23 50th Birthday Gift Ideas for Sister That She Will Treasure Forever

It is indeed a milestone age for those who turn 50! As the person turning 50, you want your sister’s birthday to be a special occasion, with lots of love and memorable occasions. Her 50th birthday is just around the corner and you’re wondering, what’s a good gift? Well, we’re here to give you some ideas — all of which are stylish, unique, and guaranteed to make your sister feel special.

1. 50th Birthday Gift Sterling Silver Five Circle Necklace

What’s a 50th birthday without recognition? Give the woman in your life a sparkling reminder of her milestone year, with this exquisite and personalized sterling silver necklace. The EFYTAL 50th Birthday Gift Sterling Silver Five Circle Necklace is handcrafted with unique interlocking circles design and measures 19.5 inches in length. The design features five interlocking circles, symbolizing the 5 decades of a woman’s life.

The necklace is carefully crafted by hand with 925 sterling silver that is surely Great quality since the materials used is from trusted silver supplier. The necklace also come with an additional tissue paper, gift bag, and a note card. The necklace is well protected with protected packaging which prevents the product from tarnishing and tangling.

It comes with a beautiful gift box that could be used for storage purposes after the 50th birthday celebration. Show her your appreciation on her 50th birthday celebration with the EFYTAL 50th Birthday Gift Sterling Silver Five Circle Necklace, a simple yet elegant reminder of the decades she have lived beautifully.

2. 50th Birthday Wine Glass

If you have a sister celebrating a milestone birthday like her 50th, this could be the perfect gift. Dedicate this gift for her special day along side with those fancy drinks. Bring the celebrant in since the 50th Birthday Wine Glass would surely be a great one of a kind milestone gift you could give to her.

This funny stemless wine glass can hold up to 15 ounces of her favorite drink, whether it may be champagne, chardonnay, or maybe some red wine, this sure would make those drinks even fancier. It’s excellent clarity would surely make her drinks pop and stand out from the crowd. With its ergonomic design, this product features a simple yet stylish silhouette design making it fit perfectly in your hands.

This wine glass comes with a printed design that reads ” Is you 50?”. This long lasting print won’t fade and being a dishwasher safe wine glass, she won’t have a hard time keeping it clean. A gift like this would be a sure hit on her 50th birthday, so don’t wait anymore, and give her the 50th Birthday Wine Glass for her special occasion.

3. Fifty The Ultimate F Word – 50th Birthday Gift Mug

It is her 50th birthday and you want to give her something she’ll remember. This is one a life milestone and it’s a time to celebrate her past and look to her future. So why not get her one of these cool mugs? The Fifty The Ultimate F Word – 50th Birthday Gift Mug would be a great gift, as it boasts her age and is a lasting testimony of it. It’s an ideal gift for her 50th birthday and can be used every day to drink coffee, tea or whatever again and again since it has a 11 ounce capacity. It’s also made from high-quality material that makes her coffee taste rich.

Imprinted on the mug is the wording “Fifty The Ultimate F Word”, this long lasting permanently printed wordings won’t scratch off or fade, a daily reminder on how lucky she is for reaching this age. This mug for her is microwavable and dishwasher safe, meaning it’s highly convenience. It’s packaged carefully in a durable gift box, so it’ll arrive to her safely.

4. Alex and Ani Occasions Expandable Bangle for Women

The Alex and Ani Occasions Expandable Bangle is an excellent addition to her fashionable, timeless wardrobe. This adjustable bangle is a fun way to make her day special and celebrate the milestone on living 50 wonderful years of her life.

To make things even more meaningful, this bangle has color embossed charms indicating the word “fabulous” over the number 50″, a truly special detail, made just for her. Made from a combination of copper metal and nickel-free brass, this bangle is easy to care and would surely be a timeless piece of accessory.

With its guaranteed original and patented sliding mechanism, an innovative design that will fit her perfectly all day long, wherever and whenever. A 50th birthday gift milestone is no joke, so make sure it’s a stylish one with the Alex and Ani Occasions Expandable Bangle for Women, a gift to celebrate her special day, a remembrance that will surely last a lifetime.

5. 50th Birthday Soy Wax Candle

What do you give someone to make them smile on their special day? Particularly, what do you give a woman who is celebrating her 50th birthday? To answer your burning questions, the Pavilion Gift Company Smile & Make A Wish Happy 50th Birthday Soy Wax Candle would surely be just the thing you need. An intriguing gift idea to get your loved one smiling and making a wish on their special day.

