16 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women- Ideas For Every Taste and Budget

“What do you want?” “I don’t know.” “Just give me an idea.” “Well.. I’m not sure what I want…” These are questions we’ve heard before, with all sorts of replies.

Birthdays are supposed to be a time for celebration, gifting, and good times with family and friends. However, sometimes it can be hard to come up with the perfect gift for a loved one. But fret not! We’ve put together this guide of some great birthday gift ideas for women to help you find just the right thing. This list includes items that are fun, practical, and age-appropriate as well as budget-friendly.

Our guide below will show you how to wrap up one of the cutest, most memorable gifts for that special lady in your life. So lets jump right in!

Perfumes & Bath Products

Our first suggestion is this – go for the scented stuff! Almost no woman can resist this choice. Even if she is your classically sporty type, she is sure to carry a dab of after-shower fragrance with her. This is our line-up of some of the best-scented gifts for a big birthday.

The one thing everyone remembers about this “birthday femme” is that she always has a gorgeous scent about her. Whether it’s aromatherapy, bath bombs, lavender oil on the pillowcases, or just an array of perfumes which merit their own cabinet in her dressing room; this woman always leaves an unforgettable scent which lingers.

So, buying her a perfume is a winner every time. Which one though? She’s also very choosy about this kind of thing. Luckily you know how she loves to chop and change scents as well, so getting her a gift set from a reputable perfume house is sure to be the right choice.

1. Clinique Find Your Happy Mini Fragrance Set

Clinique has created a fragrance collection that is just as unique and individual; the Find Your Happy Collection. This collection will make you happy in 6 different mini bottles ways : with fresh flowery notes and more . It’s anything but simple or basic perfume set because the scents have interchangeable combination notes of fragrance! 

Whatever else she was hoping for, the Mini Edition Clinique Happy in hints of flowers and coconut is sure to be a winning addition. These fragrance makes it easy to embrace the new season with its blend of fresh perfume notes Clinique is renowned for.

All six scents were designed to lift your mood, and make you feel “happy”, with their light and refreshing floral and tropical fruit nuances. So whether they need a pick-me-up or a way to brighten up their birthday, this set is perfect! 

2. Beauty By Earth Bath Bombs

Who doesn’t love to soak in a scented bath with soothing floral and musky notes to drain away the stress from a tough day? The problem with bath bombs is that they are so pricey, and the experience is so short-lived, that very few people can really afford to use them as regularly as they would love to.

So this is a perfect pamper-yourself gift idea for the just-turning-40-party woman. You will be gifting her with six hours of pure indulgence she will always appreciate. These USA made bath bombs are also therapeutic ; created  for “joint relief”, for you “just to relax”, to “get well soon”, for “muscle relief”, a “relaxing detox” and a “bedtime ritual”.

The collection includes these scented notes as ingredients: eucalyptus, comfy root, vanilla, chamomile, detoxifying clay, Epsom salts, special butters and high grade oils and are free of dyes – fresh, slightly floral and musky.

3. Spa Basket For Women

No scented gifts list is complete without a Spa basket for the woman who loves to dream while soaking in the tub, and then pamper her whole body “after-tub” time, just to smell good and look even fresher.

Aqua Elegante Gift Basket is much more than just a superior spa gift basket. With quality ingredients like Rose Hip Oil and Jojoba Seed Oil as well as all-natural ingredients like Shea Butter and Vitamin E. made with the luxurious scents of coconut and vanilla, this set is sure to please any type of woman turning 40 with the urge to pamper herself out of the driving stress of her busy life.

Not only are the products made from the highest quality natural ingredients , but there are 13 items to keep your giftee birthday girl happy refreshing herself in the bathroom: ranging from a luxury Spa wash, to luxury body lotion, to bath scrubs, and much more.

Sports Gifts

Most women these days play some kind of sport. From athletic shoes to sports bras, headbands to wristbands, there are many options that allow women to have a unique outfit for their favorite activity. Even if your friend who’s about to celebrate her big end-of-the-30’s-decade birthday just enjoys walking, you can find the perfect gift to accessorize her sporting passion. Here are some great sporting gift ideas your friend when she throws that big party around the corner:

4. ZETIY Women’s 5pcs Sport Suits

With these sports suits, you would no longer worry about getting the perfect look. The ZETIY Women’s Sport Suit ensemble is a fashionable and comfortable athletic outfit set designed to make a woman feel confident and free during any physical activity.

These sport suits are sure to please even the most discerning customer with their attractive designs, high quality materials made of lightweight, stretchable fabrics with soft-touch-to-the-skin which will not restrict movement and provide comfort during exercise.

The style is always in fashion, and you can afford it as a special gift without breaking your budget. The ensemble includes: A comfortable, high quality T-shirt and a sports bra. All in all a very practical birthday gift indeed.

5. AHIBGRN Swim Mesh Beach Bag Backpack

This bag is perfect for the adventurous woman on your list. It’s durable and stylish- perfect for a weekend away at the beach or lounging by home poolside. It’s water-resistant, has reinforced straps and four pockets that carry all of your gear — plus room for more too! This mesh bag has padded shoulder straps and includes a name tag pocket.

