39 60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Mom to Let Her Know How Special She is!

Oh man, mom turns 60!

How am I supposed to top last year’s amazing gift — that two-week surprise trip around the world? It was such an incredible experience and the best birthday gift she’s ever gotten! I can’t let her down this year.

Don’t panic — there are still a million options to choose from. We’ve compiled a list of gift ideas for your mom and tried our best to cover all the angles with suggestions for wine lovers, health nuts, fashionistas, and bookworms.

On your mother’s 60th birthday, you want to spend the perfect day with her, doing all the things she loves to do and treating her like a queen. You also want mom to feel loved and appreciated.

And you know what? It’s okay to go with your instinct and choose something that stands out. However, if you need some help narrowing down the possibilities and finding something that will impress her (and make your life easier in the process), here are 40 gift ideas we think mom will love.

1. Shinny At 60 With A Mug

What better gift could you give your mom for her birthday than this stylish and unique mug that is perfect for her birthday? So in preparation for one of the most awesome celebrations ever, we have your gift planned: a ShinnyWis 60 Mug!

This beautiful mug will enable her to enjoy a hot drink on a cold winter day. Compose your own special message, and ShinnyWis will personalize the mug for your mom’s big day. Or you can choose from their pre-made messages, such as “Mom In Her Element” or “A Simple Thank You”:  just click on the picture on their website to customize your selection.

2. Heart Pendant Necklace

You love your mom so much! But how do you show her that she deserves the best on her birthday? How about getting something that you know she loves: jewelry!

The NOUKUN Heart Pendant Necklace is perfect for any mother who is looking for something unique and meaningful.

The Heart Pendant Necklace comes with a birthstone gemstone and an 18″ chain. This necklace is personalized with the message “I love you mom” (available in twenty-four different languages). Wherever you live in the world, your mom will feel loved and appreciated wearing this gorgeous necklace.

3. Chakra Bracelet With a Personalized Card

This lovely birthday card and chakra bracelet are perfect for any mother who follows a spiritual practice. Its beautiful and unique design reflects your love for her. The message card features some of the most common objects associated with spirituality: candles, prayer beads, and incense sticks.

Chakra bracelets are popular gifts for people experiencing anxiety, illness, depression, grief, or stress. They help one feel grounded and centered when life becomes overwhelming and chaotic. They also give the person a sense of strength and represent their commitment to self-discovery and health.

4. FLUZZY Throw Blanket by SevenLUCKY

Do you know what’s the best feeling in the world? Jumping into a warm, snuggly blanket to take a nap or watch your favorite movie! That feeling is just so dreamy, and I bet it would be even better with these throw blankets.

So if your mother or grandma’s 60th birthday is coming up, you know how much she would love a throw blanket, especially one that coordinates with her favorite room. Throw blankets are the perfect gift for anyone who likes to relax and spend time at home.

5. Vekkia Rechargeable 4 LED Neck Reading Light

If you’re looking for a stylish and convenient way to help your mom illuminate her book, newspaper, or late night email, then this is the perfect gift for her. The Vekkia Rechargeable 4 LED Neck Reading Light is a convenient and bright light for those who like to read, study, or use their computer.

With the multiple brightness levels and an oval shape that allows easy reading of books or documents, your mom will be able to do work or read her favorite book at night. It comes with four energy-efficient LED lights and has an auto-leveling feature. It also has a USB recharger! Finally, it’s made from high quality ABS material, so it will last a long time and maintain its form even after many uses.

6. Fabulous 60 With A Wine Tumbler

We know how much women love wine! Wine soothes our souls and helps us relax after a tough day or week of work. It’s the ultimate drink when you want to enjoy your life or forget your troubles. But, have you ever had trouble selecting the perfect wine glass to go with this liquid gold? If so, check out this wine tumbler designed to maintain the optimal serving temperature.

This wine tumbler is a stylish choice for your mom on her birthday. The crystal clear glass allows her to see the color, clarity, and body of the wine with ease. It prevents warm flavors — such as vanilla or oak — from overpowering the flavor profiles of your wine.

And because it’s made of stainless steel, there are no worries about chemicals leaching or staining it, which makes the tumbler an excellent choice for those who want to avoid plastic or other metal options.