This candle gift is made from soy wax with an open-faced box printed packaging and has a serenity scent which is a clean cotton scent, making its aroma smelling fresh and natural. It has scratch resistant feet makes the surface where it’s put on safe from damage. It has the wording ‘Smile And Make A Wish; Happy 50th’ printed on the front accompanied with dandelion details.

6. Personalized Initial Canvas Beach Bag by TOP Design

Are you giving your sister a gift for her 50th birthday? How about a personalized initial canvas beach bag? Picking a gift for her 50th birthday is a tough task, but adding her initial to the canvas bag might make it easier. The Personalized Initial Canvas Beach Bag would make the perfect go to gift for her. It is made with heavy duty 13oz 100% natural cotton canvas and is crafted with exquisite workmanship, making sure this product is of great quality.

It features reinforced sewn seams with dense thread that ensures durability, ready for a day on the park or even a holiday outing on the beach. With its built-in PE board on the bottom that securely protects the belongings of your dear sister, giving secure protection of those precious things.

Surprisingly, this bag can easily stand upright on its own, so you won’t have to worry about it toppling down. Being made with two tone stitching technology and high-density embroidery, this bag features a beautiful and retro design. The Personalized Initial Canvas Beach Bag by TOPDesign, easily customizable just for her name, a one of a kind gift for a one of a kind milestone.

7. 50th Birthday Gifts Blanket for Women

If you’re on the lookout for something new this year, look no further than a plush blanket emblazoned with a message of love and a reminder that they are anything but old. The Birthday Gifts Blanket for Women would is definitely a gift of love and warmth.

This throw blanket is made from 100% polyester, suitable for couch, sofa or bed. Measuring at 50×60 inches, this blanket would surely envelop your loved one with warmth. It has the wording “Behind you, all your memories. Before you, all your dreams. Around you, all who love you. Within you, all you need. Happy 50th birthday”, to remind her the love she has on her special day.

It’s beautiful looking design will add an elegant touch of style to their living room or bedroom even as it provides both warmth and comfort. Gift her the 50th Birthday Gifts Blanket for Women and make her realize how grateful you are for her while also congratulating for reaching this age.

8. SOLINFOR Lapis Lazuli Beads Bracelet

Discovering a beautiful piece of jewelry that’s rich with meaning to commemorate one’s 50th birthday can be an incredibly exciting moment. This is what you’ll find with the SOLINFOR Lapis Lazuli Beads Bracelet. The beads are made from lapis lazuli, an extremely elegant and prestigious looking stone that has an alluring blue shade.

Lapis lazuli stones symbolizes attraction of power, wisdom, and truth, a great transition of attitude as she reaches her 50th birthday. They’re completely non-reactive towards sensitive skin, so you don’t have to worry in making her skin itch. This also features a a stretchable characteristic that makes it fit to most of the women’s wrist sizes.

The bracelet will surely remind her of her beauty, both inside and out. With an additional heart designed with the bracelet, it wills surely show your love and appreciation for her. It also comes with a special card that is then packaged together as a beautifully wrapped gift. A symbolic bracelet with simple yet beautiful stones, a great way to commemorate her special milestone.

9. Willow Tree Friendship, Sculpted Hand-Painted Keepsake Box

It’s her 50th birthday, and you want to make it special. Not just any run-of-the-mill gift will do, but something equally thoughtful and personal that she’ll treasure for years to come. To show her the special friendship between you two while also commemorating all the years she have lived, then the Willow Tree Friendship, Sculpted Hand-Painted Keepsake would be a great significant gift to give.

This hand-painted resin box measures 3″ by 2″, and comes with two seated figures with cream dresses made with Bas-relief carving. The bottom of the box on the inside reveals a message of friendship and love, with a message reading “Forever true, forever friends”. Each piece is originally carved, hand-finished and hand-painted in the USA by highly skilled artisans.

Since each piece is uniquely created by hand no two pieces will be exactly alike, uniquely crafted just for her. Give her a timeless gift with the Tree Friendship, Sculpted Hand-Painted Keepsake Box, and make those memories of her birthday be special and sentimental.

10. Spa Luxetique Spa Gifts for Women

For the woman who is going to celebrate her upcoming 50th birthday celebration, give her the gift of an experience.  This wide range of spa products will set your lady’s mind on pure bliss and rejuvenation. From scents to traditional treatments, our selection is enough to fulfill any desire.

