33 21st Birthday Gift Ideas For Your Son That Will Make Him Feel Like a Man

The 21st birthday party is a significant turning point in a young man’s life. It marks the time when he steps from his teenage years into adulthood, and it signifies the passage of another year in his life. Most young men are happy with 21st birthday gifts and look forward to exchanging gifts with their friends and loved ones and your son is no different.

Many of them are expected at a party or any other function where friends, families, colleagues and all others come together to wish the person who has reached the age of 21. While there is no one-size-fits-all for 21st birthday presents, there is a lot that can be done in order to create a memorable moment for the young man being celebrated.

Here are some great 21st birthday gift ideas for your son that can prove to be a great hit and make for a memorable 21st birthday celebration.

1. 21 Years Of Being Awesome T-Shirt

If you are having a birthday celebration for men, an exclusive birthday t-shirt is the perfect choice to commemorate his special day. The 21 Years Of Being Awesome T Shirt will make an unforgettable present for him. This t-shirt has a retro and vintage look to it with its fabric made from light weight cotton material which will keep him comfortable all day long. This gift will surely become one of his best and most favorite pieces. With its stylish twist, the 21st birthday t-shirt is one of the coolest birthday gift for him today.

2. LOGROTATE Moon Lamp

Create a new way to express your love with the Moon Lamp for your son’s 21st birthday! This is something that he’ll be sure to love! The Moon lamp features a sleek, space-age design with 16 color RGB mood lighting. It also comes with remote control operation so you can choose the best light setting for any occasion (including sleep!). You’ll never have to worry about forgetting to turn off your lights again. The 4.8 INCH diameter Moon Lamp is made with 3D printing technology that gives its signature realistic design and feel to it. Surprise your 21st birthday celebrant with this awesome gift!

3. ORIGINAL 50 Caliber Shot Glass

The perfect thing for when you want to enjoy a drink with some friends. During his 21st birthday, surprise him with the Original 50 Caliber Shot Glass. Each shot glass is shaped like a 50 caliber bullet casing and holds 2 ounces of your favorite drink. The original 50 caliber shot glass set includes two beautiful ceramic shot glasses that look just like rifle rounds on their side. With its realistic design cool enough to make the birthday celebrant, the coolest person in the room. These awesome shooters makes a great present for a guy’s 21st birthday. Gift them this to commemorate their big day in becoming an adult!

4. KLUBI Can Cooler

What’s the best birthday present for someone turning 21? A cool, insulated can cooler! Sipping a cold drink on a hot day is the absolute best. And after all, what could be more appropriate than an ice cold beer to celebrate his 21st birthday? There’s nothing like it. This can cooler is made of stainless steel. It has the added bonus of double wall insulation to keep the drink extra chilly much longer. With this personalized can cooler, he’ll have his favorite drink inside a handy accessory that keeps drinks frosty cold! Not to mention a special personalization that serves as a keepsake, perfect for the year the celebrant has turned 21!

5. Happy 21st Birthday Flask Gift Set

The Happy 21st Birthday Gift Flask Set is a unique way to make a long-lasting impression. This is perfect for his one of a lifetime celebration and will make the perfect present for the 21st birthday celebrant. It holds 10 ounces of his favorite beverage, as well as being rust resistant and made of a specially formulated grade stainless steel. So now there’s no need to settle for anything less when it comes to luxury drinkware! If you’re looking for something memorable without sacrificing quality or durability, nothing beats this 21st birthday flask gift set.

6. Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Leather Wallet

Want to gift the 21st Birthday celebrant with a something memorable and functional? The Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Leather Wallet is the perfect answer. It has space to store up to 6 cards, including space for an ID card, and it has a slim design that will fit easily in a pocket or bag. All of these features, and it’s 100% leather! The leather wallet is characterized by its smooth and refined aspect, it can be easily worn with a suit or a pair of jeans, this wallet will give him a long-lasting impression. This outstanding wallet will add style and sophistication to any outfit he wears. As he enters adulthood, this is the perfect gift with a classy and stylish finish.

7. Survival Kit 16 in 1

Do you have someone in your life with celebrating his 21st birthday soon? Then this is for you. Finding gifts for him can be really difficult, but if you really want to impress him with a gift, then this is the one! This is the perfect gift that can help him to survive in any situation.

