39 Affordable 30th Birthday Gift Ideas for a Husband or a Boyfriend That are Guaranteed to Impress

All those years ago, your husband and you were just friends. That was then. Now you’re married, and he’s going to be thirty this year! It might come as a surprise because he’s such a young-looking guy, but with age comes wisdom!

So what are the perfect gifts for your hubby? We’ve got this covered with some great ideas that won’t cost too much to get him started on the road to his own inner peace and happiness (and not just for 30!). Enjoy.

1. Thirty design party t-shirt

Everybody has that one person in their lives who is turning 30. Whether it’s your fiancee, bf or husband. And you want to get them a great birthday gift that will remind them how much you care about them. But what do you get?

This awesome and classy thirty design party t-shirt may be what you’re looking for. This birthday gift is personalized and has awesome graphics. Since he is turning thirty, this shirt could also be a funny or sarcastic present that would make him laugh when it’s opened. It comes in several colors and sizes.

2. 30-watt Sudski, Portable Shower Drink holder

The 30th birthday of your loved one is approaching and you are very excited about your husband’s birthday to present him an amazing gift. You want it to be something that he can use for many years and appreciate it on his special day. As with most gifts, you’re seeking something that is stylish, unique or new.

However, you want something that is practical and thoughtful, too. So, get them this Sudski portable shower beer holder. With silicone grips and a shiny surface, it’s the coolest beer accessory on the market today. Who doesn’t love a really good shower? Now your loved one can enjoy their beers in-between washing up or as they’re coming out of the shower! It’s also great for camping or day drinking in general.

3. Amazon.com Gift Card in a Reveal

The gift of choice for so many people is the Amazon.com Gift Card in the reveal box, especially when it comes to their 30th birthday! In order to help this milestone become fun and also meaningful and memorable, we recommend a gift card from Amazon as it is not only one of the most practical ideas but it’s also easy to order. The card comes in various designs and amounts from $20 to $20000 with no expiration date.

4. Colour Changing Mug


Surprise and delight your loved one this year with this fantastic 30th birthday gift. Perfect for a husband with a sense of humor, this mug will have them chuckling from the word go. This mug, with the inscription, “Shit“ and “So happy I’m 15 twice,” appearing when it reaches 45 degrees, would be a great gift for women or men because of the funny quotes. This heat-sensitive, color-changing coffee mug – 330 ml/11 oz – is a present your recipient will never forget and will be thrilled to receive.

5. 3-Ply Funny Toilet Paper Roll

This 3-ply funny toilet paper roll for your hubby’s 30th birthday comes in a cute gift box. It features four poop facial expressions. It’s a great birthday gift idea for your loved one and it’s good for a laugh too! It’s also great for 30th birthday party decorations as the roll is 25m long and 3-ply thick! What better way to mark a milestone birthday than with this 3-ply funny toilet paper roll? Grab this prank toilet paper birthday gift and your recipient would have a big laugh as they open this awesome gift.

6. 30th birthday Photo Booth Props

What better gift to give your 30th birthday recipient than a photo booth props set! The birthday celebrant can stand in the middle of their self-made photo booth and pose elegantly by holding onto the stick. This wooden stick is already attached with adhesive pads on it so they can easily attach them to the photo props.

This props set are perfect: quick and easy assembly required, pre-cut photo booth props with wooden sticks and adhesive pads to make for quick and easy assembly. What could be better than a 30th birthday photo booth for your loved one’s 30th birthday, stick the strike a pose sign to create a picture-perfect shoot.

This set includes 31 durable and full-sized, pre-cut photo booth props with wooden sticks and adhesive pads to make for a quick and easy assembly; there is no need for tedious cutting or gluing with this simple yet effective set.

7. Engraved Crystal Block

If you’re stumped on what to buy your husband or loved one’s 30th birthday, get them a personalized engraved crystal! Engraved gifts with personal touches make the perfect 30th birthday gift.

It can be personalized to include their name, the year, or other special messages such as “Behind You All Memories, Before You All Your Dreams.” It’s an awesome and unique gift that the recipient is guaranteed to appreciate and treasure forever. One-of-a-kind, each crystal is clear and translucent, and polished by hand. 3.14 x 3.93 x 0.98 inches in size and 1.05lb in weight.

