35 Fantastic 35th Birthday Gift Ideas for the Guy Who is Still Young at Heart!

Becoming a man comes with many responsibilities. It also makes him all the more deserving of an awesome birthday celebration. Gift-giving can be tough at the best of times, but when it comes to buying a 35th birthday gift for a guy it can seem impossible. What do they want? What do they need? How much should you spend? And what the heck are their favorite colors anyway?

It may seem like it’s hard to find the perfect gift for your husband, boyfriend, or bestie on his birthday. He is so hard to buy for! But those are the words of a woman with too much time on her hands. As long as you keep your focus on what he truly wants and needs, you should be able to find him a gift that makes him happy.

Our list of 35 birthday gift ideas for his 35th Birthday contains gifts that are creative and practical. You can use it to find a gift that suits his personality and stage of life. We hope this list will make your search for a present easier!

1. Vintage Whiskey Glass That Shows You Care

If you’re looking for a gift for the whiskey connoisseur in your life, you can’t go wrong with this gorgeous, hand-blown glass. This 11-ounce whiskey glass is the perfect size for serving whiskeys neat, on the rocks, or with a little water.

This glass is perfect for any occasion and will make any drink look much nicer. Its versatility makes it a fantastic gift to give friends with different tastes in drinkware — as well as your husband, brother, boyfriend, or even yourself! It also features a laser-etched design of stars and stripes that will stand out and get noticed with every use.

2. Personalized Wooden Bobo Bird Watch

It’s his 35th birthday, and you’re looking for something that’s truly special. BOBO BIRD has a perfect idea: a personalized wooden watch for him! When he sees this unique, handmade watch on his wrist, it’ll be a gift he cherishes for years to come.

This stylish timepiece has many features that will make it easy for him to tell the time at a glance and keep track of the date and the day of the week. In addition to being a work of art in its own right, this personalized watch comes engraved with your guy’s name and birthdate. You can also include special quotes or inspirational messages.

3.The Adventurous Him

There is no greater feeling than the adventure of camping outdoors. It is one of life’s most rewarding and satisfying experiences. Give this Boxzie Man box gift set to someone you love to spend time with outdoors.

It comes with a ferro rod, a  tinder rope, an insulated mug with lid, a rambo knife with sheath, all-natural soap, a charcoal cedar and sandalwood candle, and more! Every item is designed for camping! This is a gift set that will definitely come in handy on any adventure.

4. Toss In This Engraved Whisker Glass Set For His Birthday

Nothing says “Happy Birthday!” like a handsome piece of personalized glassware. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or somebody special, these custom engraved whiskey glasses will make an unforgettable gift.

The personalized whiskey set makes an amazing birthday present that will make his day extra special. This is not only a great gift for your husband, but also for your brother, boyfriend, or just about any other male relative you would like to give it to. These glasses are engraved with each person’s name as well as a sweet sentiment to go along with it. You can also add a date or personal message on each piece if desired.

5. Must-Have Laptop Backpack

The world is digital, so why not give him this laptop backpack? He may use it for school or business — or just to car his laptop down to the local coffeeshop. It’s also a good choice if he works on a laptop, tablet, and phone all the time because it has room for all of them.

With a built-in USB charging port outside and a built-in charging cable inside, this USB backpack offers him a more convenient way to charge his phone while walking. So whether you’re giving it your bestie, your brother, or your spouse, he’s going to love it!

6. Creative Multi-Tool Set Pen

Every now and then, you need to surprise your husband, boyfriend, brother, or your bestie with a gift that will make them say “wowza.” What do you get for the person who has everything? You’re not sure, but we’ve got something that should keep them occupied!

If you are searching for a special birthday gift for your husband, father, boyfriend or that bestie, then don’t forget about this intelligent gift idea! This set is designed to help your man keep his room organized. Don’t let clutter in your house ruin your happy home life. Organize your man’s closet with the Multi-Tool Pen.

