23 Gift Ideas For Truck Drivers Who Are Always On the Go

Has your loved one just received a truck driving license? Maybe they’re about to embark on their first trip? You want to get them something they’ll like and use, but you have no idea what that might be! This post will guide you through the process of finding the perfect present for the truck driver in your life.

1. Rand McNally TND Tablet & GPS Truck Navigator 

This is an excellent choice for truckers, fleet owners, and anyone who relies on portable navigation to easily travel between destinations. This device can be used in the cabin of your truck or in your trailer — if you are driving a vehicle that’s not equipped with a built-in navigation cell phone. It comes fully loaded with a memory card slot, a SD card slot, and a removable user replaceable battery.

The tablet can be used as a stand-alone device that connects to the compatible 3.5mm port on your truck’s dashboard (or other compatible device) or it can be used as a wireless handheld navigator. When used in this manner, you can sync the tablet to your computer or other compatible devices to view maps, search for destinations, track GPS tracks in real time, and download the many useful maps, apps, and utilities available from most third-party vendors.

It allows you to customize the display and menus, share the tablet with other users (up to 3), and upgrade memory cards for maximum storage capacity. This tablet provides you with an extremely high level of navigational accuracy and can be customized to suit the driver’s style and rig.

2. Carhartt Insulated Lunch Cooler Bag

Filled with insulated compartmentalized sections that keep food protected and chilled, the bag is good for all weather conditions. The bag comes with a removable cooler insert and a base that fits in the main compartment. You can also remove the top padded insert of the bag and use it as a stand-alone insulated cooler bag.

Two elastic side bands secure your goods inside the bag. With this rugged lunch cooler bag, you are ready at a moment’s notice. Your food will stay cold or hot for hours, wherever you go.

3. Sotion Vibrating Back Massager

The Sotion massager is a compact yet powerful chair massage cushion with a built-in vibration module that helps you to relieve the everyday aches, pain, and stress of life. The ultimate in relaxation, the Sotion massager provides soothing relief to sore and tired muscles, and also improves your blood circulation.

The powerful motor delivers 10 different massage modes that you can select with a simple push of a remote control, from high frequency vibration to kneading motion. The Sotion massager features a built-in clock, powered by three triple A batteries. You can also set your own time and choose from 4 individual programs.

The remote control lets you set the program to five different frequencies. The Sotion is manufactured in the EU and is in compliance with the latest safety, health, and environmental standards.

4. Kingslim 4K Dual Dash Cam with Built-in GPS

The new Kingslim 4K Dual Dash Cam with Built-in GPS is a perfect addition to your friend or loved one’s truck. With long range capacity, the camera captures images in HD. You can also monitor your speed while you’re driving, or keep an eye out for anyone breaking traffic laws, which will help protect your car and other travelers from accidents.

The front and rear cameras are equipped with the latest CMOS technology. This ensures effective illumination and a clearer image during the day. Both cameras have a wide-angle lens, which allows for greater coverage and superior quality. With 1280×720 4 Megapixel resolution, you can capture high-quality footage at 30 frames per second. It also has Infrared LED for nighttime filming. And a 4GB TF Card is included with your purchase!

5. BlueParrott Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headset

The BlueParrott B450-XT is an innovative Bluetooth headset that’s extremely affordable! It’s a great device for those who need to be hands-free for long periods of time or who are excessively active in their work. The B450-XT has a noise canceling microphone that guarantees your voice will always come through clearly. The noise canceling feature dramatically reduces background noise and echoes. This feature is especially useful if you work in a noisy environment where it’s hard to hear the person on the other end.

The B450-XT is comfortable, lightweight, and sleek in design. The buttons are easy to use, and you can use it for hours without it feeling heavy. You can also use it to pair up two devices.

There’s also a volume control on the side of the headset, so you can pick up and put down the phone easily. The BlueParrott B450-XT is “plug and play”, which means there’s no complicated setup or software to download or install. It’s ready for you at all times.

6. ComfiLife Gel Enhanced Seat Cushion 

The ComfiLife Gel Enhanced Seat Cushion is a high-quality non-slip seat cushion with orthopedic gel and memory foam that prevents painful backaches. This is an ideal cushion for truck drivers, who spend hours in their chairs.

The ComfiLife Gel Enhanced Seat Cushion will keep them comfortable, supporting the back with its orthopedic gel. It also acts as a backrest, which reduces physical discomfort when you need to lean your head or reach for something behind your back. This seat cushion is designed to eliminate that problem with the help of memory foam and gel.