8. Straight Outta My Twenties T-Shirt

As the birthday of the 30-year-old draws near, it’s time to start thinking about what kind of “big 3-0” gift to give to your husband. As with any major milestone birthday, the age of 30 is a significant one. This 100% cotton T-shirt with the inscription, “Straight Outta My Thirties” is a go-to gift.

It’s a fantastic present for someone celebrating their 30th birthday, especially a clothing fanatic. This t-shirt will speak to their sense of humor and sense of adventure. Thirty is an achievement worth celebrating, so grab this limited-edition T-shirt for your loved ones and let them groove on!

9. 30th Birthday Throw Pillow Covers

A 30th birthday is a time of celebration, and what better way to commemorate the big 3-0 than with a gift that your loved one will enjoy for the rest of the year. A personalized throw pillow cover that becomes an iconic decoration in their home or office.

It’s long-lasting and they can use it over and over again. What a wonderful way to celebrate the 30th birthday of your loved one! This beautiful velvet pillow cover with the inscription “You Have Been Loved 30 years” is a gift that will be cherished for years to come.

The size of this pillowcase is 18 x 18 inches and will fit any standard/queen size 18 x 18 inches pillow. The hidden zipper closure makes it easy to insert and remove your pillow.

10. 30 Years Loved Notebook

The 30th birthday of any person is a huge milestone. It marks the completion of the twenties. You have to give something good, meaningful, and memorable to celebrate this special day while making the important memories last with your loved one.

That is why you should consider purchasing this birthday gift for anyone born in 1982 that has a special interest in writing and journaling. It is a blank-lined notebook with plenty of pages for their thoughts. And it comes beautifully packaged as well.

11. Enameled Cast Iron Oven

A lot of people don’t know how to cook well because they’re scared to use their oven, but that’s a shame because this is one of the most versatile cookware items you can find. With a beautiful and durable enameled cast iron oven, anyone can prepare amazing dishes.

So you’ve been looking for a great gift idea for your husband? Well, look no further! Here’s the perfect present for him; enameled cast iron ovens. This is by far one of the most unique gifts any kitchen savvy man would want to get.

There’re many different sizes and colors to choose from, so you can be sure that there is an oven that will match her kitchen perfectly. If you are stuck on what color she may like best, then try the blue! It is trendy and cool but also smart because it reflects heat well too! A perfect birthday gift for your wife, girlfriend, sister, or friend!

12. Natural Bamboo Cheese Board and Knife Set

People love buying gifts for friends and family members, but sometimes it can be difficult to find the perfect present to get them. If you’re looking for that perfect present that is different from anything they might have seen before, then this natural bamboo cheese board and knife set would make the ideal option! It’s something they will not only love but will use over and over again.

This cheese board and knife set are made from natural bamboo, which is a sustainable and eco-friendly material. The set includes a beautiful cheese board with, cutting platter, four stainless steel cheese knives, one semi-heart shaped knife and two ceramic cups for dips and sauces. three slots for cheese or other foods, as well as four slots for crackers or bread; along with its matching knife. It’s perfect for serving up all manner of cheeses or simply as a beautiful addition to any kitchen table.

13. Funny “Sagging or Sore” Tank Top

This is the perfect gag gift for someone who is reaching the big three-zero! Perfect for that time of year when they mention they’re turning 30, this shirt will certainly make them LOL as they contemplate all the things they have managed to do over their lifetime. This hilarious tank top reads “I’m 30. Everything is either sagging or sore.” It is available in various colors and sizes and is perfectly suitable for young ladies and men as well.

14. Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Cellphone Stand

There are so many wonderful things in this world that we simply take for granted. The air we breathe and the food we eat, for example, just seem to appear there whenever we need it. Likewise, our cars always start when you want them to and the lights turn on at the flick of a switch. These little luxuries are such a blessing that it’s easy to forget about them until there’s something wrong with them like needing new brakes or new light bulbs.

That’s why sometimes people like to give those little luxuries such as this Bluetooth speakerphone stand with anti-slip base HD perfect for home, office, and any cool place – to remind someone how nice it is to possess these things and how much they appreciate having them at their disposal every day of their lives.

15. Sleek Pressure Cooker and Canner

There are many gifts for the male cooks in your life, but none that show love like a sleek pressure cooker and canner new set. The sleek design provides rapid heating and cooking or preserving meals quickly and safely. Whether your husband is an aspiring vegetarian who wants to re-create the taste of her favorite dish or she just wants to make more healthy soups, this gift will quicken their culinary skills.

