Colors of the Oasis: Central Asian Ikats

 October 16 2010 through March 13, 2013
The Textile Museum
2320 S Street NW, Washington DC

In the streets of Central Asian oasis towns, a man’s clothing defined his status in society and proclaimed his wealth. In the home, the place of honor was filled with the richest ikat textiles. Many family ceremonies were celebrated in surroundings made beautiful with textiles. Ikats display Central Asian artists’ and weavers’ attention to the harmony between design, color and execution in order to create their master works. These textiles are visually stunning because of their bold graphic designs, rich fabric texture and deep, rich and brilliant colors, all of which make them a key source of inspiration for contemporary designers and artists.
Colors of the Oasis will feature a selection from the 148 high caliber Central Asian ikats given to The Textile Museum by collector Murad Megalli in 2005.The stunning, colorful textiles on view will include coats for men and women, and women’s dresses and pants, as well as cradle covers, hangings and fragments -- all on view for the first time ever.



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