Irresistible Charms

Peruvian designer Meche Correa wants you to think Peruvian

You can’t resist Meche Correa. Her magnetic personality, her individual style, and the strength of her designs will capture you.  Once she has your attention, she wants to tell you about Peru through her words and her work.  Her rare blending of fashion with indigenous techniques reaches deep into her culture, and fashionistas in Peru and elsewhere are reaching across store counters to purchase her offerings.  
Born and raised in Lima, Meche sees her creations through the lens of her cultural heritage: “My true privilege in life was being born in Peru.  The force of our 1,000-year culture is my base and my great inspiration.”  She travels regularly to artisan communities in Ayacucho, Cajamarca, Cusco and the Amazon to explore their talents, find inspiration, and train artisans, mostly women, in production.
Meche did not go to school to learn design but rather found it naturally, she says. “I consider that Peru is a jewel for the world with historical and cultural roots dating back to pre-Columbian times. My passion for my country and for my work gives a unique taste to what I do.”
In the face of global competition Meche’s dedication to artisans keeps her business motivated and alive. “My work is shaped and made by the women, and why I train them is a fundamental part of me.  I like hearing their suggestions and comments, and thanks to them I have improved many details of my work. To listen is to learn and to learn is to advance”.
Meche’s has great hope for the future of her country’s designers and artisans.  She is regularly invited to speak at design schools where she impresses upon students the importance of understanding and knowing their own country first.  “If we look within our own country, we are supplied with endless inspirations. The next generations of Peruvian designers will be extraordinary because, finally, they have been injected with a love of Peru.  This makes me very proud.  Soon Peru will be spoken of more and very well in the world.” 
When asked about the future for Peruvian artisans, Meche is also hopeful.  So often we think about the forces of modernization and globalization as destructive to artisans.  In Peru, however, Meche believes that strong community traditions will keep artisan techniques alive in spite of global change. “Peru is one of those small countries where, if you travel to the remote mountains or forests, you will encounter people who maintain their customs, their way of life, their music, their festivals, their dress. All authentic and very colorful.  Globalization and modernization from time to time pose a risk to the continuity of these traditions and customs. But Peru’s history teaches us how to endure,” she says with considerable force. And charm.
Meche’s products can be found in exclusive boutiques in Peru, France, Italy, Spain and the United States. Her flagship boutique is located at Av. Conquistadores 325, San Isidro, Lima, Peru.



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