Let’s break it down: a pressure cooker is capable of cooking food up to 70% faster than conventional cooking methods. It uses steam to cook food, rather than water and heat on the stovetop or in the oven which reduces heating time by nearly 50%.

16. 2020 Apple iPad Air

This is certainly a gift your 30-year-old loved one would cherish for a very long time. An awesome 30th birthday gift, this 2020 Apple iPad Air is a state-of-the-art tablet that is made for heavy use. Designed by Apple to take on activities like video gaming and entertainment in the most demanding situations.

This tablet is equipped with a 10.9-inch display that delivers stunning visuals and graphics. It runs on the A10 Fusion chip that offers a faster performance and is ideal for playing some of the latest mobile games. This iPad features 64GB of storage which is enough to store your favorite music, movies, photos and ebooks.

17. Centerpieces Supplies

If you are looking for a unique 30th birthday gift for your loved one or friend, this is it! This piece is created by skilled calligraphers who have been creating personalized pieces since 1992. It comes in a custom printed and packaged envelope.

This custom-designed poster is made of high-quality paper that will not rip or pull when you try to move it. It measures 11 x 14 inches. The back in 1992 poster, unframed, is an ideal gift for a 30th birthday. It’s a fantastic way to reminisce on the greatest year music, sports, movies, etc. has seen in decades. This event poster was created in 1982!

18. Wine Tumbler 1992 Edition

Husband’s 30th Birthday is drawing near and you’re scrambling to think of a gift. There is no party in your plans this year, but you know that he loves surprises. One great way to surprise him is this amazing wine tumbler. A wine tumbler is a perfect gift for a 30th birthday. There is nothing more classically stylish and timeless than a vintage 1992 aged to perfection wine tumbler! This cup is 12 oz and is perfect for wine, cocktails, lemonade, or their favorite beverage.

19. Vintage Stemmed Wine Glass

Awesome is the word that best describes this vintage 1992, aged to perfection, 16-ounce stemmed wine glass. If you’re looking for a 30th birthday gift, look no further. Spend less than $35 and get a set of two glasses that are aged to perfection. A water tumbler is a perfect gift to give someone on their 30th birthday. The glass is very easy to clean and would look great atop their desk! And for those who care about space considerations, this item takes up less space than beer bottles or cans.

20. Metal Wallet Insert Card

If you’re struggling to find a birthday gift for that special someone that’s turning thirty, have we got the perfect gift idea for you! Show your loved one how much they mean to you by customizing a well-chosen gift card that’s made to order. Get them this metal wallet with a card telling them how much they mean to you. It’s a unique gift for the person who has everything.

21. Funny Your Twenties Have Expired Card

The card was designed to be humorous and a little offensive. The joke is the idea that they are too old for their twenties and it’s over. It’s 30!  It’s the most perfect opportunity to find a gift that reflects their personality, while also commemorating this next major milestone in their life.

It’s not every day that someone turns 30, right? It’s also an opportunity for them to reflect on where they have been and what they can still accomplish. They’re 30 and they’re out of excuses. This amusing birthday card is an apt salute to their new age and will surely evoke laughter.

22. Business Trip Backpack

No man should be without a good bag for her business or camping needs. This doesn’t mean that you necessarily have to get your husband a new designer bag, or an expensive and complicated trail camera. What she needs is a good backpack like this esthetically- designed one from Matein that will last him for years, something easily-accessible on the go and easy to clean. With this idea in mind, you sure have found the perfect gift – all while saving your husband lots of money!

23. Tommy Hilfiger Leather Wallet

This Tommy Hilfiger men’s leather wallet is a great way to make your guy or husband feel special on his 30th birthday. It features six credit card pockets and a detachable ID window with the Tommy Hilfiger logo. All in all, this wallet is super minimal, slim, and stylish.

This would be an excellent choice for guys who love to maintain their work appearance but also like to have a little bit of style that stands out from the crowd. This wallet is a unique gift to purchase for someone at any age. Not only does it provide convenience, but is also thought of as an investment in the form of quality leather, mixed with six different credit card pockets and a window on the front.

24. Level 30 Unlocked Shirt

Do you know someone who is turning 30 this year? Have they completed their goal of playing every video game ever made? Are they so addicted to games that they take a break only to eat, sleep and occasionally pass gas? If so, then this shirt is 100% appropriate to get them as a 30th birthday gift.