Gift her the relaxing relief with the Spa Luxetique Spa Gifts for Women. This  Spa Gift Set is a luxury 15 pieces bath set created to be a bath and body product and is made from 100% natural and nourishing high-quality ingredients such as tea tree essential oils.

This 15 pc set will surely help stay relaxed and calm as it includes 6 Soap Petals, 2 Jelly Bath Bombs, Shower Gel, Hand Cream, Body Lotion, Bubble Bath, Bath Salt, Shower Cap, Body Brush, Essential Oil, Shampoo Bar, Pouf Sponge, and Body Butter. So whenever she wants to experience a luxury bath occasion with herself, this gift set would absolutely seal the deal.

With an additional bonus of a cloth tote bag made from oxford and burlap cloth, this bag can be also used in other ways like going to mall or even to the beach, a fashionable add-on to gift set.

11. Magnetic 4 Drawers Bamboo Charcuterie Cutlery Knife Set

This beautiful and durable Charcuterie Cutlery-Knife Set is a gift guaranteed to please any woman. Sustainably grown and 100% eco-friendly natural bamboo, this elegant cheese board with four slotted hidden magnet drawers holds spreaders and serving utensils inside. It also has four high quality stainless steel knives with bamboo handles that slide out on a handy tray.

This elegant cheese board is perfect to hold Charcuterie delicacies, and it’s also great for home baking and entertaining. There’s also 2 decorative plates, 2 ceramic and 2 server forks that serve as perfect markers for positioning the utensils, and a wine opener that is great to have at home or when you are on the go.

This Bamboo Charcuterie Cutlery Set is bordered with grooves, making it easy to hold a variety of different classic bite-sized treats like crackers or olives or even premium delicacies like prosciutto or salami. Whatever she may put for this bamboo Charcuterie tray, she will surely not be disappointed .

This board will make a stunning presentation on any table, and it can also be used for slicing bread or cheese. Celebrate her 50th birthday with a gift that’s both unique and practical with the magnetic knife set makes a great statement for any kitchen, dining room table or countertop.

12. CHICLOVE Happy 50th Birthday Necklace for Women

For the 50th birthday celebration of a woman, you need to give her an unforgettable gift! A gift with a message, something that expresses your love and gratitude for her. The ChicLove Happy 50th Birthday Necklace is a perfect present for that special occasion in her life. The gift is exclusively designed to convey your warmest wishes and emotions to her.

This necklace is made from 925 sterling silver that is nickel-free, cadmium-free and lead-free while also being hypoallergenic. It means that the silver will not turn skin red, green, or itchy. The delicate and beautifully handcrafted ChicLove Happy Birthday Necklace for Women comes with five interlocking circle designs, each of which representing five decades. The circles are linked together by a stylish cable chain measuring 16 inches with a 2-inch extender at the end.

The birthday necklace will make a statement on her 50th birthday celebration. This necklace also includes a greeting card, which you can convey message on, and a silver polishing cloth, packaged altogether in an elegantly presented box. This is not just a birthday present; it is an opportunity to express your gratitude and to tell your loved one how special she is to you.

13. Positive Energy Love & Hope Sherpa Throw Blanket

This Positive Energy Love & Hope Sherpa Throw Blanket is perfect for showing your love on her special day. Vibrant colors paired with high-quality materials make this item even more memorable.

This blanket is made from high-quality Sherpa and fuzzy materials, simply made to be super-soft and comforting, making her feel totally cozy. This blanket is designed to be luxurious and elegant grade. It also includes positive words printed on it that gives a sense of encouragement, love, warmth, and strength. These positive words are to let her know that you truly care about her future. Perfect and suitable for a sofa, bed, or couch, so she can enjoy it anywhere she’d like.

The throw blanket is machine-washable, so you don’t have to worry about a stain that would ruin the look. The throw blanket can offer you a best company on many occasions. Make her feel the warmth and love to let you know how thankful you are.

14. Personalized Engraved Crystal

Take the time to order a 50th birthday present for the special woman in your life with this personalized engraved crystal. This delicately crafted gift is made from high quality K9 Crystal that is unique, clear and transparent. Made by cutting the crystal that is then hand polished into rectangular blocks. This material has a small cut surface with no impurities, scratches or bubbles and is very durable.