The cushion is made of a contoured form that supports the back throughout the day. With a modern design and contoured form, it’s easy to use. It’s also affordable and comes in an array of colors.

7. Drop Stop Patented Car Seat Gap Filler

Have you ever experienced the horror of dropping something valuable in between seats or into cracks in your car? You’ve tried fishing for it with a coat hanger, but nothing ever comes up. And so you resign yourself to the loss of your favorite earrings, that perfect photo from ten years ago, or any other item that is irretrievable. Drop Stop aims to change all that.

Drop Stop is a patented car seat gap filler designed to automatically fill in any gap created when a child enters a new car. Simply open the Drop Stop and press it into place. It will automatically fill in that small space between the seats where your precious items may have dropped.

Drop Stop is simple and easy to use, and it can be used in any car (with no extra installation necessary). It fits into nearly all cars, trucks, vans, motorcycles and boats. Its unique gripping technology ensures that the Drop Stop always stays in place. Optional accessories include a larger Drop Stop that can catch larger items and that can be used in double seat gaps.

8. EPAuto Waterproof Car Trash Can with Lid and Storage Pockets

There’s nothing worse than having to drive around with an open bag of garbage in the car, with that nasty old trash smell wafting through the air. Luckily, there is a solution. It’s called the EPAuto Waterproof Car Trash Can with Lid and Storage Pockets.

This trash can is not only waterproof on both sides, but it also has a lid for when you’re driving on mountain roads, or if you’re just trying to keep your car as tidy as possible. The trash can is made from a high grade plastic with a durable, heavy gauge lid that’s suitable for rough roads.

It comes with a set of five storage pockets which will help you keep your car neat and tidy. This EPAuto range product is incredibly well constructed and long lasting. The lid also has a locking mechanism that lets you easily secure trash and keep it from rolling around or even falling off the dashboard.

9. Mikacin Titanium Metal Quick Release Keychain Clip

With Mikacin titanium keychain, the trucker in your life can keep their keys and cash close at all times. The Mikacin quick release clip doubles as a key and card holder, making it easy to keep track of important items using its one-touch release feature.

This EDC keychain is made from durable titanium metal finish, giving it a long-lasting quality that you can depend on. It comes with a durable ring that is attached to an easy release clip, so you can quickly remove your keys and cards for easy access. This unisex keychain allows you to conveniently carry your keys and other small items wherever you go.

10. Huryfox Car Tray Steering Wheel Table

The Huryfox car tray is a table and laptop tray combo, perfect for getting some work done on the go. It attaches to your steering wheel and is held in place by an adjustable clamp that fits every car’s steering column.

The arm is strong enough to hold even the heaviest laptops, and it adjusts vertically to any desired height. The large surface measures 25 x 16 inches and has a padded wrist rest that can be set at any height you like.

The table also has 4 USB plugs for charging your devices on the go. This is a great accessory for anyone who wishes to stay productive on those long road trips. Use the laptop tray to check your email during those long drives, or even watch a movie while you drive. You can keep in touch with clients and friends while still keeping your eyes on the road with this cool gadget.

11. Carhartt Men’s Insulated Grain Leather Work Gloves

If you’re looking for a reliable and affordable pair of gloves, look no further than these Carhartt gloves. They’re made from top-grain leather and have an insulated lining that is waterproof and breathable. The seam-sealed safety cuffs ensure that the warmth doesn’t escape. They also come in 3 sizes.

A unique feature of these gloves is that the fingers are protected with leather, so they remain nice and warm, even when your hands are cold from dead-lifting a tractor or driving for hours. The outer shell is quite strong; yet the gloves don’t feel bulky or heavy. The inner lining is nice and soft, yet strong and protective.

They are designed primarily to be used as leather work gloves. If you live in a wintery climate and need a pair of waterproof work gloves, these would be perfect for your everyday life. They’re made in the USA and can handle a lot of wear and tear while still looking new.

12. Levi’s Men’s Trucker Jacket

If you’re looking for a jacket that can be worn in any season, then the Levi’s Men’s Trucker Jacket is perfect for you. Keep your look fresh and on point year-round with this timeless piece of outerwear. Featuring a variety of styling options, it can be worn as an outer jacket or a shirt when the temperature starts to cool down.