7. Thoughtfulness In A Pair of Socks

Let him feel cozy and loved on his 35th birthday with a special gift that says “You matter to me”. Maybe he’s been feeling down lately or moaning about being worn out because of work, then these bamboo dress socks are the perfect idea for his birthday. They’re not too expensive, but they’ll still be something he can put on and wear every day without having to worry about them not fitting well enough or getting lost.

These socks are made from a blend of 70% bamboo rayon and 30% cotton for comfort and breathability. This makes them perfect for those hot summer days. He’ll be able to wear these socks at work or when he goes out with friends, and he’ll look great doing it. He’ll be the coolest guy out there when he walks around in these socks, making him feel like a million bucks on his birthday.

8. Global 4-In-One Decanter Set

It’s a big day, so don’t forget to take a moment to celebrate your bestie with something truly special. The whiskey decanter set is the perfect gift for your best friend, husband, father, brother, or lover. With this set, he can enjoy the finer things in life and also decorate the home.

Whether you’re giving them a whiskey decanter set as a present or as an early surprise for this coming birthday, there’s really no excuse for them not to be stoked about what is sure to be an unforgettable experience. Believe us when we say that a whiskey decanter set with some great glasses will blow their mind. This gift is practically unbeatable and you’ll be their favorite person for getting it for them.

9. Wireless Beanie Hat Headphone for the Techie

If you’re buying a gift for a guy who loves technology and looking cool, then consider this beanie hat headphone!

The Wireless Beanie Hat Headphone for the Techie can be used as a stocking stuffer or a birthday present. This is the perfect gift if your man enjoys listening to music while out and about. There is no need to worry about charging or cable tangles with these headphones, which come in a variety of colors and designs.

This fashionable beanie is made out of soft wool. And no one will even know he is listening to music on an iPod!

10. Feeling Awesome During His Massage Sessions

A personal masseur is a great gift for almost any occasion, but they can be expensive. This portable massage device is reasonably priced and has all the functions available on more expensive devices.

Using this lightweight device — and some massage oil — he’ll be able to treat his aches and relieve his stress. It’s also compact, enabling him to take it on trips or even to work.

This device is simple and easy to use with three speeds that can be adjusted for his personal preference and comfort level. The AERLANG Massage Gun has an ergonomic design that will fit comfortably into his hand and fold up neatly. It also has an automatic shut-off switch — so he can save the battery life when he’s not using it.

11. All-Tasty Chocolate that Will Make Him Go Gaga

A number of our favorite things happen when we turn 35. Just ask any of the folks in your office who have had an overwhelmingly positive response to their 35th birthday celebrations. But what about when you’re looking for something that’s not a gift card from Nordstrom, tickets to a Dave Matthews concert, or a coupon for free massages? Say hello to Barnett’s gourmet chocolate biscotti cookies gift basket – for his 35th Birthday!

This is one of the most original and delicious gifts for your friend and family on their big day. Made fresh by master baker Harold Barnett in Tacoma, Washington, these cookies are sure to be a hit with anyone on your list.

12. Show Off His Taste With This TAVOTO Tie Set

Whether you’re buying a present for your husband, son, boyfriend, or bestie, this TAVOTO tie set is sure to put a smile on his face and spruce up his suit! The sleek-feeling set includes 4 handsome ties and 4 cufflinks. It’s made from 100% silk with a wax finish that prevents wrinkles and stains. The ties are easy to maintain too — just send them to the dry cleaners when they need to be freshened up! Whether you’re looking for the latest fashion or the perfect gift idea, this tie set is a surefire winner.

13. Illuminate His Way

Sometimes it’s difficult to find the perfect present for someone who means the world to us. What if we could make their life more enjoyable by giving them something that’s completely self-indulgent? If you want to make them feel like they’re 18 again, consider giving them this scented Makandle candles gift box! The candles in this set emit sultry aromas that will bring a smile to their face.

Mankandle candles offer the perfect blend of nostalgia and modern technology. They don’t pollute the air because they burn clean soy wax. They also come in several difference fragrances, including black pepper and lavender.

14. Wallet

His birthday is coming soon and he needs a new wallet. But what kind of wallet should you get him?

