28 Affordable Baby’s First Christmas Gift Ideas

You can hardly believe how the time has flown since you took baby home from the delivery room.  Time somehow seemed to stop for a while and suddenly it’s baby’s first Christmas with the whole family together—and he/she too has joined into the excitement of this gift-giving season.

Babies love gifts just as much as anyone else. It’s easy to test this theory—offer baby a free candy and he/she will chortle with delight.

The first Christmas for your baby is somehow an important landmark in their lives—it is the first time they begin to share the cultural heritage in the family.

Not getting the perfect gift for your baby’s first Christmas can be a source of stress. Here are some tips on what to buy for your young one. Bearing in mind that even parents might need help picking the best gifts for their children, try consulting with these great tips before you buy online for your baby’s first Christmas

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Christmas ornaments are some  of the best ways to cherish the moment  of this memory year after year:

1. Hallmark Keepsake Christmas Ornament Dream Come True Sonogram Photo Frame

Christmas is an important occasion that many people have been looking forward to for a long time. For the first time all year, they’ll be with friends and family, exchanging presents and, generally, relaxing. What better way to show someone how much you care than by giving them something that can bring them the spirit of Christmas throughout their day? What better way than to give them a gift to remember the birth of their baby on his/her first Christmas?

Now here’s a gift to celebrate the new arrival of your little one! Hallmark has created dated Christmas ornament that features a personalized sonogram photo frame for baby’s most cherished first holiday snapshot. The inscription reads, “Our tiny dream come true.” Imagine baby’s delight as he/she grows up and understands how, with this gift, you cherished the first moments of their life, even before they were born!

2. Heart’s Sign Set of 3 Baby’s First Christmas Ornament

You are all so excited for the holidays. The house smells of freshly-baked cookies, and that’s not even including what’s in the oven. You has a full calendar planned for your  daughter’s first Christmas—she’s also the very first grandchild. You’re  having the  family over for holiday dinners and getting your new baby a set of heart ornaments to commemorate her first year has all been part of the fun…

Does this sound like you? If so, this might be the perfect first baby gift for Christmas for a baby girl. It commemorates three interlacing occasions—when baby had her first Christmas, your first Christmas as proud new parents, and the celebration of a new family of three.

These are simple affordable wooden ornaments—but they are made of high quality materials and beautifully engraved with a message to last for your lives together.

3. Waterford Baby First Boot Ornament

Some people just can’t resist a classic Waterford crystal ornament as part of their collection.

Waterford Christmas ornaments have been masterfully crafted in the heart of Ireland for over 220 years. They have shipped around the world and are polished with a lifetime warranty to ensure that they can be passed on from generation to generation—they remain in pristine condition without fail.

Christmas is a time for celebration and family, and this beautiful classic baby’s first boot polished crystal ornament will help you commemorate what matters most this holiday season. This is part of the much admired Waterford elegant crystal classical and sentimental figurines. The timeless beauty of this item is guaranteed to exceed your expectations this winter.

4. Lenox 2021 Baby’s First Christmas Rattle Ornament

Lenox ornaments are the best sellers in the United States. They are world-renowned for their impeccable quality and breathtaking designs.

The company was founded in 1895 by Mr. Henry Lenox as a way to sell his wife’s hand made porcelain ornaments of all kinds—not just to those in need of Christmas décor, but to everyone who admired them, including those who preferred other holidays such as Hanukkah and Thanksgiving.

This baby’s first ornament rattle by Lenox is bound to become the precious family heirloom of a family who appreciate good taste and quality for their baby.


Books are also a great choice for baby’s first Christmas—the sooner you get them on track with reading and loving books the better.

5. The First Christmas Lift-a-Pop Board Book For Babies and Toddlers

What better way to share the meaning and cultural  value of  Christmas with your little one than this affordable book about the Nativity.

6. Elegant Baby White Eyelet Covered Heirloom Bible


Why not celebrate baby’s first Nativity celebration with their first bible —it is an heirloom quality book by the company known and named for elegant baby-ware.

This first King James bible covered in an elegant cotton cloth cover as a baby’s first faith gift is ideal to celebrate this first landmark for a baby growing up in a Christian faith family environment—the perfect way to remember a first Christmas.

A bible is an heirloom that should be chosen with care on a memorable occasion, and this one is a beautiful piece.

7. Baby’s First Bible Stories Padded Board Book

This number one bestseller is sure to delight your baby, as this timeless classic reminds your baby about the principles of hope, faith, love and goodwill.