7. Never Forget That I Love You Mirror

When it comes to a mirror, the most important thing is that it gives you the exact reflection you want. This is usually achieved through multiple features, such as light and magnification. However, many people actually overlook one of the most basic parts of a mirror: its frame. For this reason, we recommend this stylish and elegant accessory that is perfect for framing your mom’s face in any kind of light or situation.

With this mirror, your mom can perfect her own personal style statement. Made of sterling silver and accented with beautiful white topaz stones, this mirror is both glamorous and functional. It can also be personalized to fit her name and birthday year.

8. Fabulous Sixty Lapis Lazuli Stone Bracelet

Women of all ages love wearing elegant jewelery. Lapis lazuli is considered 1 of the 12 Jewels of the Crown. And since ancient times, the stone has been renown for its beauty and its ability to raise spiritual energy.

This gorgeous piece is for everyday wear or dressing up an outfit. Adorned with this symbol of royalty and wealth, your mom will feel like a queen. The beauty of this gemstone is timeless, and it will look as stunning with her everyday outfit as it does with her formalwear.

9. Foot Massager

If you’re looking for a way for your mom to relax, this foot massage machine is just what she needs! The Cloud Massage Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine offers an invigorating massage of her feet with a soothing heat. Its three-stage kneading and rolling process kneads away tension, while the heat will help to ease her pains.

It is easy to use, very efficient in warming up her feet and keeping them healthy, and it will make a great gift for anyone on your list. Simply plug in the machine and warm up the tension-relief pad with the power button.

10. Not A Day Over Fabulous Scented Candles

I love the smell of a burning candle. They can be used for so many purposes. They are used to create a soothing atmosphere; and they give off the perfect scent at different times of the day. With these candles, your mom can get the relaxation she deserves and desperately needs.

So give your mom these Nowwish lavender scented candles and delight her senses. They smell like expensive champagne and sexy men — evoking romantic memories and setting the mood for more romance. Burning these candles creates a compelling ambiance that is perfect for romantic evenings with mom’s partner or for entertaining guests.

11. Multicolor Rose Tree Lamp From Elnsivo

It’s not often we find a product that is this universally appealing. The Multicolor Rose Tree Lamp from Elnsivo is a unique and innovative design piece that will be perfect for your mom’s home or as an office decoration.

The Multicolor Rose Tree Lamp uses a gentle LED light to project an image of leaves, branches, and flowers onto any surface. The lamp projects an image of a tree with green leaves, pink blossoms, and red roses in full bloom.

It has a red hood with multiple shades of green leaves, and changes color depending on the viewing angle. It also includes three different light settings, so she has plenty to choose from when she needs a bit more ambiance or illumination.

12. Leewe Decorative Jewelry Tray

If you’re looking to spruce up your mom’s space, you’ve come to the right place! The Leewe Decorative Jewelry Tray is a stylish and efficient way to keep her jewelry tidy and organized. This decorative tray is handmade from the highest quality materials and crafted with meticulous attention to detail. The tray’s beautiful pattern will blend seamlessly into her existing décor, making it an easy addition that brings visual symmetry and balance.

13. 60th 3D Butterfly Birthday Card

Welcome to the world of 3D objects, or at least a glimpse into where it may be headed. With the 3D Butterfly Birthday Card, your mom will feel extra special on her birthday. Not only is it delicate and beautiful, but it has a sweet message on the inside that she’s sure to love.

This amazing card features a colorful 3D butterfly, and with just one click of your mouse, you’ll be able to wish her a happy birthday in style.

14. Unique 60th Birthday Plant Pots

This is a well-crafted gift your mom will treasure for years! Sound too good to be true? It’s not. These uniquely kitschy plant pots are the perfect gifts to splash some colors on her special day. Whether you’re looking for birthday gifts or just want to brighten up your own kitchen counter, these pots add a touch of class with every harvest.

Plants provide so many benefits. So why not put some life into your loved one’s house with a beautiful plant? These pots will last a lifetime and can brighten up any space.

15. Wooden Grandma’s Brag Board Picture Frame

Grandmothers are the absolute best, and your grandma deserves a little something special for her sixtieth birthday. This beautifully handcrafted piece is made from eco-friendly, natural wood. It provides ample space to display her favorite family photos and a personal note.

You can compose a personal message to your grandmother on the chalkboard, and even leave your signature. In addition, you can hang photos that capture meaningful memories.