The crystal keeps it’s clarity and brilliance over many years, perfect for the woman who has been through it all and still looks forward to a bright future. The text on this Crystal is ‘Behind you, all your memories. Before you, all your dreams. Around you, all who love you. Within you, all you need”, symbolizing that she is cherished and always remembered.

It has a gift card, 1 gift package and one wipe cloth included. This is simply a great gift idea for your sister who has survived the good times or bad times, and had to get through many obstacles.

15. 50th Birthday Stemless Wine Glass for Women – 50 & Fabulous

For a woman who is celebrating her 50th birthday, this stylish wine glass would make a perfect gift! Celebrate that milestone with a beautiful gift that she will treasure for years to come. It’s unique and personalized just for her. She’ll love this creative gift. This wine glass has an elegant and high-quality design. It holds up to 17 fluid ounces of wine or other favorite beverage.

It features a beautiful rose gold print of the words “Fifty & Fabulous” for a special touch that makes this gift extra-special. A stemless wine glass that has a unique design, making it easy to toast with friends, making it a memorable gift that’s hard to forget. It makes a great birthday gift for any woman who loves rose gold, vintage-inspired designs and classy accessories like wine glasses. Carefully packaged using eco-friendly materials so it arrives as beautifully as it was before it was shipped.

This fun gift is a treat for her and a treat for you to get. The amazing way of enjoying the gift of wine or other favorite beverage, with this stylish stemless wine glass is perfect for dinners with friends, toasting after parties, holiday gatherings and celebrations at home. The 50th Birthday Stemless Wine Glass for Women – 50 & Fabulous will be an unforgettable reminder that she turned 50, or make the 50th birthday party that much more memorable.

16. Sterling Silver Necklace Five Pearls for Her 5 Decades

The Sterling Silver Necklace Five Pearls for Her 5 Decades that is perfect gift for her upcoming celebration. The necklace comes with five dainty pearls and a thoughtful card to make the day extra special. The necklace is made from 925 sterling silver that is nickel free, making it safe on sensitive skin.

This is a sentimental gift because of the quality and uniqueness of the necklace. Using 5 dainty pearls , each one represents a decade and is wrapped with a special card. This pearl design is unique in its own way, representing a different style and meaning. A thoughtful and meaningful necklace makes the perfect 50th birthday gift for for you sister’s upcoming celebration.

17. NOWWISH Lavender Scented Candles-Not a Day Over Fabulous

What do you give someone for their 50th birthday? For that special who is absolutely not a day over fabulous! There are a number of gift ideas for her 50th birthday that you could possibly purchase including candles. For the one who’s seen it all, done it all, and loves every minute of it? What could possibly make them feel more fabulous as they reach a milestone birthday than the NOWWISH Lavender Scented Candles – Not a Day Over Fabulous.

This candle is made from soy wax infused with Fresh Lavender fragrance and uses its own-formulated essential oil. This candle will assist with reducing uncertainty and anxiety, as well as creating a calming environment. A candle to relax them and warm them up whenever they are feeling lonely. It’s a perfect addition to her home. It has a burn time of 40 hours, so she’ll be sure to enjoy its calming fragrance during that time.

With the wording “NOT A DAY OVER FABULOUS” and a matte black packaging, this candle will certainly give her confidence as she reaches another milestone birthday.

18. Glass Dome with Led Light Galaxy Rose

It’s that magical time of year again where we give our loved ones gifts to show them how much they mean to us. A birthday is a great time of year to show someone how much their presence in your life means. Then what way show your love and appreciation than with the Glass Dome with Led Light Galaxy Rose.

This beautiful piece of art will make the perfect addition to any woman’s home, especially for her 50th birthday. A precisely handcrafted Artificial rose flower made by skilled artisans, this gift would surely be a timeless and one of a kind gift. The gold-plated rose with colorful LED is meant to create a mesmerizing atmosphere inside the room. The Glass Dome, transparent and clear, provides a decorative purpose as these colors shine through into the room.

With a plastic base to support the Rose, it stands tall and straight, one way to greatly display this in her home. Battery powered Led lights using 3 AAA batteries, this rose is colorful and bright decoration and can be used day or night. Accented with colorful butterflies, this brilliant rose is the perfect accent to her room. This Rose can be kept anywhere as it is light weight and durable. If you’re looking for a unique gift for your loved one, look no further. This amazing piece makes for a perfect gift idea for her 50th birthday.