This bold denim jacket is a centerpiece of any outfit. An embroidered Levi’s logo is also featured on the chest and back for a sporty touch. The designer details ensure it’s made from soft, durable material that has been pre-washed for additional softness. The Levi’s Men’s Trucker Jacket is available in sizes small to extra large.

13. Tidify Car Front Seat Organizer

The next product on our gift guide list is a truck organizer with a sleek, minimalist design that fits in the center console. It features an adjustable strap opening which allows you to fit on most front seats, and it keeps items organized.

The material is strong and durable and will last for years! Tidify has been designed to look minimalistic without losing its function. The product is perfect for anyone who loves to keep their truck clean and looking new. Tidify is simple, compact, and will make a real difference in your phone-centric life.

People who have a hard time keeping their car clean can easily keep their vehicles organized with this product. With Tidify, you can find what you’re looking for fast without having to wade through a mess of items.

14. Timberland Waterproof Ankle Boots

This shoe comes with multiple features that make it both functional and stylish. It features a dark brown, waterproof finish for optimal comfort and protection from the elements. It has a padded collar for increased ankle protection, which makes it ideal for walking on rough terrain. The leather shoe has a leather lining and a leather footbed.

The Timberland boot is available in medium, wide, or extra wide. It features the Timberland Pro series with anti-fatigue technology and is slip resistant. With this technology, you can work harder, longer, and with less fatigue, and less risk of falling.

It also has an easy to lace design that keeps the boot snug on your foot without causing discomfort or pinching. These Timberlands boots have all the features you need to help you work with more efficiency and confidence.

15.  BAD BANANAS Truck Driver’s 32 oz Insulated Tumbler Water Bottle

Introducing the BAD BANANAS insulated tumbler water bottle for truckers! It’s a high quality, environmentally friendly water bottle that will keep your liquids cold or hot for hours; and it’s quickly becoming a favorite at picnics, sports games, gas stations, and family outings.

This insulated tumbler is durable and features a screw top lid with a wide mouth opening for easy access. It can be easily cleaned in the top rack of your dishwasher and it’s BPA free. The BAD BANANAS design is printed on both sides; and it can be filled with whatever beverage you like! All the materials are FDA approved.

Each bottle comes with a straw which can be detached and stored inside the tumbler. It’s easy to drink out of, comfortable to hold, and it fits nicely in most car cup holders. Plus the plastic is flexible and won’t crack under pressure or if dropped.

16.  BAGSMART Travel Toiletry Organizer

BAGSMART is an innovative company with a global vision to make traveling easier and more convenient. Their latest product provides a simple way to store your toiletries while traveling! It’s called the Travel Toiletry Organizer, and it will revolutionize your chaotic bathroom counter.

It has an ergonomic design that provides stability and prevents the organizer from sliding off surfaces while holding all of your personal care items in one convenient location. BAGSMART is durable, lightweight, and roomy. It is so convenient, you’ll find yourself using it every day.

The Travel Toiletry Organizer only weighs 1.7 pounds, so you can easily pack it for your next trip. It’s made with a soft but firm TPU material that provides the perfect balance of strength and flexibility. It will last a long time and doesn’t crack or break easily.

Each compartment is removable and washable. It can fit in your suitcase or travel bag while holding all the toiletries you need. It’s a great gift for anyone traveling or who needs a convenient way to organize personal items at home.

17.  Skechers Men’s Nampa Shoes

The Nampa, one of Skechers’ newest styles, is sleek and comfortable to wear. It has a lightweight sole, flexible upper, and ankle support to help you stay active after work or during the weekend. The low-profile design will keep you in style while being secure at the same time. You can adjust the width of the shoe to fit your foot perfectly, providing you with an extra layer of support and comfort.

The upper is made of fabric, synthetic materials, and Skechers’ Interactive Foot-Frame technology, which gives it extra reinforcement. The shoe is breathable and has a fabric lining. The insole is removable and can be washed.

You’ll love these shoes for their lightweight design and their ability to flex with your movements. The rubber outer sole provides traction when walking on smooth surfaces, such as hardwood floors, making it a great shoe for everyday wear as well.

18. BINE Winter Hat And Face Mask

Most people have a winter hat, but not many of those hats also protect your face from the cold. It’s only when you go outside that you realise how much a face mask can add to your winter outfit. The BINE Winter Hat and Face Mask for men is stylish, practical, and incredibly warm.