The Survival Kit 16 In 1 is the ultimate, complete set of tools that contains everything he needs to survive in any situation or environment. This comes with survival gear and equipment, its a great camping partner, and it is a cool accessory for him to have. Surprise your 21st birthday celebrant with The Survival Kit 16 In 1, the ultimate birthday gift for him.

8. Level 21 Unlocked T-Shirt

Coming off a great 21st birthday for a gamer? Here’s the perfect gift for that big day. This t-shirt is perfect for the 21st birthday celebrant. Complete with classic and stylish design, this shirt is sure to make anyone who sees it laugh and know that he is already 21 and a true gamer at heart. The Level 21 T-Shirt, is a great 21st birthday gift shirt for him. It is lightweight, ready for the adrenaline rush during his gaming sessions.

This unique birthday t-shirt features double-needle sleeve and bottom hem. A classic fit he can wear it for weeks, even months, without growing tired of it. The Level 21 Unlocked Birthday T-Shirt is the perfect gift for your loved one who just turned 21. Whether he’s a gamer with an extreme passion for gaming or an avid armchair gamer, this is the perfect shirt to send him out on his way.

9. KSIPZE LED Strip Lights

As he celebrates his 21st birthday and enters a new chapter in his life, this would be a great gift to express himself. Gift him with the KSIPZE LED Strip Lights! This LED Strip Lights with RGB produce very colorful lighting. This RGB light can be controlled remotely via the included remote; it has buttons for different lighting modes.

With the variety of settings given to this remote, the user is able to customize their experience in any room or setting where they are using this device. The product also includes 50 feet of available strip lights that can provide a more customized experience while still providing great versatility in terms of both design and practicality. Surprise him and brighten his 21st birthday with this gift!

10. MOKOQI Magnetic Levitating Globe with LED Light

The MOKOQI Magnetic Levitating Globe with LED Light is one of the coolest tech gifts for him, especially when it’s his 21st birthday. It features a globe floating mid-air by magnetic force at the bottom and top frame. This also has a 360 degree rotation that can last up to 15-25 minutes of continuous use.

Just imagine the looks on the birthday celebrant when he get his hands on this cool gift! It is an ideal gift when he loves his gadgets and tech accessories. The Magnetic Levitating Globe is a great addition to his home, office or even at school. This levitating globe is a perfect gift for his 21st birthday. A fun way to show that you’re thinking of him!

11. RTGraphics 24-in-1 Tactical Pen

If you’re looking for a cool and different gift idea for him on his 21st birthday, consider giving him something that can be used 24-in-1. The 24-in-1 tactical pen comes with of the most functional design in the world. With its sleek and cool black colored aesthetic, it has both purpose and prestige for him. The durable aluminum alloy body is made to withstand wear and tear, corrosion resistances, toughness, and great edge wear — perfect as a daily carry item! This also have a heavy duty pocket clip that makes it easily attachable. Gift him with this versatile tactical pen sets that makes the most awesome gift on his special day.

12. Wantdo Military Jacket

Celebrate your son’s 21st Birthday with style and give him this cool and fashionable gift. Wantdo Military Jacket is made of durable, breathable cotton that provides protection and maximum comfort. This windproof jacket is designed with a zipper closure and five multifunctional pockets. It has adjustable snap button cuffs and hem to keep him warm from chilly temperatures. Wantdo Men’s Jacket has durable fabric against wear and tear to last season after season. With its design and practicality, it would be a great gift for his birthday that he’ll like!

13. TRAVANDO Men’s Slim Wallet

As your son enters adulthood on his 21st birthday, surprise him with the best of both worlds: style and function. TRAVANDO wallets come in an array of colors and designs to suit his individual taste. Easily carry your cards without scratching them or leaving any marks! Thanks to its optimized design this card holder is capable of holding up to 11 credit cards. With its money clip, it also able to hold several bills inside of it.

Keep in mind that this wallet not only combines convenience but also luxury thanks to its design made in Germany with its faux leather material. This wallet also feature RFID Blocking. Tested by an independent German quality control institute. this provides blockage from the 13.56 MHz band and protect against data theft by RFID scanners. Classy and stylish wallet with prestige, purpose, and protection, a great gift for his upcoming celebration.