Get him a personalized t-shirt that says “Level 30 Unlocked” with a picture of the game controller on it. He’ll not only have an awesome shirt to wear to his big birthday celebration, but he’ll also be able to wear it around the house and show off his new favorite t-shirt too.  It’s comfortable and lightweight. Celebrate this milestone with recognition and reward your loved one with this great gift for the man who is on top of the world at Level 30. This shirt comes in various colors and sizes.

25. Funny 30th Birthday American Greetings Card

We’ve all been there before — looking for the perfect 30th birthday card, only to find that it’s either too old-fashioned or too generic. But not this card! American Greetings has created a hilarious, unique 30th birthday card that is sure to make anyone who receives it laugh out loud. The four accordion folds are filled with hilarious cartoon scenes showing the four stages of turning thirty — denial, disbelief, anger, and acceptance. This folding design is printed on heavy, glossy paper and comes with an envelope measuring 0.2″ x 5.38″ x 8.255″. The perfect choice for a milestone birthday.

26. So Happy I’m Thirty T-Shirt

A 30th birthday gift for a loved one is a special occasion and should be thought about well. For the person who has everything, a T-shirt with InkType’s inscription, So Happy I’m 30 Today, might make an excellent choice of gift. This t-shirt will be perfect for that person who is always looking in the mirror and exclaims: “30 isn’t old!”

This t-shirt also serves as an excellent memory of what this milestone year has been like for them. This shirt is the perfect gift because it lets people know how much their life has changed over the time they have been blessed to exist on earth. It comes in various sizes and colors.

27. Is you 30? Candle

What do you get for the man turning 30? What could be better than an extraordinary candle gift that says – is You 30? – lavender-scented candles with keychain (white, 7 oz). The scents of lavender and rose will fill his home while she celebrates another year of life.

This birthday candle will brighten any guy’s day or night. He’ll love the lavender scent and its beautifully crafted keychain that holds even more than meets the eye! This gift is perfect for friends, a sweet significant other, coworkers, and coworkers’ significant others.

28. Vnox Engraved Link Bracelet

What is a 30th birthday gift for someone who already has everything? Make a loved one feel special this birthday with an engraved love quote link bracelet! This personalized gift is a stylish and thought-provoking way to celebrate your loved one’s birthday.

Celebrate them by giving this meaningful gift today. This personalized love quote link bracelet is a perfect addition to your loved one’s jewelry collection. The adjustable length makes it comfortable and easy to wear, regardless of its wearer’s size.

29. Wine Glass – Cheers to 30 Years

There are a few ways to make a good impression with your friends or co-workers, and these wine glasses are certainly one of them. Celebrate the 30th birthday of your husband with this stunning wine glass gift. Not only will they make a unique gift for your loved one’s 30th birthday, but these gold foil designs will also be sure to impress.

It is a perfect size and shape for their favorite drinks. The “Cheers to 30”- years glass is a piece of stemware with sturdy, elegant style and classic design that is perfect for champagne or any other celebratory toast! The glasses are high quality and easy to use, making them the perfect gift for any friend of yours!

30. 30 Never Looked So Good Hat

One of the best ways to say “happy birthday” is by giving someone a gift that will last for years and create many memories. One option for a present that celebrates an important milestone, like the 30th birthday, is to give something retro and vintage. You can’t go wrong with one of these hats.

It’s lightweight, breathable and perfect to wear in any season. These hats are impressive and perfect as a birthday gift for your husband, best friend, or a boyfriend turning 30. It’s stylish and of good quality. It features ‘30 never looked so good,’ and is designed for easy adjustment, look just a little bit too good to be true.

31. Vintage 15 oz Stemless Wine Glass

It’s not always easy to know what to get for a spouse’s 30th birthday, especially if you find yourself on a budget. For a 30th birthday, drink in style with an heirloom-quality wine glass. These glasses are made of the highest quality materials and will last for generations to come.

The 30th birthday deserves an extra splash of celebration. This gorgeous etched wine glass is a thoughtful birthday gift that’s not going to break the bank. Stock up on 4 for each of your 30th birthday party guests. This personalized wine glass is a great way to add that final touch to a birthday party.

32. Vintage Baseball Cap

This is a one of kind vintage baseball cap that is a perfect gift for a 30-year-old hubby. This hat will keep them comfortable in any weather and is fully adjustable too. It has great quality and the stitching looks beautiful. What better way to commemorate a milestone than to celebrate it with a one-of-a-kind gift that fits your loved one’s personality.