Its design is inspired by the traditional Inuit hat. It features a thick woolen fabric. It has earmuffs that shield your head from the wind and flaps on the sides to keep your neck warm.

But what really sets this hat apart is its face mask. It features long flaps on both sides that cover your face, protecting it from the cold. It’s lined with a fleece-like material to protect your face from the wind and snow. BINE Winter Hat and Face Mask is easy to wear, looks stylish, and is practical. Plus it will add a dose of practicality to your winter outfit.

19. Dreamer Car Back Lumbar Support Pillow

The dreamer lumbar support car back is the perfect way to reduce your back pain. The contoured shape and design provides maximum comfort and support. It is ideal for anyone looking to increase their overall quality of life while driving.

The unique design of the support pillow provides both lumbar and shoulder support. Additionally, the pillow is inflatable to provide a custom fit for your back and neck. The lumbar support car back also features a velcro-closure to easily adjust the pillow as your body changes throughout the day.

20. Shiatsu Neck Shoulder Back Massager

If you’re tired of stiff, aching muscles from sitting at a wheel all day, the Shiatsu Neck Shoulder Back Massager is the perfect remedy. These massagers help to increase circulation and relieve tense muscle tissues by applying pressure to key points on your neck and shoulders that tend to get tight.

They also provide relief for those who suffer from headaches or migraines caused by stress or tension in their upper back and head area. The Healthmate massager with heat is a great buy for those who want to soothe and relax tight muscles in their neck, shoulders, and upper back.

The massager’s soothing Shiatsu kneading nodes add extra benefit to your relaxation by improving blood circulation, which results in a more relaxed state of mind. The pressure generated by these massage nodes is perfect for stimulating blood circulation and relieving tension in the neck and shoulders.

It’s recommended that you use this massager for a total of 15-30 minutes each day to receive all the benefits, including muscle relaxation and improved blood circulation. One thing is sure: it offers a level of comfort that you don’t usually find in other massagers!

21. Carhartt Men’s Insulated Jacket

This versatile jacket provides warmth and comfort for outdoor activities. It features an ultra lightweight, fabric face material with a soft waterproof exterior and is insulated for warmth.

The Carhartt Men’s Insulated Jacket is an ultra light jacket that combines the comfort of a flannel lining with the weather seal of a shell. The jacket is made from a polyester/cotton blend with a waterproof exterior and polyester flannel lining.

It is offered in 3 color selections: dark green, grey, and black. The jacket features an elastic waistband with belt loops that allow for a fitted or more relaxed fit. It includes 2 front slash pockets and 2 inside pockets to help keep your valuables safe. The Carhartt men’s jacket is a versatile jacket that provides warmth and comfort for outdoor activities.

22. Zitahli Slim Wallets for Men

It’s very common for men to have a wallet which is bulky and too heavy in their front pocket. It’s also very common for men to have back pockets that are too tight, or front pockets which don’t stretch enough. This is where Zitahli Slim Wallets for Men come in!

Zitahli Slim Wallets are designed with the male form in mind. These thin-fitting, faux leather wallets can be slipped easily into the front pocket with no effort at all. Keep in mind that they are not bi-fold or tri-fold, but simply a flat, single pocket wallet.

This is perfect if you’re looking for something to hold cards and cash for everyday use. With the option of 5 different colors available, it’s easy to find one that matches your taste. They come in tan, brown, yellow, black, or green. These wallets are slimmer than your average wallet, and stretch to fit a wide range of body shapes.

23. Upgraded LED Beanie Hat with Light

The Upgraded LED Beanie Hat with Light is a unique and new hat that is perfect for outdoor adventures. It’s lightweight and breathable — and good for daily life or on ski trips. And it stretches to fit snuggly on your head, so you’ll never have to worry about it coming off during activities. This beanie hat has a durable and breathable fleece lining that is soft and comfortable to wear. It’s also made from eco-friendly materials.


Now that you’re done reading this blog post, I hope you found it helpful. Here are a few final notes and tips to help make your decision easier:

  • Remember that this person is going to be using their truck driving skills all day long, so they’ll need something they can use while driving.
  • A lot of truck drivers are always on the move, so a gift that’s somewhat portable and/or small in size will work better than something bulky and immobile.
  • This person is going to be carrying out very important duties, so make sure you pick a gift that portrays your gratitude for their hard work and dedication.

The gifts on this list are all affordable, reliable, and useful. With the help of this article, I’m 100% confident that you’ll find the perfect gift for your favorite truck driver!