14. Fossil Men’s Minimalist Watch

It’s not easy to find a watch that will go the distance, especially if you know it’s your son’s 21st birthday celebration just around the corner. With this timepiece, Fossil Men’s Minimalist Watch will make sure him on time with a range of features to match his lifestyle: quartz movement with analog chronograph display, and hardened mineral crystal lens that makes it resistant to scratches.

This stainless steel quartz chronograph watch features a mid-century dial design to provide a vintage yet classy and stylish appearance. Water resistant up to 50m, this is sure to make it ready for a splash or two. With its minimal, sleek, and pulled-together style, this is sure to prove itself to be an awesome gift for his upcoming celebration.

15. Under Armour Men’s Charged Assert 9 Running Shoe

Want to give this to someone active on his upcoming birthday? The Under Armour Running Shoes are the perfect footwear for any runner looking to be pushed to the limits. Boasting a durable synthetic leather overlays for stability, a solid rubber outsole that provides greater durability with less weight, and soft cushioning energized by Charged Cushioning, they’re sure to keep him going in confidence and comfort on even in his longest of runs.

Lightweight, the shoes provide breathability, allowing the feet to remain cool and dry. The running footwear features Charged Cushioning which provides lightweight responsiveness to every landing. This delivers a soft bounce back as the foot push off with each step. Having a cool design with its awesome features, providing style and comfort, this a gift worth running for.

16. Champion Men’s Powerblend Fleece Hoodie

Comfort and style, perfect combination for a piece of clothing he’d like to wear. Surely, you’d be confused where to get one, especially for his upcoming birthday, and if so, then we have just the item for you – Champion Men’s Powerblend Fleece Hoodie. This lightweight jacket that weighs 9 ounces only, and is made from a blend of cotton/polyester that resists shrinking. This jacket also features a pull on closure that makes it easily adjustable. Also wanting superior feel and warmth?

The Champion hoodie offers a brushed interior fleece for extra warmth without having the extra weight in it, also accompanying that is the kanga pocket on the front side to keep you hands warm. Looking for comfort? This jacket in manufactured with a half moon neck facing and back neck tape for no irritation. Lastly, this jacket is cost efficient, what a surprise! With its material made from traceable U.S. grown cotton, it uses less water, and since its cold water wash friendly, it reduces energy usage too.

17. Under Armour Tech Graphic Shorts For Men

Looking for a pair of shorts that can match his active stance? The Under Armour Tech Graphic Shorts are just the thing. Made from ultra-soft, quick-drying, natural feel, and sweat resistant materials, these options are perfect for those who want comfort and proficiency. These shorts have an internal draw cord within its elastic waistband and mesh hand pockets to make them even more versatile.

This is sure to make a great gift for his birthday, with its ultra-soft fabric which is breathable, comfortable and flexible that can surely make him move freely without restraint. The material which is 100% polyester not only makes it feel great, but also helps wick away moisture which keeps users dry and fresh throughout activities. Make him feel comfy, free, and feeling awesome on his upcoming celebration with the Under Armour Tech Shorts.

18. TESLYAR Wood Rotating Swivel Phone Docking Station

It’s hard to find the perfect gift for a man that you know. So, we decided to help you with this present of a charging station and organizer. The TESLYAR Wood Rotating Swivel Phone Docking Station has all these different functions in one place. It is made of solid ash tree, which is eco-friendly, and has non-toxic protective finishing with strong and sturdy design. It is truly amazing how many things fit in it. It can hold all of their keys, pens, phones, and a lot more. Basically everything they need to organize and charge at once.

This would be a great gift because it will help them get organized and everything will be easy to find. The wood is strong enough that anything you put in here won’t lose its shape or get damaged easily unless you’re having a tornado inside your home at the same time charging your phone. The natural color of the wood makes it look really cool as due to the very beautiful and unique structure of Ash-tree.

With its best high-quality solid wood, smoothly polished surface, covered with durable finishing, this is sure to fit any interior with both classical and modern styles. To finish things off, you don’t need to worry about gift wrapping. This packed in eco-friendly rustic-style gift box, perfect for his upcoming celebration.

