A Woman’s Voice

Blending art, empowerment and education
The inspiration behind Sa Voix (“Her voice”) is thanks to the company’s co-founders Renise Jean and Jessical Eileen Drogosz. Sa Voix’s founding was in response to Renise’s strong sentiments, dreams and goals after leaving at the age of 18 the Port Au Prince orphanage where she was raised. HAND/EYE Online interviewed Renise and Jessica to learn more about Sa Voix, their vision and their art. Sa Voix will be attending NY NOW's Artisan Resource August 20-23 at NYC’s Jacob Javits Center.
HAND/EYE: Tell me more about the concept behind Sa Voix.
Renise and Jessica: Sa Voix’s vision blends  fine art, women’s empowerment, and education, through our social initiatives and our growing business. Sa Voix produces a line of curated products that are made specifically for the woman who appreciates art and color and possesses a desire  express herself through the way she dresses and carries herself in the world. We believe that every woman has a voice, a story, and should live a life that is  colorful and expressive of her individuality.  We believe art is a universal language that heals and allows us to connect to the world around us. We believe that ‘tout moun sey yon moun’ everyone is someone and when given the permission to be heard, we gain the power to grow.  
H/E: Who are the artisans behind the work? What training or special programs do you provide to Sa Voix’s artists?
R & J: Sa Voix  works primarily with young women between the ages of 19-27 who are transitioning/aging out of orphan care in Port Au Prince. These women grew up in an institution not because they were orphans  but rather because their families did not have the financial means to provide a life for them. 
We believe that by providing employment, educational opportunities, and holistic support and guidance we are contributing to the development of sustainable jobs in Haiti. Thus, preventing young women from finding themselves in the same position as their parents before them.  
At Sa Voix, we provide the women in our collective with mentoring, skill training, art therapy, ministry, and educational support. We believe by serving the whole individual we are providing not only a healthy work environment but building a foundation which they can share with other to impact  their community.
H/E: What are your current collections? Please describe your design and production process?
R & J: Our current collection includes hand painted one-of-kind canvas and leather handbags and accessories for women. Our accessories include marble painted leather key chains and jersey headbands. Our handbag collection is comprised of canvas and leather bags that include make up pouches, totes, hobo bags, and marbled leather clutches. 
Marbling is a method of aqueous surface design, which can produce patterns similar to smooth marble or other kinds of stone. The patterns are the result of color floated on either plain water or a viscous solution known as size, which are then carefully transferred to  absorbent surfaces.  Throughout several centuries, people have applied marbled materials to a variety of surface, such as paper, leather and fabric.  At Sa Voix, we use this process to handpaint leather and create unique products. 
We approach creating our hand painted canvas through techniques based in art therapy. The result of these techniques is a surface design that speaks to the qualities of abstract painting. 
H/E: What will you be exhibiting at Artisan Resource and when can consumer find your accessories?
R & J: We will be showing our marbled leather accessories and hand painted handbags. Our products are sold locally in Haiti through several boutiques in Port Au Prince. We also have small boutiques in the United States that are sharing our story and sell directly from our website. 
For more information, visit www.sa-voix.com.


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