It is a beautifully illustrated board book that will bring your baby hours of endless joy as they get familiar in a small way with the great themes of the bible.

This brightly illustrated family library heirloom will teach your baby so much about hope and love as they learn about faith through age-things like appropriate praying. The stories and prayers contain interactive elements to help the little one understand that faith is living and active.

This little board book is robust enough to not get damaged if your baby decides that after their first Christmas read, they would like to read the book alone somehow!

8. God Gave Us You Hardcover

This charming best-seller teaches babies the truth about what every child longs to know—why were they born. The simple answer provided in this book is that God gave baby’s parents a child because they wanted him or her that much. This is the sense of belonging each little one longs to discover and know.

This story is perfect for anytime of the day or year—not just Christmas time.

Buy this for baby and anytime they need to feel reassured that they are loved and wanted you can read it to them—there is no better way to build up their self-esteem.

They will love this book so much that you will be persuaded to buy the rest of the titles in this uplifting series: including titles like,”God gave us love”, “God gave us so much” and more.

9. Baby Soft Book Cloth Books

The educational benefits of soft cloth books for babies are numerous.

This, for instance, is a little-known aspect of the importance of cloth books in a baby’s development.

The benefits go well beyond just being cuddly and easy to hold, although I would argue those are pretty great perks.

Cloth books are educational from a very early age, so they make some of the best gifts for new parents! Often times babies will mimic mouth movements as they pretend to eat the pages from their favorite book. And imaginary chewing isn’t just fun and games—it’s actually an early form of communication! Babies use this mouth-activating action as a way to practice their speech motor skills without having any idea that doing so is even helping them learn.

Soft cloth books were only beneficial for developing language ability, communication and sensory skills, for enriching the imagination and encouraging your baby to love paper books as well.

So, soft cloth books are great because baby will love to cuddle and chew on them while you are not reading them!

The Latest In Bibs

Babies wear bibs so often, it’s almost their everyday outfit. It’s so much fun to dress them up; why not outfit them with stylish bibs as well? Bibs are so fun and trendy as part of the baby outfit you can avoid “the same old , same old” this memorable first baby’s first Christmas, and get something you will all enjoy at feeding time together.

Today, we’ll  take a look at the best baby bibs out there. With so many options to choose from, it can be tough to find the perfect bib for your little one. Whether you want something ridiculously soft and comfy, or want a bib that will grow with your child, we’ve got you covered!

10. Hudson Baby Unisex Baby Waterproof PEVA Bibs

This stylish value pack of PEVA  easy-to-wipe-clean bibs come in fruity color tones for the baby girl’s first Christmas—designed with cherries, strawberries and lemons, and more.

This is a not-to-be-missed set of essentials for the baby who already dresses like the original millennial designer kid and has a mix of both super-cool designer stuff and just routine baby stuff in her wardrobe.

These affordable bibs are so attractive, you’ll want to pack the, away one day in your baby memory box, and won’t be able to take them to the second hand shop.

So, when you invest in this bib set for baby’s first Christmas, you’re not only buying the most-easy-to-wipe-clean option, but also investing in an easier-to-keep-clean environment. It’s an easy win-win!

11. Baby Bandana Drool Bibs 6-Pack

Here’s another pack of baby bibs perfect for “little her” this first Christmas. Babies don’t just need bibs for feeding, they need to wear a bib all day for ongoing drool, as they seem obsessed about tasting and chewing the world around them. In fact, this is just the way they grow, and grow up, naturally.

When kids come out of their cocoon and experience the world, they often need something to distract them while they acquire new skills. This is where baby bibs come in handy! They are often designed in a pack set with a teething toy, aka a teething ring, in order to stimulate kids’ sense of touch, so that they are less likely to reach for eating utensils like forks or spoons.

The problem with the average teething ring and bib set is that baby will often lose grip of the toys and reach for something dangerous to chew on instead.

This handy design  set includes a teething ring attached to the bottom of the bib, so it is always at hand when baby reaches out to put something in her mouth again.

The bib material is soft and absorbent, made with organic cottons and completely safe to put in baby’s mouth. The images printed on these bibs are the prettiest ever; making baby look like the cutest baby on the block whenever she wears them.

12. I Play, Bib Wipe Off Aqua Canoe

Does your family have a child-safe pool area already? Are you always at the lake or canoeing on the river, and can’t wait to get baby involved in your family water sport interests.

This is a great way to dress up baby for all those water-sport times ahead of him or her.