19. KC Premium Leather Beads Bracelet

Not sure what to get for his birthday? Look no further. This KC Premium Leather Beads Bracelet will come in handy on any occasion and is a great quality piece. The adjustable magnetic clasp steel makes it easy to tighten or remove the bracelet without any struggle and keep it securely on your wrist; plus it’s stylish enough to be worn with formal attire, but also casual enough for jeans and t-shirts.

This bracelet features an array of precious gemstones/Tiger-Eye Style Beads, made from premium leather which is braided and multi-layered. Strong stainless steel with 316L rating, and high IP Plating that makes it both durable and sturdy.

The magnetic clasp and beads are tough, yet lightweight and won’t weigh you down or get in the way. The fashionable, masculine design and smooth metallic tones makes it easy to go from day to night or any occasion in between.

It is also engraved with the inspirational quote: “Follow Your Passion”. This bracelet is a great way to show your love and devotion to your son, especially as he enters adulthood on his upcoming 21st birthday. Strap it on, adjust it comfortably, slide it up the wrist and secure it in place; then let his passion lead him wherever he chooses.

20. Toilet Bowl Night Light with Motion Sensor LED by RainBowl

Want to surprise him on his upcoming birthday with a gift that’s too fun to forget? the Toilet Bowl Night Light with Motion Sensor LED might be an awesome gift to have a laugh or two. This device is an innovative and fun way to light up the toilet at night without illuminating other areas of the room or waking up others in your household with bright lights. Surprisingly, this is both a practical and unusual gift idea for him.

This Toilet Bowl Night Light is battery powered and equipped with flawless sensors that set off only at nighttime and is motion activated. The LED lamp at the end of the rod is covered in full ABS plastic that prevents water damage from casual splashing. The LED Lamps feature 8 different colors that includes a rainbow transition mode. Greet the birthday celebrant with this funny yet awesome gift that he’ll be sure to enjoy.

21. 21st Birthday Shot Glasses – Cheers to 21 Years

The perfect gift for your son’s 21st birthday, these shot glasses will guarantee the cheers are never-ending. The 21st Birthday Shot Glasses, are engraved with “Cheers to 21!” that are sharply printed to make it visible. These 2 ounce shot glasses are casually styled and have a classic look that will suit any setting. This is fully toughened glassware, transparent and resistant to impact damage at all points, making it sturdy enough for his birthday or any occasion!

Offered in packs of 6, this is glassware that’ll truly makes moments last. Functional, universal, and professionally crafted, these glasses are designed to make your alcohol taste and smell better. With this gift, the party truly begins, as the drinks are pouring in, gift him this on the night of his party to celebrate a special moment in his life as he enters adulthood. Give a long lasting impression with the 21st birthday shot glasses.

22. Vetelli Leather Toiletry Bag for Men

A practical and reasonably priced gift for him can be difficult to find, but this Vetelli Leather Toiletry Bag for Men is a practical choice. It is made out of premium PU leather which is rated high-grade, has four internal pockets, two snap-fastened square pockets , and two zipper pockets that can expand easily. It’s easy to clean and water resistant due to premium high grade PU leather.

A combination of PU leather and interiors made with heavy duty canvas that are crafted to resist leaks and spills that aims to prevent damage while you travel. With its heavy duty metal hanging hook, hard wearing durable zips and buckles. it has proven in making the product versatile. Whether he hangs or lays this bag anywhere he wants, this product is capable of any of those.

23. MoCuishlen Shiatsu Back Shoulder and Neck Massager with Heat

Here is a great gift for him who is on the go or just wants the comfort of feeling loose and relaxed. It’s extremely compact, lightweight and portable. It is the Shiatsu Back Shoulder and Neck Massager the perfect gift for his upcoming birthday. This awesome product will start to massage your back with its Shiatsu based therapy massage nodes that offer 8 kneading modes in 3 speeds (slow, medium, fast) and with adjustable directions.

This easy-to-use massager also comes with infrared heat that provides warmness that helps improve blood circulation and relieves body aches, cramps, and tension. It has a built-in automatic shut off timer that shuts off after 15 minutes so you don’t have to worry from falling asleep from the comfort this massager gives. This gift is simply easy to use and clean, due to its premium PU leather and breathable mesh that provides a comforting experience for its users.