19. I’m 50 – Funny 50th Birthday Ceramic Cup

This beautifully designed pink mug with gold accents will make her feel like she’s back in time when she was a little girl and being celebrated for everything she has brought into life so far.

With its modern design, this mug would surely be used for a cup of joe or any drink she’d like. This bright pink cup is the perfect gift for her. On it, there are words that were inscribed to say how special she is, on how much you love her and how she should stay young in spirit. There’s also an illustration of a number 50 that sums up just how long it’s been since she was born.

This will surely become her favorite mug to use every day because it’ll remind her that while she may be getting older, you still think of her as the same person she was at 30 or 40 years old. Gift her the convenience of enjoying her drinks with the I’m 50 – Funny 50th Birthday Ceramic Cup, and watch her smile as she receives this gift.

20. Lucky Feather 50th Birthday 14K Gold Dipped Beads Bracelet

It can be hard to find something that will stand out among other gifts. Lucky Feather has a wide variety of quality jewelry that all make great 50th birthday gift ideas for her including this 14K Gold Bracelet – the perfect unique way to show how much you care.

This milestone birthday bracelet is made with 50 sterling silver dipped dainty beads and is adjustable to fit most women. It also features a secure sliding toggle closure so that it won’t fall off. A simple yet meaningful birthday gift idea for her, this gold dipped necklace is a wonderful way to show to the world how much someone means to you.

This birthday bracelet makes a great gift idea for your sister who’s turning 50. Give her joy on her  50 with the Lucky Feather Bracelet, a sentimental and meaningful gift that will be treasured as a keepsake for life and a great a way to commemorate 50 years of her wonderful life.

21. One Savvy Girl Wine Tote Bag with Stainless Steel Stemless Wine Glasses

The One Savvy Girl Wine Tote Bag with Stainless Steel Stemless Wine Glasses wine would surely be a great gift. This beautiful wine bag has a large storage interior so you can carry up to 2 bottles of your favorite wine around in style and convenience. With its spacious storage, this bag is perfect for carrying your favorite bottle plus all of her other essentials on her next day out, concert or vacation.

The tote bag is perfect for the one who loves a bottle of wine that she can bring with her for the day. It’s a great all in one travel bag. This uniquely made wine bag, made of high quality polyester fabric is lightweight and features a padded insulation for the extra protection of wine bottles.

This bag also has additional external storage pouches so you can carry tiny stuff as well. Featuring a carry handle and adjustable shoulder strap, it’s the ideal bag for someone who needs a bag that is both stylish and useful, and making it simple to carry around, especially when you’re going to the beach this summer.

With additional 2 premium stainless steel insulated stemless wine glasses, it makes the whole set very unique and simply perfect.

22. CQNET 50th Birthday Keepsake Gift Bag for Women

If you have someone in your life celebrating their 50th birthday, then it’s a good idea to get them something that will last. The CQNET 50th Birthday Keepsake Gift Bag will surely be a great gift for her upcoming birthday. This cotton tote bag is just what you need. It is large enough for groceries and the quality material ensures that this bag will remain in great condition even after years of use.

The vintage and humorous saying on the bag will also bring a smile to your loved one’s face. The words ‘not everyone looks this good at 50’ is so true, and it’s something that most people will agree to. This soft, and light cotton tote bag will certainly make her day with the extra space inside for all of those items she might need for her day to day tasks.

It has a large size and measures 7.2″ by 12″ by 12″, making it a good size for almost anything that needs to be hand carried. The dimensions of this bag are just right and will fit perfectly in most car trunks.

23. EFYTAL 50th Birthday Gifts for Women

For her one and only 50th birthday, she deserves a precious piece of jewelry. Charm bracelets are classic but if you’re looking for something special, EFYTAL offers 5 cubic zirconia stones with one for each decade. The EFYTAL 50th Birthday Gifts for Women is a meaningful gift that will last forever. A simple yet meaningful gift for her 50th birthday.

This necklace is nickel-free and there’s no risk of redness, bumps or itchiness on her skin. So you don’t have to worry about her being allergic to the metal used to craft this. Plus the bracelet is packaged to be protected from tarnishing or tangling so she can keep it safe and sound in her jewelry box.



Sisters are forever – for better or for worse. It’s important to celebrate the special bond and uniqueness of these relationships, so we hope this list of 50th birthday gift ideas for sisters provides you with some thoughts. If you have any other ideas, please feel free to share in the comments section below.

Happy birthday, sister!