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Complete your HAND/EYE library with the last back issues copies from our archives! Each one is a gorgeous collectible: part of our globalized world's effort to find a way forward for talented handmade creatives all over the world.

We have a limited number of each issue — ranging from only three copies of 10/Craft and Compassion to a few dozen of 09/South Africa. Place your orders quickly!

  • Archive Sale: Limited Copies Available

    A special, one-time-only sale of the last copies of our print editions.
  • 10/Craft and Compassion

    Craft and Compassion
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  • 09/South Africa

    HAND/EYE visits South Africa for a look at everything. Our most beautiful issue yet!
    Only 65 copies left!
  • 08/Peru

    HAND/EYE visits Peru for a look at everything from pre-Inca textiles to contemporary upcycled fashion. Our most beautiful issue yet!
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  • 07/New Mexico

    The colors and textures of New Mexico come alive in Issue 7, where we explore everything from ancient pottery to contemporary art.
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  • 06/Global Color

    We traverse the rainbow (and then some) through the lens of global culture and creativity. 
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  • 05/World Textiles

    Travel to every continent in search of handmade textile magic.
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  • 04/Haiti

    Our fourth issue explores the compelling visual culture of Haiti through the eyes of its artists and artisans.
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  • 03/Central Asia

    Travel through Central Asia's explosion of colorful textiles and ceramics, and much much more.
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  • 02/The Future of Folk

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  • 01/HandEye 01

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