Why not wow him by getting him a wallet that suits his style? He’ll be pleasantly surprised when he opens his present and finds an elegant, minimalistic wallet — along with a gift card that he can use for whatever he wants.

Your thoughtful gift will also impress him with its simplicity. The RUNBOX minimalist slim wallet is sleek enough to fit in the pocket of any trousers or jeans. Its size also makes it perfect for placing inside his bag or backpack.

15. Surprise Him With A Beard Care Kit From XIKEZAN

Every guy deserves to be pampered on his special day, and what better way to do that than with a thoughtful gift from XIKEZAN? If you want to be the best girlfriend in the world (if only for a day), then get him this epic beard grooming kit!

You know you love his beard: it makes him look dignified, strong, and sexy! But sometimes he lets it go (for days) — and it gets bushy and wild looking. It also scratches your face when you kiss him. With this beard care kit, he can trim his beard and keep it under control (and less prickly).

The Beard Kit from XIKEZAN will make him look better and also save you from getting scratched when you kiss his adorable face! 

16. Massager

You want your man to keep his body healthy and fit! But it’s hard for him to find the time to exercise and stretch properly. And now that he’s getting older, he’s complaining more about having a sore back and neck. Fortunately, the Shiatsu Massager can help relieve some of his pain.

The Shiatsu Massager combines modern technology with traditional Japanese healing practices. It uses short, gentle pulses to stimulate blood circulation, relax muscles, reduce stress levels, and improve sleep quality.

This machine is so effective because it imitates the natural shiatsu hand technique that physical therapists use to treat patients. After using this massager, he will thank you for helping him remove his pain and feel more relaxed.

17. Performance Tech-Fit Shorts

What’s the most important part of your man’s golfing attire? The club, the ball, or maybe a water or soda can? Wrong! If he wants to up his game and play like a pro, then he needs these performance shorts.

Not everyone thinks this way. After all, how much of an impact can a pair of shorts really have on his game? The performance shorts by Amazon Essentials will enable him to move more freely; and with this new flexibility and comfort, just watch as he cuts strokes off his golf score.

These versatile shorts have an elastic waistband and an internal drawcord at the waistline; they also have a hidden pocket to securely hold his phone or keys. The performance shorts have been designed with performance in mind and will enable him to change outfits quickly — without having to hassle with multiple buttons or a zipper.

These shorts are lightweight and soft. And they are made of a moisture-wicking fabric that feels great on the skin.

18. Hamilton Beach Dual Sandwich Maker

Everyone deserves a Hamilton Beach Dual Sandwich Maker. He’ll love how quick and easy it is to make turkey and cheese — or ham and cheddar — sandwiches.

Your man will be the envy of his friends with this Hamilton Beach Dual Sandwich Maker. He’ll enjoy being able to prepare 2 sandwiches at once; and he doesn’t have to worry about cleaning up because it comes with a drip tray. It is fast, convenient, and easy to use.

It also has an automatic timer that can be programmed to make sandwiches on a set schedule. The panel offers easy-to-read settings for making a variety of sandwiches — from bacon and egg, to ham or turkey, and even a dessert sandwich with cherry pie filling!

Your loved one will love seeing his favorite breakfast sandwich come to life with this dual sandwich maker.

19. Led Flashlight Gloves

Most of us know how frustrating it can be when you forget your flashlight in the car or it dies while you’re exploring a dark, cave-like area. Mylivell LED Flashlight Gloves are the solution to this problem. If your man is an outdoors enthusiast, then these advanced LED flashlights are the perfect way to keep his hands free while lighting his path.

Whether he’s changing a tire at night, or walking home on a dark street, these gloves will provide him with the light he needs. The battery pack is removable, and the gloves fit comfortably under long sleeves.

They feature a 100% waterproof membrane that seals out water and snow. And they are easy to clean with soap and water.

20. Hanes Men’s Long-Sleeve Shirt

No matter what activity your man is up to, it’s always important for him to stay comfortable and move freely. The Hanes Men’s Long Sleeve Shirt is ideal for those who like to be prepared for whatever life throws their way.