16. I Love My Mom T-Shirt

Some people are born to run, and some people are born to give the best gifts ever. This is the perfect gift for mom on her 60th birthday, whether she’s a runner or just needs a cool t-shirt.

This sleek gift is great for your mom’s milestone birthday because it’s never too late to be young at heart and have fun!T This shirt will remind her that she still has time to chase her unfulfilled dreams.

17. Best Mama Buffalo Comfy Slippers

You don’t need to go to the store this season in search of a new pair of warm slippers for your mom. Instead you can get these buffalo comfy slippers online. They are made out of natural buffalo fur and come with a lifetime warranty!

These buffalo comfy slippers are perfect for chilly winter evenings and early spring mornings because they’ll keep her feet warm regardless of the temperature outside. They’re also perfect for lounging around the house or for road trips.

18. Women’s Ultra Soft Spa Socks

A pair of soft, warm, stretchy, and comfortable women’s socks that are perfect for all seasons. They can be worn year round. They will also help protect her feet from the rough surfaces in her living space or from the cold winter flooring outside. In addition, they’re designed to help blood circulation and muscle recovery.

Women’s Ultra Soft Spa Socks are great for wearing to a spa, poolside, or on vacation. They come in a variety of colors to fit any occasion and are made from cotton and spandex to provide your mother or grandmother with the perfect blend of textures to keep her feet comfortable all night long. She will definitely thank you for these stylish, comfortable socks!

19. Dasein Women Handbag

These days style is a matter of personal choice. But when it comes to your mom making her mark on the fashion world, there are some timeless pieces that can’t be overlooked. One such item is the Dasein Women Handbag. This style originated in Germany, and has been a go-to for celebrities like Taylor Swift and Emma Roberts for decades now.

Dasein Women Handbags are perfect for the woman who values both beauty and practicality. The Dasein black leather tote features a fully-lined interior, with one exterior pocket. This simple design is beautifully accented by the rich brown handles and trim stitching. These bags have a modern yet classic style that will never go out of favor!

20. Boston Creative Customized Spoon

You’re only as good as your tools, and when it comes to food, the best utensils are always custom designed. Don’t settle for an ordinary spoon; instead choose a Boston Creative Spoon customized with your mom’s logo or design. These spoons are made of 100% stainless steel and are polished for a luxurious shine. They also have an ergonomic handle that feels just right in your mom’s hand.

This creative spoon comes in a variety of custom color and size options, so she can create her own personalized spoon with her favorite colors, pictures, or text. The company offers options for flatware printing on spoons as well as custom spoon carving. If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly gift that would make any mother happy, consider giving this unique present!

21. SMIRLY Cheeseboard and Knife Set

Though it may seem like mom has everything, there is always room for another awesome piece of culinary equipment! The SMIRLY Premium Cheeseboard and Knife Set may be just what she needs to complete her kitchenware. She’ll appreciate your creativity and take pride in being able to entertain guests with her new kitchen tools. This would be an amazing set to give the mom who loves cooking quality food.

22. Lovery Vanilla Coconut Bath & Spa Set

Need a cool gift for mom? Look no further. The Lovery Vanilla Coconut Bath & Spa Set will make her feel like the queen of the world.  The set comes with a DVD on relaxation massage and aromatherapy, a tray to keep all her favorite spa items close at hand, and 9 luxurious items, including fragrant lotions, extra-large signature vanilla coconut bath bombs, body scrub, aromatherapy candles, 30 ml jar of coconut oil, luxurious bath towel, and bath salts to bathe in and keep everything smelling good. All the products contain pure vanilla extract to enhance the scent.

What a perfect way to say happy birthday to your mom! This luxury collection of coconut-scented products is something she will cherish and enjoy.

23. Vintage Wine Glass

If your mom loves wine, then she will appreciate this vintage glass that has been around for centuries. Glasses like these are perfect for all sorts of occasions, whether it’s a night with friends or grabbing a drink before dinner with the hubby.

Vintage wine glasses offer unique looks that lend an extra element to any drinking experience. Made with a smaller amount of stemware, this elegant style is ideal for dining in and will have your mom bringing back the spirit of traditional European dining.

24. Cleverfy Aromatherapy Shower Steamers

Some people love the smell of fresh baked cookies. Others might like the smell of roses or lavender. I prefer to fill my home with fresh, clean scents that can be achieved through aromatherapy shower steamers!