The straps are wide enough to provide maximum support to your shoulders, relieving the shoulders from heavyweight burdens. Ideally designed for water adventures, it is really multi-purpose, and can handle gear for any sporting occasion, from lakeside activities, to gym to any other type of sporting activity where carrying gear safely and comfortably is a priority.

Each beach bag is built with strong seams and sturdy material to provide maximum durability and built to last. A strong waterproof-coated nylon makes up the non-mesh part of the bag , while tear-resistant material strengthens the side and and weave mesh panels which are constructed to provide ventilation. These bags also come with a unique design to help wet gear dry out faster. The design is so practical, versatile and useful, they will really love using it! 

6. SAMSUNG Gear Sport Smartwatch

This is the ideal milestone gift if you are the husband of a sporty lady and want to get her something really different and special. A sleek and stylish timepiece, the Samsung Gear Sport Smartwatch is a must-have for any techie item on your wife’s 40th birthday best gifts list.

Is your wife one of those sporty types who does everything on the go; from sports workouts to paying bills online, to texting the children while they are doing their homework? This is one of the most multi-purpose and original sports gadgets on the market.

Ready to swim- take this smart watch with you! You can dive to 50 meters without damaging the mechanism at all. It will accurately track her fitness program, featuring workout planning from calorie tracking to personal trainer features.

This makes it great for athletes who want to take their workout routine to the next level while staying connected with friends and loved ones all day long! Cut down on your wife’s down time and frustration and help her cope seamlessly though her busy, sporty agenda.

7. Schwinn GTX Comfort Adult Hybrid Bike

The Schwinn GTX Comfort Adult Hybrid Bike is an amazing gift for a woman who loves to get out and enjoy the outdoors.

The lightweight aluminum frame is durable, sturdy, and comes in a fun design that best suits outdoor riding. This hybrid bike offers quality components like 21-speed shifters, alloy V-brakes, alloy double wall rims, and all-weather tires. This bike will help you explore the world in style!

This is an ideal choice for anyone looking to get into biking or start cycling again after taking a break from their hobby due to injury or age.

8. Bluemagic Snowsuit 

So, the birthday lady lives in icy climes and loves nothing better than to frolic in the snow to let off steam?! Anyone who loves snow sports knows this – the perfect outfit is something you cannot skimp on. Next time your friend dusts off her snowboard, make sure she has this as well.

This item is designed to withstand the roughest wear. Made of polyester with a zipper closure it resists the onslaught of cold up to -30 degrees – you will keep warm while sporting in the coldest of weather!

If they find themselves getting too heated while exercising zippered vents allow for perfect temperature control- so they will never feel too hot or too cold. The seams are also sealed to prevent the wind from permeating the layers. The external fabric is both waterproof and able to breathe, with double strong seams and a hidden storm hood. The one piece design is easy to slip on and off, and certain features, like the cuffs, are adjustable. This is, all in all, the perfect suit for an unforgettable day snowboarding with no outfit disappointments!  

Gifts for Home

Some women like to stay at home, make dinner, and spend time with their family. Other women like to go out, have a drink, and spend time with their friends. No matter what their interests are, we have a home gift ideas for any type of woman turning 40.

These birthday gifts are a great opportunity to get them something they can enjoy from inside their own home. Ideal for all types of women, these ideas are personalized and thoughtful.

9. Hypervolt Plus Handheld Percussion Massage Gun

If your birthday girl needs to give her muscles a more comforting, relaxing massage, look no further than the Hypervolt Plus Massager gadget. This device features quiet glide technology to create an even more powerful hand-held massage that is great for relieving sore muscles and stiffness. 

It works just as well for those occasional, but ongoing, daily lifestyle body aches as it is does an effective solution to the pain and stiffness often associated with athletic injuries, arthritis and chronic conditions, like fibromyalgia or spinal stenosis.

The three speeds and five interchangeable heads feature means , you’ll have the perfect solution for soothing any muscle in your body while stimulating blood circulation naturally. It is also lightweight, cordless and can be taken with on trips away from home.

10. Timberland PRO Anti-Fatigue Technology Slide Sandals

You’d be surprised how tired your feet can get just walking about the house in your daily routine if you wear the wrong foot attire. Timberland is a name to trust in durable , comfortable footwear, and this item is no different;  if not, in fact, a “must have” for any tired home-maker with fatigued feet.

These are perfect for anyone who spends all day on their feet at work or likes to go on long hikes and walks. The Timberland Sandals will provide your loved one with the comfort they deserve!

These expertly designed slip-ons boast an underfoot anti-fatigue technology which makes walking around the home like walking on clouds. They are lightweight, designed to absorb shock while returning energy as you walk

11. 40th Birthday , 1982 Vintage 20 oz Coffee Tumbler Cup

How often do you see the birthday lady on the run with a cup of coffee in her hand she never seems able to finish before the clock is set to get on the go again? Does this sound like your giftee? Does she just hate to leave that coffee cup behind every time  to be swilled half way down the drain? This could be the ideal, useful, elegant affordable gift for her.