24. Gildan Men’s Crew T-Shirts

The perfect birthday gift for your son’s 21st Birthday celebration, these Gildan Men’s Crew T-Shirts are imported and designed with the comfort of the wearer in mind. With its Cool Spire Moisture wicking, the shirt provides resistance against sweat and moisture. The stylish crew neck t-shirt is made from a soft touch, tag free material and has machine washable properties that make it easy to maintain.

With a classic fit and style, this shirt is ideal for under clothes or can be worn as an outer layer on those cool summer days. It comes with a comfortable shoulder-to-shoulder covered seam for durability as well as a tubular rib collar that provides great cloth stretch and recovery. This comes in available multipacks of 4, 5, 6, 10 and 12, so you can pick which pack would suit him the best.

25. Beard Comb Kit by One Handsome Man

Are you about to celebrate your son’s 21st birthday with a gift that’s worthwhile? Do you want to give them a gift that is personal, sentimental, and will help them tend their beard? Look no further! The One Handsome Man has created the perfect gift for him.

This comb kit contains a 100% organic sandalwood beard comb that’s handmade packed with a PU leather case, and additional gift box. This comb is especially designed for styling the mustache and beard. A wooden comb that looks as good as it feels, comfy to the hands and beard. It is the perfect way to show someone how cherished they are and it will last years with proper care. A gift he will surely love.

26. JTEMAN Cell Phone Stand with Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

This birthday gift for him is perfect for his upcoming 21st celebration. He will be thanking you from the bottom of his heart when he will have this. The sleek and modern design of this cell phone stand with wireless Bluetooth speaker may be one of a kind on the market but it’s not just about looks because it really works! The best part about using this device is that you can charge your phone hands-free while listening to music or even watch videos with the built-in Bluetooth speaker.

Phone holder with adjustable angle is the best flexibility for watching videos, making video calls and using with other applications. This birthday gift for him is perfect since this will definitely be an awesome accessory. Its stable and non-slip, due to its bottom padding covered with anti-skid silicone.

Turn up the music with the wireless 5.0 Bluetooth speaker with its enhanced bass, tight mid tones, and crystal clear highs, no distortion at any volume. This birthday gift for him will make his entire day special and unforgettable. With a built-in microphone for and compatibility with a wide range of smartphones, this gift combines function with versatility.

27. TOUPONS Canvas Travel Duffel Bag Men’s Weekender Overnight Bag

A birthday gift that suits your son as he enters adulthood on his 21st birthday. This is a men’s canvas duffel bag that is perfect for carrying your clothes, toiletries, books, gadgets, and everyday items. The bag has 2 side pockets, 2 front zipper pockets and one back zipper pocket for all your items. There is also an inner zipper pocket to keep all your small valuables safe and an adjustable and removeable shoulder strap. This means you can wear it on the shoulder with ease!

The fabric of this canvas duffel bag is made from 100% canvas cotton which makes it durable to use regularly as well as comfortable to carry around. This bag also features a diamond shaped rubber mat at the bottom, that makes it wear-resistant and prevent damage to the bag.

With its multifunctional design, this bag can be used as flight bag, travel tote bag, large overnight bag, weekend travel bag, sports duffel bag, gym tote bag and many more occasions that this product can surely fit. Gift him this awesome gift today that he’ll be sure to use and love.

28. Gillette Proglide Shave Gift Set for Men

Put the finishing touches on his look with this gift for him. Keep his face feeling fresh with Gillette Proglide Shave Gift Set that contains 4 blade refills of Proglide shield razors, a handle which is limited edition, and 6 fluid ounces of Gillette shaving cream : Premium matte black razor handles infused with aloe and glide smoothly over skin; 0% alcohol, dyes, parabens and sulfates.

You can find all these necessities to get a close shave in an elegant box that contains everything he needs to get a perfect shave time after time. A clean and shaved face for his upcoming birthday, and every other day, cause this will be that one gift he wants to use everyday. Give the birthday celebrant with luxury of Gillette Gift Set on his upcoming celebration.

29. DiKaou Torch Table Lamp with Bluetooth Speaker

DiKaou Torch Table Lamp with Bluetooth Speaker is a latest style product, which is elegant and artistic. With high quality and innovative design, they provide unrivalled experience of music, lights and atmosphere to users. This device serves as a great gift for your son’s upcoming 21st birthday celebration due to its sleek design paired with awe stunning feature. The multi-purpose product has a great combination of a Bluetooth speaker and table lamp together…

With this high-tech smart device, you can enjoy the experience of both music and lighting at the same time. With 96 full color LED lights, DiKaou Torchs has an exquisite appearance that is bound to attract attention from others. It also has a wireless Bluetooth speaker inside its base that delivers great sound quality with no distortion in volume or clarity when listening to music.