The water-design images are a work of art and the design is very practical: with easy, wide coverage,  wipe-off water-proof protection, no matter how messy an eater baby is, or whatever spills or falls on the bib. The material is robust and durable and made from plastics for a safer environment. The hook and loop closure is adjustable, which makes it easy to put the bib on and take it off.

Once you fall in love with the images on the bib, you will realize that not only is the design imaginative,  it’s also super practical, and you’ll love to buy it as baby’s first Christmas gift

13. ORCUCCI Detachable Tray Saliva Feeding Bib Food Catcher

It may be time to stop buying cheap baby bibs. They’re more likely to get lost on the floor of the car, forgotten by parents in the dirty diaper bag, or end up caked in cake frosting.

If you want to use the same set you used when you had your first baby and make sure they still look totally presentable, you need to be careful about the bib or bib set you buy. It’s better to buy a few less often than keep on throwing hard-earned money at the throw-away types

The innovative design with a food and moisture catching tray attached to the bottom of the bib and the accompanying teething rings ensure that baby outfits are kept spotlessly clean and baby is completely engaged at feeding time as if in a pleasurable game. The PEVA  water-proof safer-plastic material ensures your bib doesn’t absorb moisture (which could cause bacteria growth) like other materials do, making it easy to hand wash in cold water with mild detergent while not losing its shape or color over time.

The image design by the baby fashion designer house ORCUCCI are beautiful—sentimental, cute and tasteful but not childish.

Easily remove these bibs after use and hand-wash only- to be reused over and over again – a little bit of extra money than usual, spent wisely this baby’s first Christmas.

14. Silicone Waterproof Bibs for Toddlers

Looking for the perfect baby bibs for toddlers? Silicone water-proof bibs for babies might be the answer.

Silicone water-proof baby bibs are very different than the old fabric type of baby bib. Silicone is hygienic, kind to your skin and easy to wash. Wouldn’t you want your toddler’s face to be protected from germs easier than ever before? Food-grade Silicone waterproof bibs make life with a toddler so much more enjoyable.

It’s a material that will never soak up any food, moisture or germs and, therefore, is not only super-safe for baby, but also easier to clean.

You can wipe off food messes and drool with a paper cloth, and clean it later with soap and water for storage in your baby bag.

The image design is cute and simple—a little elephant, which all babies love.

Baby Blankets and Security Blankets

For a lot of our little ones, security is everything—it’s the reason that they crawl into our laps and refuse to leave. It can be something as simple as the loyal presence of a body next to them, or it could be more complex, like the need for specific shapes and colors. Whatever the case may be for your baby and their needs, there’s no denying that security blankets are an invaluable tool in early childhood development.

If you’re having trouble sleeping, it may be because your baby doesn’t have enough contact with mum and/or dad during the day and night due to their busy schedules.

Babies security blankets may be a pajama or a stuffed animal, but in some cases they can be actual blankets. Parents who are having difficulty with their newborns sleeping or calming down might consider bringing in a baby blanket to soothe them and maybe even help them sleep. The benefits of these blankets are endless.

Here are some beautiful baby blankets for a first Christmas gift that your baby will appreciate, even if they don’t understand the occasion yet.

15. Pro Goleem Loveys for Babies Bunny Security Blanket Girl

All children love rabbits and other furry little critters. This security blanket for a baby girl as a first Christmas gift is sure to become your baby girl’s favorite toy when she misses cuddling Mum or Dad during the day or night.

The bunny security blanket girl is also a soft toy that functions as a play and comfort accessory for children to keep them calm and happy when they are feeling scared or upset.

When they are upset, anxious or lonely, this snuggle-up stuffed animal blanket will help your baby fall back asleep as quickly as you can say “one, two, three”.

The material is made of all natural fibers so it won’t pile or shed fiber with use.

16. Levtex Home – Baby Deer Security Blanket

All babies cry and get lonely—that’s right parents, even your growing-up-to-be-tough little boy baby!

He will love this affordable plush toy security blanket for those many insecure moments babies feel sometimes when mum and dad are not in sight to calm his insecurity.

A cute little deer like this often becomes baby’s next best friend when humans aren’t around to comfort him.

17. LollyBanks 100% Cotton Muslin Quilt

We all know how it feels, that little bundle of joy in your arms. How could you resist those big eyes, that tiny nose and mouth? You want to do everything in your power to make this little one feel happy and safe. One way you can do this is by snuggling them up with a baby throw blanket.