Introducing the rose colored, stainless steel 20 oz coffee tumbler with a classic 40th birthday design printed on it to remember this once-in-a-lifetime occasion. Are there better 40th birthday gifts for  a woman than this? We think not.

A perfect present for someone who likes to keep things hot, cold, or both. The stainless steel material is food-grade and a double walled design  keeps your beverages hot throughout the day or cold from morning until night (or vice-versa). It features a sliding splash-proof transparent lid and is BPA-Free. The  construction materials ensure that the tumbler is toxin free. No more  wasted coffee moments with this sleek, elegant tumbler design!

12. Gingprous Wine Tumbler for 40th Birthday

  How often do you find yourself with a glass of wine by the poolside in the sweltering heat; then you forget about it for a hour or two as you swim, to return to a drink which is tepid and undrinkable. Throwing away that expensive wine is such a pity, that you might even drink it and not enjoy it at all! Meet our stainless steel wine tumbler.

It’s sleek, elegant, and practical in a gorgeous printed rose-gold  on stainless steel which is food-grade! The design is durable and it prevents leakage. This is because the tumbler boasts a leak-proof sliding lid, which won’t spill even if it gets knocked over at the poolside while you are swimming! The fact that it is insulated with a  design perfect matching lid makes it ideal  for a  any backyard party, or ladies brunch celebration – even take it to the lakeside or to a BBQ site in the mountains for a memorable experience.

Intended primarily to keep your wine cold, it is designed to keep beverages both icy cold and piping hot – so fill it with hot tea as you go about your housework, and it works just as well- with no messy leakages around the edges as the tumbler tips. The straw is leak-proof, and the silicone tip is so gentle on your lips, even your baby could sip from it!

13. Amazon.com Gift Card in a Gift Bag

This gift is a resounding favorite. It’s like having a blank gift cheque at a store where you can find almost anything on the planet- what a dream shopping spree to look forward to for your giftee! You decide the value limit, and your giftee can shop to her hearts content. That’s why these types of gifts are so popular.

They might not be personalized but they give your giftee so much liberty to get just what they wanted or needed, that they might even appreciate it more than your personal thought The gift card has no expiry date and is redeemable on literally millions of items on Amazon. It’s like giving your giftee a second party event!

14. Dan Technology Travel Hair Dryer

Is your giftee a frequent traveler who has to look good for business encounters? Everyone knows the struggle of packing for travel and trying to fit all your toiletries in one bag.

The Dan Technology travel hair dryer is the perfect tool for folks on the go. This is a travel-sized hair dryer with two fast heat settings which are great for thick hair and low heat settings that are good for thin, soft hair. Not only is it lightweight and small enough to fit in your bag, it has a convenient concentrator technology to keep your hair looking great all day long.

Packed with helpful features like a diffuser and foldable handle, this machine will leave you feeling ready for anything. It’s hard to imagine how much easier it can possibly be than doing what you have always done with previously pretty standard results! If that sounds like something you would find useful, then take a closer look at this latest tool featured here — it’s got great features and an affordable price tag that could easily help transform your birthday girls home and travel styling routine.

15. Instant HEPA Air Purifier for Home Allergies

How about this small room air purifier tailored for her small room studio environment? Help her protect herself from allergies and other respiratory diseases. The new Instant HEPA air purifier is designed for home use. It helps remove debris like dust and pet dander, while it gently removes impurities that cause the allergic reactions in the first place.

The 99.9%  tested technology C and V removal feature ensures the removal by  99% of not only pet dander , but viruses and other allergens from the treated air. It has an advanced 3-in-1 filtration technology which a range of identified ultra-fine impurities. The HEPA activated filtration combined  with plasma ion technology ensure easy breathing. Clean the air in a small room in minutes with this not- to-be-missed home appliance!

16. MAZ-TEK Plug-in Led Night Light with Auto Dusk to Dawn Sensor

How often does one stumble out of bed at first light and the stairwell is poorly so poorly lit, that in your hurry to get going with the day, you almost hurt yourself. If this is true of your giftee and her household , this is a must have duo combo: These MAZ-TEK Plug-in Led Night Lights features automatic dusk to dawn sensor that automatically turns on and off when it’s dark or light. It provides you a comfortable and beautiful light source in any room of the house or office.

The unique design is small, compact and has an attractive appearance to fit in with the rest of your elegant home décor. It boasts high energy conservation  with LED technology and 50 000 hours of light up time. Put an end to all that dangerous stumbling about in the dark at those awkward  caught-in-a-rush moments – a gift she will sincerely thank you for for a long time!  

In Summary

Women’s birthdays are, for many, a time for reflection and rejuvenation. Whether or not you celebrate your birthday is irrelevant – the important point is that this day of the year provides an opportunity to reflect on what you want to do with your life and what strides you want to take in terms of personal growth. To help us get more in touch with our own thoughts and feelings, here are some ways in which women can use their birthdays as a chance to grow. This is especially the case with a landmark birthday like a woman’s 40th one!