The smart device has both power and volume control buttons at the top of its lamp, which allow users to control the music easier and faster. It is a power-saving product that has a long lifespan. With the built-in high quality rechargeable battery, you don’t have to worry about changing batteries frequently for this device has a 3600 MA battery that can last for 12 hours as a speaker and 24 hours as a lamp. Set the mood with lighting and music on his birthday celebration with the DiKaou Table Lamp.

30. The Dreamer by Versace for Men

If you are looking for a gift for his special 21st birthday celebration, the Versace Dreamer is the perfect one. This particular fragrance has notes of juniper, mugwort, and tarragon. A fragrance that is sure to make heads turn. The bottle is gorgeous with its ornate design and transparent color that makes it difficult to miss on any dresser or on top of any wardrobe. One of the best things about this perfume is that it comes in a huge 3-ounce bottle so you can splash it all over your skin when you want to feel like royalty and be loved by all who breathe nearby. Give him the luxury of smelling good on his birthday with The Dreamer by Versace.

31. Aisuo Night Light-5 in 1 Bedside Lamp

Hey there, do you need a gift for him? A room décor he will surely love? The Aisuo Night Light-5 in 1 Bedside Lamp has got your back. With 5 different functions that all work together to create one of the best bedside lamps ever, this is both a nightlight and Bluetooth speaker with MP3 player and alarm clock! You can choose from 48 different colors that have 3 levels of brightness so you’re able to find the perfect light no matter where you are.

The Aisou Light features Bluetooth 4.0 HiFi speaker which is compatible a variety devices and can reach up 33 feet or 10 meters! It also works as a digital clock, which is handy when it’s time to go to sleep. With the USB and Micro SD card compatibility, you can also play your favorite music right from it with quality sound.

Lastly, the built-in speakerphone and microphone means you can even use it to make and receive calls. How cool would it gift this to him, with its design and color lighting that can be easily customized for his specific taste and aesthetic. With this 5 in 1 bedside lamp, you’re sure to get anything he needs!

32. JamGym Muscle Massage Gun

There’s no better feeling than getting a massage for your muscles, mind, and soul. So why not treat someone to the best present you can give them? The answer: because you’ve never experienced this massager from JamGym. It features a quiet handheld design that lets you get in deep without waking or disturbing anyone around. This isn’t your average hand-held massager; it has 30 adjustable speeds so that you can get just the right feeling.

It’s also got a sleek LCD touch screen that makes it easier than ever to navigate through the many options. And we haven’t even gotten to the best part yet; it has 10 heads which allows you to get different variations depending on which one you want to use. With its amplitude of 12mm and high precision design, this is sure to find that sweet spot in which you can truly enjoy the effects of this massager to your body.

This also feature a long battery life of 2400mAh due to high-quality rechargeable lithium-ion battery. With just one full charge of to 1.5 to 2 hours gives you enough energy to last you 6 hours of smooth operation. Now you can get a massage whenever you want.

33. Brightup All in 1 Grooming Kit

This is a great and inexpensive gift for your son who is celebrating his 21st birthday. It’s perfect for someone who loves to stay groomed and it does that without any fuss or mess. The design makes it easy to clean, so this is one tool he won’t have to put away until next time. There are 6 different hair cutting combs which can be used to adjust his favorite length setting, or he can use 5 unique hair trimmer combs as well.

It has a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery that has 90 minutes run time per 1.5 hour of charging, so you can go over again without needing to get it to full charge again. This kit features stainless steel blades that’s easy to use due to its detachable design. With its non-corrosive steel blade, this won’t rust easily that helps avoid skin irritation.

Wrapping it Up

Well, I hope you found this list of cool gift ideas for your sons 21st birthday helpful. Now go find something for his birthday and you’ll get a lot more “awww from him than an oh no!”

Hopefully this list helps makes your shopping easier and that it provides plenty of ideas for gifts both your son and rest of family will love. Happy shopping!