This one is designed in particular for the holiday season, and is ideal for both boys or girls.

Lay it on the ground for baby to lie on during the living-room chats as he or she enjoy themselves in the family crowd by kicking their feet, gurgling and chewing on their teether.

It’s designed as an heirloom quality quilt with soft cotton muslin—a memory of snuggly comfort and fun your baby can cherish their whole life.

18. Large Waterproof Foam Padded Play Mat for Infants

Play mats are the best choice for infants who are just starting to crawl. Their design allows for easy scooping, sitting and carrying your little one around; the soft fabric keeps your child comfortable and safe.

JumpOff Jo is a large, waterproof foam-padded play mat for infants of this practical type. These mats are designed to protect children and keep them away from potential hazards by providing a safe, pillowy layer of cushioned foam.

The mats are also highly portable and can be folded up like a quilt so that they can be taken on the go.  A play mat is a safe place for baby to learn how to move.

Teach your infant new skills and make clean-up easy with a play mat. Featuring a soft foam padding, this play mat is waterproof and will protect your little one from the ground or floor. This mat provides safety for your baby by preventing them from bumping their head against the hard surfaces of concrete floors or any other hard surface.

This affordable baby item is an accessory that can grow along with your child.

The mat itself is large and soft, but also durable enough to withstand the wear and tear of an active child.

The same mat comes in various gorgeous designs like woodlands and rainbows and more.

Your baby will have so much fun crawling around this soft spongy mat—just leave him or her there to have fun while the adults in the room have as much fun chatting.

Baby Outfits

Practical, comfortable baby clothes are always appreciated as baby gifts. Buying fashionable and functional ones for your child is a tough job for sure, because babies grow out of their clothes so quickly. The temptation is always to settle for the cheapest, but that is false economy. It’s better to go for a well-known brand that is discounted at the moment of purchase.

Some people assume that babies don’t need much  clothing—after all, they spend so much time lying around on a blanket or being held close. But the truth is that babies have plenty of reasons to get dressed right. In fact, it’s important to dress your baby right for specifically different occasions—for example, differently for playtime than for outdoor activities.

19. Disney Mickey Mouse and Friends Holiday PJ PALS for Baby

Everybody loves their PJ’s , and baby will be no exception as he or she grows up. Who doesn’t love those extra relax moments on the week-end when the whole family wander around the house in their PJ’s a while after wake-up time?

Here is an ideal pair of PJ’s for baby’s first Christmas, whether they are boy or girl. With a Disney holiday motif featuring the best-loved Disney characters, they are so much fun to wear.

The PJ pants have an elastic waist and the cuffs and ankles are comfortably ribbed.

20. Simple Joys by Carter’s Baby Boys’ Rompers

Introducing the ultimate comfort item: rompers for babies! Rompers are like a one-piece bodysuit but they have a snap opening in the crotch to make diaper changes easier. They’re also perfect for summer because they’re lightweight and breathable in addition to being weather-appropriate.

“Who knew that romper suits could be so stylish?”

That’s the reaction of many parents to romper suits, which are one of the hottest children’s clothing items on the market. Romper suits are comfortable, easy to put on and take off, and help your baby get their best photo days without having a tantrum. These stylish pieces have become a go-to for baby photos in recent years and help keep your little one looking super-cute during their precious first months of life, while still being able to handle those unexpected nappy changes while the cameras are clicking.

This makes them the perfect baby gift since the one thing people are always doing with babies is taking their photos so as not to miss an adoring moment of them growing up.

This good-looking set of rompers for  boys by Carter’s are some of the most fashionable and photogenic baby outfit items on the market. With a stylish, boyish design, they are robust enough to handle many diaper changes because the snaps are strong and can handle a lot of wear and tear. They are 100% cotton and can be machine washed.

21. Hudson Baby Unisex-Baby Cozy Fleece Booties

Babies spend so much time lying down or being carried that we tend to forget that their feet need to be outfitted as well. Little ones are very sensitive to cold and during the winter months—if their feet aren’t well-covered, their whole body will feel cold.

Cozy-up in style with these Hudson Baby Unisex-Baby Cozy Fleece Booties! These simple yet stylish booties are perfect for your little one’s first steps. Made of 100% polyester, they are soft, lightweight, and machine-washable and very gentle on your baby’s skin

They have a friendly little bear design on the uppers.