This shower steamer is an easy, inexpensive way for you to give your mom a spa-like experience every day without spending a fortune or having to find the time for an actual trip. Give her these clever, aromatic steamers with free e-book in the shape of flat balls. This is no ordinary girly gift or a typical floral arrangement: these beautiful and unique products are the next best thing to a spa day for your mom.

25. Hermosa 3 Piece Outdoor Lifestyle Set

Not all outdoor furniture will last through the years, but the Hermosa outdoor collection by Woodard stands out. Designed to withstand tough environments, this 3 piece set will keep your mom’s deck or patio looking fresh for many seasons to come.

By sprucing up her backyard, poolside, and campsite with the Hermosa 3 Piece Outdoor Lifestyle Set, she will be lounging in style. The set includes an outdoor lounge chair and 2 coordinating side tables, all made of heavy-duty powder-coated aluminum in a sleek black finish. The modular design will allow her to use them separately or together and are sure to enhance her outdoor experience.

26. Facial Sheet Mask By Glam Up

The Facial Sheet Mask will enable your mom to clean and treat her skin quickly and easily. The masks contain natural formulas that work as powerfully as the expensive skin care products, but at a fraction of the price.

Glam Up masks are easy to use. They simultaneously soothe, hydrate, exfoliate, and brighten the skin. The masks will take care of every inch of skin on her face, so she can feel relaxed, rejuvenated, and beautiful on what is the most special day of them all. The masks are preserved in a special packing to ensure that they remain damp and don’t dry out.

27. Vera Wang Princess Spray

There’s a  reason why ladies love Vera Wang. The designer’s delicate and elegant designs, with their soft colors, delicate hems, and fitted shapes — and dresses that seem to hover in mid-air on slender waists — are captivating. But in addition to her exquisite pieces, every woman who knows something about fashion also knows about the Princess Spray.

This is an all-in-one perfume for women, meant to be delicate and yet versatile enough for every occasion. The scent contains a balance of light florals, sparkling citrus, warm musk, and vanilla. It will make your mother feel fresh and feminine, whether she’s going on a date or heading to see her grandkids.

28. Burt’s Bees Gift Set

If you’re looking for a gift that’s all-natural, or if someone on your gift list is the practical type who needs to ease into new-age products due to sensitive skin, then the Burt’s Bees Gift Set is just the thing.

The Burt’s Bees Gift Set includes everything your mom will need in one simple package: beeswax lip balm,  a facial cleansing kit, intense moisture daytime skin tonic, night cream, acne clearing kit shea butter, hand salve, foot cream, cuticle cream, and Res-Q Ointment in gift-box tin. This gift set will leave her feeling fresh and well-cared for. The elegant packaging also makes it an item that she can display on her vanity and use daily.

29. Six Dainty Pearls

When it comes to jewelry, bigger is often thought to mean better. But the opposite is true when you’re searching for a necklace or another accessory that will complement your mom’s dainty frame.

And if you are like me, you love seeing all the pretty rings and bracelets that fast-fashion retailers offer at ridiculously affordable prices. However, I have found that the jewels-for-a-jiffy are not worth it in the long run. They break and sometimes turn your fingers green! Opting for more expensive jewelry might be better in the end.

One type of sturdy ring or bracelet is a pearl necklace or earrings set made of freshwater pearls. These are considered a classic piece and can be worn with anything! They last forever and always look great, no matter what you wear with them. These dainty pearls are made of 6 pearls and are nickel-free and non-active-reactive.

30. Laser-Engraved Keychains

Imagine the look on your mom’s face when she finds out her new keychain is engraved with her initial and house address. With laser engraving, you can create personalized gifts for friends and family that are more meaningful than anything you could find in a store. And it doesn’t stop there! Laser engraving can also be used to personalize other items, such as wine glasses or phone cases.

Engraved keychains are an awesome way to commemorate a special event, celebrate an accomplishment, or just make someone’s day. They’re also perfect for a custom gift that will be remembered for years.

31. Dr. Formulated Probiotics

Does your mother suffer from frequent and debilitating bouts of bloating, constipation, or diarrhea? If so, she is not alone—many Americans do! And why is that? Well, the answer can be as simple as one word: stress.

