collecting these mugs as they share sweet holiday memories together. Say goodbye to over-priced glass ornaments and tacky wrapping paper this year — save space in your cozy apartment by giving the gift that keeps on giving!


He’s been through a lot this year and deserves something to show you care.

We’ve given you some great Christmas gift ideas for your brother that we hope will make him feel as loved and special as he is to us. Whether it’s a heartfelt card, a thoughtful present, or an extra kind gesture, there are tons of ways to show him how much we care about him.