It features a tag-less design and flat seams that won’t chafe or irritate his skin. The sleeves are long and provide a full range of motion for any task he might need to complete. It also has a non-chafe collar and shoulder pads.

21. Sketchers Evolution Shoe

If you’re looking to give your significant-half, bestie, or boyfriend a sneaker that is lightweight, durable, and comfortable, then the Skechers Men’s Go Walk Evolution ultra-impeccable sneaker might be the gift for him! This shoe features an innovative, high-performance design and a collection of features that offer the added assurance of foot protection.

This shoe is designed to deliver the proper support needed to relieve and prevent stress on his feet while walking and delivering superior comfort. Made with a flexible midsole, superior traction, and a lightweight design, this sneaker will provide him with unmatched stability during exercise or casual wear.

22. Tiger Eye Bracelet

Is your guy crazy about bracelets? He can never have too many around! Haskere brand bracelets will give him that sparkly look that will turn heads and make him feel fabulous! This Haskera Tiger Eye stone bracelet is a popular piece of jewelry and a symbol of good luck and protection.

The beautiful bracelet is made using genuine tiger eye stones that have been polished to create an impressive, bright stone. It also features a display stand, so he can show off his bracelet when not wearing it.

If he desires something distinct and original, then he’ll love the Haskera Tiger Eye Stone Bracelet. It’s the perfect accessory for any day and any attire.

23. Shower Gift Set That Tells Him His Skin Matters

Who doesn’t like getting a goodie bag? This one will make your man feel loved, appreciated, and respected. It is time to up the ante with this gift set for your guy. Let him know how much you appreciate his hard work and dedication with these handpicked items, which include a pre-engraved personalized insulated tumbler bottle, a canvas trolley bag, body wash, a shower loofah, and 8 ounces of body lotion for everyday use.

These items are the perfect combination of convenience and style! It’s the most practical gift for men who are always on the go. This dark brown tote bag with red highlights is made from durable canvas material. The tumbler — equipped with a stainless steel inner tube — keeps drinks cold or hot for hours.

24. Fill-in-the Gap Love Book

Have you ever struggled to find the right words to express your love for your boyfriend or husband? A Fill-in-the Gap — What I Love About You Book will enable you to let your significant other know exactly how you feel about him. And if he enjoys reading, this is the right gift for him!

This romantic book will keep him thinking about you. Fill in the book with pictures and messages that remind him of the good times you’ve had together — and which assure him that you love with all your heart.

25. MURTOO Retro Style Bracelet

Having a MURTOO Retro Style Bracelet would be a great addition to your man’s accessories collection.

It’s a unique way to add style to his outfit! He can wear these bracelets as cufflinks, tie them around his arm, or even use them as a keychain. This multi-purpose accessory can be worn with any outfit: dressy or casual, formal or party attire. It fits comfortably on any wrist and is easy to remove from the box and put on.

26. Realistic Camera Lens Mug

If the man in your life is a coffee or tea lover, this is the mug for him! This is a very realistic camera lens mug. It is made of ceramic and has a white exterior. And its rim holds a blue or green tinted lens on the inside.

This mug is designed to mimic the style and shape of a camera lens, and it’s the perfect gift for anyone who takes photos or films! The colors in the lens will change when he adds or removes liquid, making it aesthetically pleasing and functional. Plus, with its long body and sturdy grip, your man’s camera won’t slip away when he’s trying to focus on his subject.

27. Adjustable Cellphone Stand

What do you get the man who has everything? How about a stand for his phone that will enable him to watch TV, read recipes, or even read his favorite blog. This universal adjustable cellphone stand will be perfect for your brother, husband, or boyfriend’s birthday.

The adjustable arm length and grip width on the device make it a great option for him to use on the go. It also comes with a 360 degree rotation ring to keep his phone safe and secure in every situation! The soft material feels comfortable to the touch, which is always important when using objects that are in contact with his body.

28. Hotel Luxury Bed Sheet Set

Find the perfect bedroom ensemble for your prized man today! These quality cotton bed sheets are perfect for every well-kept room. He will love these luxurious, soft and breathable bed sheets. The set includes 4 pillow cases, 1 fitted sheet, 2 bed sheets, and 2 flat sheets. It comes in 13 colors that coordinate well with any bedroom setting.