Stress isn’t always a bad thing and can actually help us in a number of ways: it can make us more alert, keep our immune system strong during challenging times, and even signal that there is danger ahead. But it can also lead to bloating, constipation, and diarrhea.

Formulated with the power of probiotics, Dr. Formulated Probiotics are a natural way to replenish good bacteria and live a healthier life. With all the toxins we face on a daily basis, it’s important to do what we can to maintain that balance in our gut!

32. Birthday Party Bottle Opener

This birthday souvenir will save your mom the trouble of fumbling through a crowded drawer for the ever-elusive bottle opener. The unique shape and number “60” make it easy to find. It also comes with a corkscrew base. And with a simple squeeze of its stem-like handle, even total novices can easily crack open old wine bottles.

33. Party Décor

Mothers have always had the ability to bring cheer and happiness into the hearts of their children through their love, compassion, and understanding. Mom’s 60th birthday gives the family a chance to remember all the good times you’ve had together — often thanks to her presence and kindness.

This 60th birthday decoration kit contains everything you need to make a beautiful centerpiece for mom’s big day! It contains photo props, 76 packs of rose gold party banners, a hanging swirl, foil backdrops, a pennant, a cupcake topper, a birthday sash for gifts, birthday balloons, and plates. You’ll even find a few blooms of her favorite color.

This is the perfect present for any occasion — whether it’s her birthday, Mother’s Day, or just because you’re always thinking about her.

34. Ferrero Rocher Candy

You knew this day would come and now it’s here: your mom is officially 60 years old! It is time to celebrate her with a Ferrero Rocher Hazelnut Chocolate Candy gift that she’ll love all year long. This Ferrero Rocher Fine Hazelnut Milk Chocolate Candy would make an excellent, sweet gift for mom.

It’s got an irresistible hazelnut center with pralines and hazelnuts and is covered in milk chocolate coated in hazelnut crunchy powder. It comes in a delicate box with floral details (a nice touch for moms) that makes this box look as pretty as it tastes. The packaging is also etched with elegant gold writing that says “The Golden Experience.”

 35. Birthday Notebook

Your mom never stops trying new things, always has time for friends and family, and embraces new people and cultures. She even cared for you without complaining on days when she was feeling ill or tired.

She’s a woman who was married to your father by choice, not by circumstance. Now you have a chance to show her how much you appreciate all the sacrifices she’s made for you and the family. With this personalized notebook, you can tell her how much she means to you.

This delightfully traditional gift will remind mom of all the important people in her life that she cares about most.

36. Wall Frame

When it comes to celebrating your mom, creativity should be the least of your concerns. Instead, focus on creating something that she can display proudly in her home. And If you want to give your mother the best gift ever on her big day, you should buy her the Americanflat Wall Frame!

Americanflat offers high-quality photo frames in many different sizes and colors. This wall frame comes with a bag of special screws that make it easy for her to mount the frame on the wall by herself.

37. Makeup Bag

Choosing the right makeup bag is all about accurately assessing your mom’s needs. Will she be carrying this around every day with her, or just to work? Does she like her cosmetics stored in large trays or individually?

A makeup bag can be anything she wants it to be. It can hold all of her cosmetics, or it can hold her perfume and an emergency contact lens case. It doesn’t have to look pretty (although this one does) as long as it does the job.

38. Brandable Element Angel


Some people have an angel on their shoulder to guide them. Others are guided by the stars in the night sky. This beautiful ornament contains a message that suggests angels are both beings and stars: heavenly messengers that remind us that we are not alone in this world — and that death is not the end of our journey.

39. KirGiabo Shawl

If your mom loves to wear shawls, but lives in a warmer climate, then this long and lightweight wrap is just the thing for her. This shawl is made using a combination of merino wool and cashmere fabrics that are hand-linked to form a uniquely stylish design. Beautifully designed and exquisitely crafted from the finest materials, this shawl will elevate yours mom’s wardrobe and make her feel special every day.


Wishing mom a happy 60th birthday can seem like a daunting task. That is, until you realize that this milestone party is an opportunity to show your mother the love and respect she deserves.

Set her up with one of these thoughtful gifts from our list. You’ll be showing your mom how much you appreciate all she does for you. And your gift will serve as a constant reminder of how much she means to you! Happy Birthday Mommy!