This baseball cap is perfect for the 30th birthday boy who has never looked better, and we think they deserve to know how awesome they look. Made from washed cotton and embroidered with “It took me 30 years to look this good,” this cap is perfect for expressing how you feel about them.

33. Engraved Stainless Steel Flask Set

What better gift for a husband’s 30th birthday than an engraved flask and shot glasses? This set includes one 7 oz engraved stainless steel flask, two shot glasses, and a funnel. The flask is happy 30th birthday themed and it is a great gift for anyone turning 30 who enjoys a cool drink. This flask set is a unique and meaningful gift for a loved one who has just attained this milestone. It’s an ideal 30th birthday present for the person who has everything.

34. 15.6 in Laptop Backpack, with USB

Whether you’re carrying your laptop in a backpack or just want to carry your essentials on a daily basis, including meals for the day, your bag can be one of the most vital everyday items out there. Therefore, this backpack would make an awesome 30th birthday gift.

Your recipient would love all the features: a padded laptop compartment and organizer with several pockets, air mesh shoulder straps that provide extra ventilation, and a built-in USB cable that lets them charge their phone while wearing it. It’s not just practical — this pack is beautiful too!

The sleek design features plenty of reflective details for safety when they’re commuting late at night or walking to work in a big city. For the person who is always on the go, this stylish and functional laptop backpack can be the ideal gift for a 30 year old professional.

35. Hey Dude Men’s Wally Shoes


Every birthday is a cause for celebration, and birthdays are even more special when your loved one turns 30. If you’re looking for a unique gift for your friend or loved one turning 30, consider these Hey Dude Men’s Wally shoes. It’s a fantastic present for someone celebrating their 30th birthday, especially a footwear fanatic. This footwear is sure to please and comes in various colors and sizes. Thirty is an achievement worth celebrating, so grab these nice shoes for your loved ones and let them groove on!

36. Travando Men’s Wallet

If you’re looking for an impressive and useful birthday gift to give someone who is clocking 30, check out this sleek and sophisticated Travando men’s slim wallet with a money clip. Made from heavy-duty faux leather in black and orange, this wallet is not only tough enough to stand up against daily use but also soft enough for comfort.

This Travando wallet for men has a money clip and RFID blocking that is perfect for him to carry. It is a slim wallet that has many compartments to hold your cards, cash, coins and other personal items. It also comes with an elegant gift box.

37. Adjustable Aluminum Laptop Table


Are you looking for the perfect gift for a 30-year-old husband who is a computer nerd? Look no more! This adjustable laptop table with a non-slip mousepad is perfect. First, it is designed to be used on the bed or on the couch, so it is extra versatile.

Secondly, it has a cooling fan to keep the laptop from overheating during use. In addition, this table comes in silver and has 3 height adjustments possible. Made of aluminum, this lightweight design is sturdy enough for everyday use. This gift will make your loved one’s friends envy them for years.

38. Classic Toilet Timer

If your significant other is anything like me, they love to stay entertained while they’re on the throne. But even the most stoic of them can’t keep their mind away from work that often. I mean, who can?! The perfect gift for these types of people would be a classic toilet timer. These are quirky and cute gifts that are small but carry a big message! A decoration in their home and also a fun way to make a statement, this type of gift is one of the most popular ones for people who appreciate bit of toilet humor.

39. Wrangler Authentics Jacket with Hood

Birthdays are the perfect excuse for us to show people we care about how much we appreciate them, and also to make them feel good. And you can give the right person a really special 30th birthday gift with this Wrangler Authentics jacket , which is something they will treasure always.

The perfect outfit for slipping into. A traditional quilted flannel shirt jacket with a hood. With an authentic Western look and feel, this men’s long sleeve quilted-lined flannel shirt jacket is built to last. It is made of soft, 100% cotton and has a double layer of removable premium heavyweight flannel.

So make the 30th birthday of a special friend or family member memorable and give them this lovely jacket, with two side seam pockets and two front chest pockets for their convenience. You can choose from many different colors, so there will be no problem finding the perfect color to make your recipient’s day even more special.

Wrapping it Up

If the person you are getting a gift for is your husband or a boyfriend, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on their 30th birthday if you can not afford to. These were the best gifts for husband that most of you could buy for $50 or less. And trust me, they will be as happy with it as with more expensive present, if done properly.

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