22. Hudson Baby Unisex Baby Sleeping Bag and Blanket

Everyone in your family will want to snuggle up to Hudson Baby! This unisex baby sleeping bag has a layer of soft cotton fabric and is insulated with synthetic polyester fiber for extra warmth. The baby can be completely tucked inside the sleeping bag and you’ll never have to worry about a cold night again when you have this wearable blanket for your precious little one.

It’s easy to open and close with a handy zipper, and is just as easy to machine wash.

Your baby will be snug as a bug in a rug with this long sleeve baby sleeping bag, which comes in an array of design choices.

23. Hudson Baby Unisex Baby Plush Animal Face Robe

Are you a bit tired of the same old holiday design accessories as gifts for baby’s first Christmas? This is a gift with a difference—a plush toy bath robe for baby girl, designed as a pink giraffe.

This plush animal face bathrobe that is made of the softest polyester fleece fabric to be gentle on a baby’s skin at bath-time and bed-time.

This luxurious long sleeve fleece gown is so wonderfully soft it will make any little one feel like a princess! The long sleeves are tight around the wrists to keep hands warm and cozy, while also keeping them safe from snags and scratches during bath time or playtime.

24. Simple Joys by Carter’s Toddler Girls’ Short-Sleeve Graphic Tees

Her first Christmas—time to introduce baby to the amazing world of Tees!

Treat the baby girl in your life to a Carter’s  short-sleeve graphic tees set! Carter’s is the #1 baby brand that has been crafting beautiful quality apparel for decades. One of the most trusted names in American parenting, their lines are designed exclusively for your little ones, with a focus on durability and timeless style.

They are a cotton and polyester fabric mix and can be machine washed.

25. Hudson Baby Baby Bodysuit, Pant and Shoe Set

If you are tired of standard frilly and flowery clothes for your baby girl, this is an outfit set by Hudson that is both girly and trendy, and fits in perfectly with the holiday design.

Hudson Baby is a line of modern, quality clothes for infants and toddlers. All Hudson Baby products are designed to be stylish, comfortable, and, most importantly, durable. Hudson Baby clothes are made to last through the years and are sure to become your little one’s favorite go-to outfits for all their adventures.

The suit and pants are completely natural cotton and the cute matching shoes have a “merry and bright” accessory to suit the design idea.

If you want to buy something that is also a reminder of the season, this is a great choice.

26. Simple Joys by Carter’s Baby Boys’ Jumpsuits

Is baby boy not the first nativity celebration baby in your family? Here’s a gift with  cute matching boyish designs the whole family can share in giving baby to remind him how special he is to you all.

Your baby boy will look more than adorable in this Carter’s baby boys’ jumpsuits set, giving  him a stylish everyday look. These cute jumpsuits have quick snaps, making them easy to put on and take off. Plus, you can get many more outfits out of this one order than you would from one standard outfit.

27. Touched by Nature Girls Organic Cotton Dresses

With Spring peeping around the corner after the Christmas season, this is a perfect gift for a baby girl when the sun is not yet shining bright and it’s still a little chilly outside.

It’s hard to avoid the appeal of a garment that is both comfortable and adorable. This is especially true when it comes to baby clothes. As your little one grows, you need clothes that are appropriate for the various seasons and weather conditions, as well as for your child’s growing size! Fortunately, Touched by Nature Girls has some of the cutest dresses around.

These two pieces are perfect for your little one! Each piece features a beautifully colored midlong-sleeve dress with a cute little bow at the waist.

If you feel like taking some season photos but want something different than the same old seasonal wear, this is a perfect midlong-sleeved outfit for baby girl to pose in for the first Christmas shots—elegant, pretty and simple.

28. Luvable Friends Baby and Toddler Girl Dress and Cardigan

In anticipation of Spring again, this is another dress outfit with a single-tone matching cardigan for your little baby who is just as pretty as a flower herself.

When your little one is ready for a new dress and cardigan, you’ll want to make sure you choose the right pieces with the right sentiment. You will find  that this adorable baby girl clothing set by Luvable features an item that’s stylish, comfortable, girly, and yet not too precious! This set includes a cotton dance dress in white with dark pastel flowers and a cardigan in pastel yellow, perfect for those chilly days outside! The same outfit comes in various other designs, with the trademark of being elegant and girly but not too frilly

…to end this article with some advice:

First and foremost, it is important not to forget baby’s first Christmas gift and to keep in mind all the wonderful lessons that babies teach us about why Christmas is special.

The importance of not forgetting baby’s first Christmas gift cannot be stressed enough when you are looking for a gift to commemorate their first important faith milestone and family gathering of the year.