There is no need to spend time ironing these sheets because the soft material is wrinkle-free. And there will be no irritating creases when he moves around at night!

29. Bamboo Cheese Board with Cutlery Set

For all the cheese lovers out there, this is a must! Get his cheese on with this bamboo cheese board with stainless steel cutlery set. The board and knives are designed for cutting and serving different types of cheeses as well as other meat, fruits, and veggies to create a full-on multi-course meal. But don’t worry if he’s not hungry just yet, these plates also come in handy when entertaining!

The beautiful set of bamboo cutlery and cheese board is perfect for a picnic or dinner party, or for whatever his heart desires. Handcrafted in the hills of Bhutan, this useful set allows him to make his next get together that much more special. Not to mention it’s completely biodegradable!

30. Amazon Gift Card

With this Amazon gift card, giving someone special in your life a present becomes as easy as giving them cash! There are no strings attached and you don’t have to worry about the recipient not being able to make use of it. Plus, the recipient will be thrilled because you’ve given them the choice to buy whatever they want.

The great thing about Amazon gift cards is that recipients can also purchase items for other people — like friends or family members! You can’t go wrong with this Amazon gift card!

31. Multifunctional Grooming Kit

If your man cares about his appearance, then this professional grooming kit is for him.

Buying a multi-functioning grooming kit is the best way to save time and make sure he always looks his best! These kits have everything he needs to shave or trim his facial hair and beard. He can also use it to style his mustache or sideburns, comb his hair, and brush his teeth. Not only are they convenient but they also make excellent gifts for men who love to maintain their appearance.

32. Smart Speaker

The new Amazon Echo Dot with Alexa is here! Now your man can say goodbye to remote controls, hulking home entertainment centers, and clunky phone docks. With the Echo Dot we wanted to take everything people love about Alexa and make it even better. It’s a great speaker for his nightstand, kitchen or office – but the new design also makes it small enough to tuck into just about any space in his bedroom, living room, or on his work desk. He can also use it as an echo device and request music from Amazon Music Unlimited or Prime Music.

33. Face Cap

The Columbia Men’s PFG ball cap will enable your guy to represent his favorite sports team. This gray-white cap is constructed from 100% wool, making it warm and comfortable to wear. Featuring an adjustable chin strap and interior lining, this hat will stay fastened securely on his head at all times. With a relaxed fit, this pre-curved brim will hug his head naturally without cutting into it.

It’s a sleek, modern cap that is perfect for anyone who likes to look their best. The lightweight 100% cotton straw material helps him feel cool and comfortable, while the perforations in the crown allow for breathability during some of his most difficult runs. It also includes a sweat band and a curved bill to keep it snug on his head throughout his daily activities.

This cap is not only stylish but also versatile. It comes in several colors, so he can find the one that suits his complexion and clothes.

34. 360 Degrees Touch Control Bedside Lamp

If your man is like most people, he’ll find it difficult to go to bed without a good book or phone in his hand. With the portable bedside lamp with USB, he can have both! This electric lamp has a fully adjustable head for ambient light anywhere and anytime.

This stylist lamp was designed to fit in the palm of his hand, weighs less than a pound, and can be charged in a variety of different ways; so he’ll never have to worry about getting stranded without power.

It is perfect for those that need full mobility and comfort while they’re traveling or working. It works as an adjustable spotlight, reading light, or general bedside lamp; and it can even be clipped onto things!

35.  NEXIGO Camera

The NEXIGO Camera is capable of taking clear photos during the day or in dimly lit places. This small, portable device can capture memories anywhere in the world. It’s so light that he can carry it around with him all day, zip it up inside his bag, and whip it out when the opportunity presents itself.

It only takes seconds to set up and start snapping photos! It doesn’t require clunky equipment or complicated apps: just point the NEXIGO Camera and click! It practically takes care of everything on its own.


We hope our list of 35th birthday gift ideas helped you find a gift that will make his day memorable and joyous!